Tuesday, October 09, 2007

See it Know it Feel it Show it
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Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

If you see it you can know it, if you know it you can show it if you find it you can feel it and it you feel it you can reveal it. Start right at the point concentration and then continue onwards until the preceding cycle is rolled into place. In this way do all things come from that one thing about which so much is written and yet so little is understood.

Certainty begins with actions that you know you can reproduce at will over and over again. Therefore you build the confidence necessary not only to produce these actions but you also gain the necessary perspective to rise to the next level of unfolding. Each plateau offers yet again a renewed vista for the promotion of your plan and this is why we continue even in the face of obstacles simply because the very act of our defiance of these obstacles removes them after all as if they were never really there. This is the way of the word in seeking within to find what it is being sought after.

Nothing is out there to bring forth. All is within and that is what may seem counterintuitive to you but the truth is that everything that was made or is made or will be made is made from within. You may give a yell of hallelujah seeing it without but it is only there because you have fully accepted it within in order for it to make its appearance in your outer world.

Try the following exercise with your inner vision. With your inner eye clearly focused on your heart's desire and the effects that this heart's desire will produce in the world walk around within as if in a room and open every door in that room visualizing light and love in one motion as the door is completely open. See now all these open doors flooding your heart's desire with this love and light. What you are doing in this way is watering your garden and allowing it to come into being using the inward mechanism's of letting go and sending your own assertions of what you want in your life to appear before you.

You are taking action by this visualization and promoting circumstances rather than reacting to events taking place. In this way you take ownership of your thoughts and once you get the knack of this there is nothing that can be denied you.

Mark Siet

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September 30, 2007 - Sunday

Coming Home
Current mood: artistic
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Writing a Blues song in the moment

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New Universe Ready
Current mood: artistic
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

The Nron was walking across the ancient moors. The ruins cast bleak shadows in the early morning misty light. Two Chartegtes were banging their beaks into the basalt pillars hoping to dislodge a fleck or two of Viwuet, the precious stones of Maoel which were worth a fortune. As the Nron walked past the sounds of them bashing their beaks into the basalt faded into the distance.

There up ahead was Kieten hill known for its airy winds. It was here that the morning flight would take place in honor of Likuntoo the Miriop of Pleasni. Ah her calls were singing in his brain. 'Jump, Run, Soar, Glide,' over and over again until finally at the top of Kieten Hill he felt the wings awaken his wings once more. Then without as much as a second look behind him he rose into the air five miles, seven miles and still more until reaching escape velocity he gathered together the dust motes for one more day of harvesting as Chellen the Oscapi planet rolls on heedless of his presence above.

A few others of his kind left over from the Triowean conflicts could be seen here and there as he orbited and the suns rays caught the reflections off of their emerald underwings as they were caught up in their own dust mote harvestings. Yes this was to be a great day. The signal came and grew until all at once the dust motes gathered into a unitary atmosphere that created the veil of Cartopoles which meant that a new universe was now ready to be inhabited. Their work finished the Nron flew through light space back to Nrontonia where they presumably had breakfast with their families. Before leaving they posted the customary notice;


Bob and Sally saw the notice and said to themselves,

"Hmm this looks good. We may as well settle here."

The rest as they say is history.

Mark Siet

Thought Into Form

360 Degrees of Good

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Ah the Moment
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Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Ah the moment unlike any other it moves of its own accord and fills us with wonder.
What is it that we are seeking and where must we venture in to make sure we find?
Here is always the answer. Start immediately where you are at and then rise.
What is this rise? It is the certainty that we are always improving not matter what appearances seem. What are these appearances? Appearances are temporary indicators of what might seem to be such as doubts, age, time, circumstance, in short anything that does not promote our greater vision or would be used to hold us back from the realization of that vision.

Now think about what you want but do it with feeling like you really mean it. What is more important than having your dreams come true? Nothing of course. That is why your focus constantly needs to be directed along the pathways of those dreams. Okay you say you don't have any dreams? This can't be because it is our nature as people as cells, as energy, as souls, as whatever you want to call what you are by whatever designations you may choose to paint upon yourself, you must always get better and reach for something more. If you don't have a dream get one. They are having a sale right there in your mind right now on dreams, hopes and aspirations. The only cost for this forever sale is that you pay attention. This is what is meant by rising to your highest capacity to envision what you are becoming. Every one has a purpose that is revealed only to themselves. This purpose is one which will open up your love and your life and cause you to feel empowered to do absolutely anything you set your mind and heart to.

Yes today this Sunday before the sun rises or as it just ever so slightly lightens the sky see yourself as an earth whose dawn is just awakening and know that the noon of your day where there is the greatest light is as inevitable as this sun that rises each day. Place yourself therefore in the same aspect as where you live and see how your thoughts too may be placed equally in relationship to this light that comes each day. Today is not only the day for such miraculous adventures to be meditated upon it is especially your day like no that comes Ah in the Moment.

Mark Siet

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September 28, 2007 - Friday

The event horizon of your heart’s desire
Current mood: ecstatic
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Choose the event horizon of your heart's desire There is always a choice about what to think. Each moment you are pulled by actions, reactions and thoughts. Your choice is to move along with the status quo or to seek out new horizons. When you seek out new horizons a corresponding expansion in consciousness takes place. You will then find yourself saying 'I can do this' and 'I become this.' What you are tapping into in terms of the energy relationships taking place are the various processes that make things work. Then by degrees you begin to reflect and say, 'I can make this happen,' and 'I am making this happen' and 'I see this happening.'Inside of your mind you have the key to unlock the doors of your awakening into the worlds of your new horizons. It must be so.

There isn't any other interface that would make your connections just the way you would like to see them. Your connections are those points of contact within your thoughts that place you there inside of your heart's desire. The feelings are expanding as you make contact and grow within your familiarity with this focus. You also feel a sense of excitement and even a restlessness within. This indicates not only a growing connection but also a change of station.

This change of station means that you are going from the perception of one type of reality into the focus of another type of reality. In this case the new horizon announces your imminent arrival into the focus of your heart's desire. In effect all of your feelings then provide you with the event horizon of awakening into your desired place of being.The most important factor to consider along these lines of awakening is the attenuation of focus. In order to compensate for this you may do the same thing that is applied to power or speaker cables where the current or decibel level drops after long distances. In the latter case, repeaters are setup to boost the power so that the current is kept at a constant strength.

You may setup reminders or repeaters in your mind to keep your focus on track and full of its initial inspirational power. Therefore when you feel your inspiration flagging put yourself into the place of power where your initial overflowing inspiration came from. Say yes to this place and all that it represents. When you do this you reawaken the energy that has gone dormant due to the attenuation of your focus.

Now with renewed strength it moves forward once again bringing with it a whole new cycle of excitement and fulfillment. Learn then to trust the flows of your mind and to act accordingly.

Mark Siet

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Song Writing
Current mood: artistic
Category: Music

When a new song is born another universe appears and the power of love increases by each measure of feeling placed within the song.
So it is as countless worlds are created each day.
So true is this that singers whose breath sends the song soaring are often themselves carried to those heights in raptures mysterious and joys sublime.

Songs are carrier waves of higher feelings that cannot become expressed unless freed by the momentum of the song as it is carried into the ethers. This allows both the physical song to transform itself from idea into melody and provides a kind of carrier wave for these higher feelings to ride upon in one aspect and to meditate on from within from another aspect.

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September 25, 2007 - Tuesday

Snorkels of all things
Current mood: amused
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

So two men with snorkels walked into a bar and sat down awkwardly trying to figure out what to do with their gear.

"Put it over here," the one said to the other and they placed it on a table, ordered their drinks and forgot about everything including what was taking place at the table.

A drunk or at least we think he must have been drunk was having a conversation with the snorkels arranging them so that they were positioned in the center of the back of two chairs facing him.

"So why the long face?" He said pausing to see if they would respond. Nothing."Listen don't look now but your nose is running," He said as water drips from each snorkel head on to the table and chairs.

Disgustedly he sat back and muttered something about strangers and then in a move he decided would be rude to the snorkels turned around with his back to the snorkels. Just then a red-winged black bird flew by and chirped twice in succession unnoticed by anyone but the snorkels.

You see a red winged black bird has two functions to fulfill in this crazy world. One is spend all morning chirping for all he is worth to attract some dame black bird to go fly around with him in circles for the rest of the day. The other thing that these same now dizzy black birds are famous for is that their special call activates the snorkel so that for a brief second or two acting in harmony with a friendly neighboring snorkel becomes animated enough to do the following:

In quick succession they rose in the air so that their snorkel mouths were respectively facing each of the drunk's ears and then they gave a deafening blast like the sound of two fog horns amplified by one thousand watts of voltage coming through a Marshall twin stack full volume with maximum sustain.

Of course the drunk keeled over immediately losing his hearing for at least three days during which he had hallucinations about snorkels as butlers, maids, trash men, military men and women, dancing orangutans, and Britney Spears climbing a flag pole for charity.

Meanwhile the rest of the bar was placed in a state of suspended animation for the millisecond during which this took place. This was another of the effects of the red winged blackbird who of course did not want it to get out that weird stuff happened around them. After all they led a pretty low key life except for all that flying around in circles.

The two gentlemen having finished their drinks picked their snorkels and one remarked to the other before leaving.

"What's that ringing sound?"

"Beats me. Why don't you ask the snorkels?" The other said and they both started laughing. As for the snorkels they were laughing too but weren't saying a thing. Also despite their brief moment of consciousness they really were just snorkels and couldn't wait to get into the water again.

Mark Siet
Thought Into Form

360 Degrees of Good


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