Friday, December 03, 2004

The Flying V and the Double Edged Intention-Extension

     The Flying V. We take this formation from the image of our two eyes resting on a point on the horizon. On this point lies the manifestation of our vision. It is called flying because in an instant it reaches its mark. The V formation allows us to resolve opposites and unify like forces into a field of maximum energy dispersal. The energy which is taken in and projected not only comes from our bodies but from the surrounding field as it is injected by this flying V. All of the energy inside of this V works to bring forth from the mystery the desired forms of renewal and transformation.
     The Double Edged Intention-Extension. Intention is our focus. It is returning in mind to the thoughts which promote our wants, our desires for what we want to see take place in our world. Each time we return to the initial or initiating thought it builds upon itself another layer of influence. These layers of influence coat the inside of our V giving it depth and resilience and the ability to operate within its own field of self containment. In addition to the primary waves of thought influences which include our initial projections and subsequent variations, we have the additional emotional component. Emotion is the binding force inside of the V and the operational energy which takes us all the way through into manifestation. Emotion directs the flow of thought into the pathways of formation that are in line with our intention. Emotion therefore merges with intention. Not just any emotions but those emotions which are positive-encouraging-uplifting-overflowing-and self renewing. These kinds of emotions act as a vortex of attraction for all of the energy needed to transform the mystery in the that which we would know.
     As we approach the mystery there is one more aspect of awareness that is brought into play. This is the extension of awareness or sometimes called the letting go of awareness. With our fixed intention in mind riding upon the emotional nexus we are continually pulsating with we come at last to the mystery. It lies there before us in all its ever present grandeur and magnificence. We do not blast our way through but rather extend the intention along the point of our V so that waves of positive energy are brought into patterns of wave like flows. These patterns extend into the mystery and there is a corresponding response. This response mirrors the flow of energy. As we persist we begin to experience the awakening of these flows in the forms of our imagination and then in the actual physical forms of our intention. What we have wanted appears. It appears first as a sign from afar that we are going to receive this gift we are giving ourselves. Then like a ship coming into shore it docks there within our imagination, and is fixed in place and then flows into form.
     This flowing into form is the extension which is the culmination of our art. As we begin to witness these miraculous events it is important not to fall into the unconsiousness of coasting. At this point more than ever we need to keep our emotional state of being at its highest level. We do this by checking in and saying Yes to our vision as it is being formed in front of us
     All illusions are cast aside, their energy reasbsorbed into the matrix of intention-emotion and a continuation of the form is released.
     To Recap: The Flying V formation of Intention Emotion is gathered into the matrix within the V. The mystery is approached and extension-expansion takes place all the while continuing the groove of Intention Emotion. The thing itself appears sometimes after many false reports, but in the end it is exactly what you are looking for. Do not accept anything less. Verifiable results may be achieved over the course of time developing into a miraculous way of living.


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