Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bahir 22

Bahir Verse 22We seek more deeply into the generation of thought by going back to the source of thought. Quite a trick. '22. All agree that none were created on the first day. It should therefore not be said that Michael drew out the heaven at the south, and Gabriel drew it out at the north, while God arranged things in the middle. It is thus written (Isaiah 44:24), "I am God, I make all, I stretch out the heavens alone, the earth is spread out before Me." [Even though we read the verse "from Me" (May-iti), it can also be read] Mi iti - "Who was with Me?" I am the One who planted this tree in order that all the world should delight in it. And in it, I spread All. I called it All because all depend upon it, all emanate from it, and all need it. To it they look, for it they wait, and from it, souls fly in joy. Alone was I when I made it. Let no angel rise above it and say, "I was before you." I was also alone when I spread out My earth, in which I planted and rooted this tree. I made them rejoice together, and I rejoiced in them. "Who was with Me?" To whom have I revealed this mystery?' Interestingly enough is the reference to Isaiah 44:24. Taken in the context of the Bahir it assumes a huge significance. The prophet is speaking about the holiness and the way in which the prophet perceives the operation of this holiness. It is unmistakable that there is a personalization of the holiness, a containment where none can be contained. Even a claim to ownership of certain powers which is decidedly egocentric. No less than fifteen time's 'I' is used in this verse. Since we cannot point to the mystery directly we have to assume there is another meaning here. This 'I' is none other than the will that lives in our hearts. It is the direction of Intention. The angels Michael and Gabriel are mentioned here in order to exclude them from the direct operation of creation. They too are but by products. What was there first? it was the Will that is there to move things and make things. Anything else is simply then an adjunct of that will. This is the emancipation of self that is being presented. It is also self responsibility that is being given as a method of creation and following through. Listen carefully. 'All depend upon it, all emanate from it and all need it. The all being spoken of is the manifestation of the forms of the projected thoughts of your will. Note: Will is perhaps the most misunderstood and certainty most misused of our senses. On the one hand we are told that it is God's Will and that we are to be subservient to this in all things. If this is the case then why do we pray, why do we try and change the 'immutable will' of God. It doesn't make sense. We cannot make God do anything. God is a an idea whose comprehension always sits at the edge of our understanding. How about another understanding? The One Will. Is there a Will of One? The SHMA declares this eloquently, "Hear Oh Israel the Lord your God the Lord is One." What is this saying? It is saying that yes there is one will. This will is your connection to that which moves within in. It is how you transcend your fears and doubts and override them with this one will. This one will says yes things are meant to be this way and there cannot any other way about it. This is our will which is our directed intentional thought. There is nowhere else to meet up with God exist through our use of this one will. We must use it and act upon it. When our intention is clear this one will does move mountains and create miracles which result not from waiting around for them but by participating in them directly. In this verse they are mentioned as waiting for it, and flying in joy from it. They are our thoughts not yet united into One who then realizing it, the oneness of creation then come together and rejoice because of the closeness of being alive in it. They can then see it in operation and manipulate it to suit their need. They emulate it by becoming it will and all of it. The last verse 'to whom I have revealed the Mystery', tells us that we need to look deeply into these writings. The Mystery is that it is thought we are following and learning about. Through thought the rest of our life makes sense. Why else study except to put these ideas into their practical application. That is the true Mystery here. Through this study think of how you may apply this information with the next person you meet. Make it practical and workable.


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