Friday, February 06, 2004

  • It does all go together. It is one perception for one world. Yes it really is about the transformation of this world into the next and so on and so on. I only have the power to change my mind and its perception. Like it is said to be looking through a clear pane of glass.

  • First make the connection with all life, with everything around not seeking to block anything but rather to encompass everything with your newly designed or intended vision. This includes your immediate world and the enfolding world around you. Into every molecule let your vision pass through and into. In this way you can be said to be connected in omniscience.
  • Proceed in this way everywhere and at all the time. Be in this mind with everyone in every way. There can be nothing between you and your holiness. All matter is permeated with this holiness. It is your vision that changes and brings about your awareness of the matter around you. It isn't how anyone else views their world but is directly related to your own vision taking place from moment to moment. In order to see my world as loving and giving I must look through loving and giving eyes.
  • In order to experience in my world the opportunities I would like to experience, the lens of opportunity is what I must look through. Instead of waiting for the abundance of the world to come my way, I embody that abundance and send it into my world as a blessing. Oh what a subtle change of mind it is. It is the key to overflowing.

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