Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What they are saying about Thought Into Form

You written a wonderful book.
This is an outstanding work uncommon in every way.
You've broken new ground here which will be enjoyed long after you leave.
This is absolutely amazing. It is going to simply fly off of the shelves.
We're are so excited to be a part of this work. Books like these are why I love literature so much.
You've not only presented a wonderful work on spirituality but you've done so with an elegance and grace which few authors can lay claim to.
I found myself floating numerous times while reading this book. It just takes you out there and then with your stories brings you back in such a gentle caring way that it takes my breath away.
The depth of this writing is mind blowing.
I thought I knew this subject very well but you've shown me another way to look at things which is universal.
Reading through this it felt like you were speaking directly to me and my life. It was uncanny.
This goes beyond anything I've ever read. I can't wait to hear your music associated with this book.
Bravo, what a tour de force. We're going to make you a very rich man.
This book draws you in immediately and then this is a ride like none other I've ever experienced.
Talk about magical and practical. I couldn't believe how much the lessons that were shown applied directly to events that I was currently experiencing in my life. Reading with this in mind this book became an instant problem solver.


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