Thursday, December 09, 2004

You and I

You have been placed in a position where you must contemplate that which you are. It is not a mistake that you are here. By your own internal inquiry you have been thrust face to face with both your higher callings and your resistance to that which you are being called to. It is a mystery only in so much as you elect to join in and figure out what is going on. There are many answers coming from many avenues. When you are open to receiving the light it is like this. Especially when you give yourself a suggestion to bring in more light, sometimes what you bring in is not what it seems initially. The separation of the dross must always occur. You are here to refine this dross into the substance of light so that it may be reunited with its maker. How else would we be able to call this self renewing system life unless we actively take part in the self renewal itself. You asked to understand the underlying processes. These events that take place in your life are mirrors of these processes. You asked for all power to know and be and do. With that power comes the responsibility to grow and shine forth with the light you are refining from moment to moment. By refining the light you are "redefining" your definition of who you are. You are the one who goes through these changes in order to bring forth that which you are seeking. Discovery occurs through transformation. This transformation occurs most directly from how your inner voice is speaking to you. There is much to be learned from the way you call yourself. Are you speaking as I or are you being spoken to. When you act as I there is separation between the thought and the fulfillment of the thought. This is a paradox it's true. You would think that by using I, you would be directing the energy your way. When you say (I ) will do this the energy is diffused as the source and the outcome are mixed. When you learn to accept your good it will come to you in this way by example. You will receive this calling or this substance and you will see the good that is all around you. By invoking the power of you, the source is touched and called forth as the activator of you. The (I) in this case becomes a silent (I).


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