Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bahir Verse 27

What could be the purpose of trying to figure all of this stuff out? What is the result for us when we do and how can this affect the practical affairs of our life, our health and our wealth? I ask these questions in order to elicit the right answer for everyone. When you work in mind to produce something from nothing you are building the temple within. You have heard of this temple within? It is your shrine of worship. It is where the mystery, the perpetual one, the g-d or divine power resides in each of us. This power is innate. It can always be alluded but never encompassed. In our allusions however, we are making this temple by adorning the walls with decorations of our inspiration, our intention and our joy just being there. Many times we are making something that may not seem to be spectacular at first but then when taken in conjunction with other realizations many light bulbs will go on within. These light bulbs turning on within are to be understood in terms of the zimzum or lightning flash of Kabbalah. This lightning flash follows from the initial ideation all the way through to manifestation. Seen as Keter through Malkuth. The next time you envision a tree of life. Here is a beautiful one:
See it as your ideas taking shape initially and then going through the process of manifestation. This tree is the temple within that is building your life for you. In this temple as Jesus would have said there are many mansions. There are many structures of your thoughtforms arrayed before you in grandeur and majesty. This is why we make the effort to seek on high. From this place on high we learn the inner workings of the way of the universe and become consciousness co-creators. Co-creators because we are both simulataneous subject and the object of creations.

In this next verse of the Bahir Daleth appears. Keep in mind your temple for this one.

'27. The students asked him: What is the letter Daleth? He replied: What is this like? Ten kings were in a certain place. All of them were wealthy, but one was not quite as wealthy as the others. Even though he is still very wealthy, he is poor (Dal) in relation to the others.'

A relationship is discussed. The non obvious meaning comes from what Daleth represents which is a door, an opening into. While a door may not be as magnificent say as the grand foyer of a house, it still has its place of honor by being the entrance where all things must come through. In many ways Daleth as the door is the first place we look at in a home because it is here where we must first enter. While all around the house there are adornments it is the door we must touch in order to gain access. Now step outside this internal view and see Daleth from the standpoint of Modern Kabbalah. What is the door we must touch in order to gain access to our temple within? What is it that we look for first in order to move forward in our discoveries? It is our inspiration and intention to continually seek and find these inspirations. It is a committment to always take our minds further into the inquiries which lead us past the openings and into the heart of the matter, the thing itself, our heart's desire. The ten kings are leading us to think about the Ten Sephiroth, about the energy transfer and the way energy itself goes from stronger to weaker and then back again. A circuit is described. Once a circuit is stepped down as Daleth is called the weaker here it allows for force to be built up. It is a kind of strategic retreat in terms of the energy of the transmission of thought. Daleth, Venus, the East, the 14th path of wisdom called the Illuminating Intelligence, the Empress in Tarot, all these refer to openings within which produce the abundance without. The Illuminating Intelligence-(Sekhel Meir) called so because it is the essence of speaking. The mouth is the door to the voice, the expression of what we are and the intention to speak that which is true for what we are. Much to think about here.



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