Monday, February 09, 2004

Thoughts on the subject of Meditation

  • In mind there is focus and attention and the recognition of something always just beyond our grasp. It is this unknowable that is continuously brought into being, becoming known or at least known to the point of the acceptance of its being. The mundane mind is accustomed to the known and seeks to make it reference from there. Sometimes it will seek this even to its own clouding over as when we doggedly hold to a way of thinking that is no longer of any use to us. It is common to go in circles in our thinking simply for the lack of effort required to let go and break through into the realm of the unknown. It is this silence of the unknown that keeps us from investigating it. It requires faith to proceed in these investigations realizing that there is always somethng from nothing in this case and that something is always of a good report. There is a period of passing through into this awareness which all kinds of phantoms of our imagination rise up to attract us and keep us from our inward journey. The reason is the very essence of life itself and the innate desire of all creation to survive, to continue. Our old thinking by its very nature is being discarded the moment we embark upon the inner journey of discovery which opens up our awareness of the unknown. The mind seek reference points for its navigation. When the unknown is being translated a temporary place of being is established more or less as a fall back position in order maintain the continuing flow, Reality is one thing. Transcendence and transformation of reality another. This is the area that we are getting into in our discovery knowledge process today. Everything and anything may be used for a reference point(s). Time itself can be utilized. There are no restrictions here. Creation permeates all of being. This is what underlies our process here.
  • Kwi-Li, a very wise 3 year old rolls a ball down a hill. The ball rolls slowly at first, then gaining momentum speeds down the hill and out of view. Kwi-Li looks down the expanse of the miles long hill, ponders his short legs and starts laughing. No way he is going after that ball. Someday he thinks he'll find the ball and oh what a story he'll have to tell.
    Some many years laters an 83 year old Kwi-Li sits under a Bayo-bob tree sipping greeen tea and herbs. His mind is quiet in meditation enjoying the serenity of the coming sunset and the beginnings of a cool breeze brought on by the approach of evening.
    Suddenly interrupting his reverie he hears a rushing sound coming from his garden. Ever closer it gets under with a plop at his feet it stops. It is a ball of course. Kwi-Li remembering smiles broadly. Yes that story now is my life. He picks up the ball, gets up from his chair and is never again seen.
  • Time makes no difference. Experience crosses the generations. Everything is contained in the single moment which is why the unknown is not to be feared because the completeness of each moment is for sure. It's length or breadth a matter of perception. It is our actions we take in order to be true to who we are that is important.
    The nature of a thing, thought, or universe can be entered into increasingly with knowledge built up as you go along. This includes both that which is known and that is just being discovered and is too new to catalogue yet. It exists for now in the realm of pure, transforming substance as it is absorbed or "energized" by the focus of awareness. How we come to knowledge is from the outside in. The idea occurs yet this is not the essence of the idea. Reflections keep being born which may set us off on the wrong track. By sticking to the original point of contemplation the outer becomes the inner. As knowledge builds the form(s) around it coalesce.
  • The initial glance is one of recognition. Then as our interest draws us in the field becomes clouded and there are distractions. Be patient and continue to come inside even to the point of not understanding everything at once but being aware that you are touching everywhere that which is your intention and the focus of your attention. Become at one with your surroundings and proceed as in movement of a sphere in the expanses of space. The currents of time and space are no longer your boundaries. The existence of warp field like properties propel you along with your goal. In unity do you express that which you are seeking. Go after this hand over hand into the internal workings finding out that hidden things too delight in light and connection.
  • Once inside expand your presence. Bring up all the images around you. See how they fall together in time and space.
    Activate them inside of your awareness. Visualize a glowing golden button alongside of each image. Prior to pushing this button inside of your minds eyes, notice that these images are glowing faintly but distinctly. Now one by one push the button and watch each image become brighter and brighter. It is the transition into form that takes this image and transforms its energy into the presence and being in the world around you. Further work is necessary to prevent the backflow effect from occuring. Place transparent shields of indescribable thinness around each image until these images are transparent inside of these shields shaped now as spheres. These shields are semi permeable. Light and intention can enter to rearrange the images if necessary but no internal outflow may occur at this stage. This is crucial. The outflow is directed into the world(s) of choice to cause the embodiment of the image inside of that world of influence. This is more in the nature of the source behind the source.

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