Friday, March 25, 2005

Singularity of Consciousness

Your mind is a matrix very similar to the movie except that the fields of play have to do with the various dimensions of being in which we live. These dimensions of being intersect and form the consciousness under which we take our thoughts from. What we think of depends upon where we are in this matrix and how well we've learned to travel both within and outside of its parameters.

String theory postulates 10 dimensions, but these still are using reference points in respect to time and space and not directly describing the consciousness which occurs throughout a multidimensional universe.

There are, however, infinite dimensions in consciousness. Each one of us sees the world in our own inimitable way. All is never as it seems to be. Only when we accept responsibility for what we see before us can we affect any travel within these various dimensions and keep the dimensional memory intact. In order to do this your initial conception must go beyond the intellectual and into the spiritual. What we've been calling spiritual for all of these eons we can now refer to as multidimensionality. This type of theory has been referred to in terms of angels, archangels, principalities, legions of angels, devils, all of these referring to particular energies of vibration that are establishing by both our acceptance or harmonization with a vibration and our ability to reject or maintain a certain vibration in the face of a conflicting vibration. The place where we steer our course is in the focus our minds are placed upon. This focus defines the energy, sets it in motion and builds the parameters for dimensional awareness. In other words the mind sends out stations of awareness to reside elsewhere. For some this can be the experience of being two or more places at one time. Dimension is the established direction and the matrix of consciousness that is circumscribed along this direction. Dimension for our purposescan now be defined as the singularity of consciousness. It is what we see when we want to see no matter where it appears either in our imagination or in the forms of physicality which define a particular moment in our mind.


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