Thursday, February 12, 2004

Territory in Mind

     In Mind the only claim to territory is becoming conscious of that territory by placing markers in various regions of mind as references to return to and to facilitate ensuing functions of Mind. Mind cannot know itself except by becoming itself. There is a building up from within of the knower with the known. The expansion of mind much like the expansion of the universe works according to every outward extension of consciousness. the more practiced we become the greater the results of our efforts in making known the unknown.
     Its not out there. There in the external awareness. To qualify further, it isn't out there unless you find it first within. Practice being here and now and then where you want to be. Be at peace with your own place.
     Be open to every new idea and maintain the awareness to do so by resisting the negative entropy that surrounds the outer spheres. Keep to the inner circle and you will be safe from the swaying flows of downward regression.
     thk )k) hll #hm Ml( +ys yly whw
     Mqh yrh hbm lzy (hh w)l dl) yzh
     whx hlm yyy Kln lhp wwl ylk w)l


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