Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mind over Matter

     The common parlance of thinking in metaphysical circles is Mind over Matter. The idea is that Mind shapes Matter or that Matter is subservient to Mind. We need to look at this in another way; otherwise we are still choosing to view things in a dual state of mind. We assume that there is either one or another when this is clearly not the case. Also Mind is viewed most of the time as having something to do with the brain. Again this turns out to be a limited viewpoint. How can we change our thinking about these concepts? It becomes simple when we recognize the unity of being that unites the two, Mind and Matter. From this standpoint the two become one. No longer must we look for any distinction between the two. The operation of one is contained in the other. In order to proceed in a unified direction we begin with a unified action. This action is to promote not the distinctions between Mind and Matter but to teach ourselves to think of them as a single unit whose operation is sometimes called Mind and sometimes called Matter. Also we have to allow for the state of being where there is a transition between the two perceived descriptions. After all what we are describing is our own nature and how we may flow in harmony with the universe. This harmony is what lets us discover the transitions which suit our particular field of imagination.
      I first realized the unity of Mind and Matter during a few moments of spring. The birds are singing, the wind is blowing and plants are all growing in response to a single force of renewal. This renewal takes everything into account including my revelations about what I have been inspired about in order to write about this condition. All along I've been seeing Mind and then Matter and while a subconscious part of me knows the unity of all things it isn't until I am able to voice my understanding that it realizes its full import. You see, what I've been thinking about has been to somehow place Mind over Matter, to take this phrase literally in order to see what happens. I would think and expect that I would correspondingly see my thoughts appear as the forms of my thinking. To some extent I have experienced this but not to the degree that I would like to. In any experimental undertaking you have to rearrange the controls of the experiment in order postulate new results. There are certain things I want to see happen immediately but yet I am still imagining them and placing off into the future even a future that I imagine to be now. Something has to change. It is spring. The time for such changes is propitious.
      Mind over Matter. We could look at it as an equation producing a specific result but let's go farther with our thinking process. The thought just now occurs that we can think inside of the matter of which we are intimately a part. The place where we are thinking from alternates from location to location. There are centers of thought corresponding to our nerve centers running up and down the spine and postulated as Chakras in Eastern philosophy. We also take our thoughts from invisible locations where the parameters of time and space do not apply. The coordinates here are intuitive. Most higher thought takes place in a nexus of higher energy outside of our immediate body. Because we are sensing these thoughts using our bodies we say that a thought has popped up into our heads when to be more exact we could be saying that this thought suddenly has occurred to us. The question remains how we may become familiar with these non-physical networks of thought. In order to answer that question we must engage our feeling nature.
      Feelings are thoughts raised to a level of awareness in which we are actually embodying our thoughts. This happens all of the time. What this means is that our emotional state has moved the center of our awareness inside of the thoughts we are thinking. The mind has engaged the body through the agency of feeling to now produce these thoughts into forms.


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