Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Feel in this moment everything you want to be.
Take out the "you want to."
Feel in this moment everything. Be.

Act upon yourself now. Do not look for Being. It is already there. Inherent in every breath.

There are things you are thinking about, people, places, things. These are your projections.
Become what you are. BE that person, that place, that thing. In this way learn that each moment is precious. It is an opportunity to let go and be that which you are striving for. There isn't any need to strive. You go for something to bring about the feelings that this "getting" or "becoming" will create inside of you. Cut to the chase instead.

Become that feeling and watch everything else be built around that. It is a stillness that is this becoming. You are acting upon yourself.
It is Mind over matter. The essence or substance of a thing is what you feel about it. The thing itself is of no consequence.
Look with joy in constant Being. If you stray from this feeling. Return to it ever so gently. It will become surprisingly easy once you know that you can always change your mind.

Others may suggest your actions, but only you can act with confidence coming from your own experiences and perceptions.

It is the certainty of Being that we are going for. It is the certainty based upon the stillness or quietness of your soul when you arrive at your right place and time.

Beneath every veil and inside of every covering is that of which you cannot deny. It is who you truly are. You do not know yourself unless you witness Being in manifest creation. From here the Unity of One results. You send out and return all in the same breath. The moment is yours. You own it.

Use everything to get you here whatever it may be. Religion, faith, Jesus, or not Jesus, Torah, Kabbalah teachings, Tibetan chants, a warm bath, whatever. Then realize that this moment is repeatable simply by making up your mind to be there all the time letting go of reactions and realizing the only action is to always become, and then just to Be.

Watch a leaf in fall slowly descending to the earth below. See all of this in slow motion. Know the wind, the trees, the earth, the colors in the sky all witness this event and never lose sight of the whole, the unity that is contained therein.

Allow yourself the luxury to experience the Joy in your own Being. Through your actions you will experience the overflowing Joy that is this Being. You will not be able to help but share this Being. It is for this that it is created and becoming, that which is yourself manifest throughout all of your sphere of Being. Let Go. Become. Become Joy. Become Peace. Touch then everyone and everything with these feelings, these expressions of Certainty. Then in the next moment continue and continue on to Immortality.


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