Tuesday, August 31, 2004

All Power is in this Moment

All power is in this moment. It is the perfect point of attraction for everything you want. There is no better time to listen and direct your thoughts towards that which you want to experience. The feelings come through earth the thought forms that you are attracting. This is done by expanding the spirit and relaxing the mind flows so that the channels of awareness grow full even to overflowing. It is this overflowing which results in the appearance of the thought forms as they take their place in your consciousness. Your thoughts move yet are continuous in their issuing forth. The energy is that of life. Think of the direction these thoughts are taking and why they are taking any particular direction at all. In this you will see that it is how you feel which determines their direction and the outcome of every thought that passes through the guiding forces of emotion. Raise up your emotion to become joyous and your thoughts must follow. Soon after your outcomes too must follow. What is it that does that raising up and and takes part in every creation? It is the spirit within you that knows the way to your deepest satisfaction. Be aware that letting this spirit within move smoothly through you brings forth every good thing you can imagine. What is it that lets this spirit come through and regulates all things in the life of the unity with this spirit? It is the awakening mind made up of everything you have ever been and all of your potential across the span of infinite lifetimes. Mind is the mold. It sets up the parameters for spirit to flow through. In reality they are the same thing seen from one aspect or the other. Mind is the will of creation. Spirit is the unfolding of creation. Creation unfolds from the movement of spirit through the body of the mind of creation. This movement is made easier by a mind that is not holding on to lower thought forms. It is made easier by a mind that is continuously bringing forth new reflections of the unity of being. These reflections are the light of the soul which the spirit cannot help but follow and flow into being accordingly. We are composed of spirit and mind drawing forth first the one and then the other.


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