Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What happens is this. A point is reached along the momentum of thought where the strongest thoughts begin to take charge in a new way; a way that is both productive and proactive. These thoughts are the result of your efforts to remember your focus and all that this implies. Then it becomes like turning on a switch that is intimately linked with causation producing the instantaneous awareness of unity in mind, body and soul. This focus is attenuated internally or subconsciously so that when it finally reaches the level of your surface awareness the thing is already done. The thought becomes the thing even before the thought has finished announcing itself to this surface awareness.

First of all everything happens for a reason that is the major consideration behind all mental alchemy. Not only do we recognize our work in terms of initiating the focal point we also subsequently recognize the every part of its flow. In this way we are determined to keep on course.

The presence of all that is plays the integral part throughout any of these discussions. This subtle awareness can only be experienced as a subtle feeling and then returned to each time as an article of faith. You will be rewarded in these efforts several times in the washing over of energy that flows from above to below. It is within this energy that your awareness of all that is may be strengthened and certified.

The one thing does follow itself into being thereby expanding its nature and causing a feedback loop of understanding that opens the doors for similar types of flow through all along the focal spectrum. Once even the tiniest opening has been realized the flowing of substance into tangible being is intensified.

It happens here and now and is directly a part of everything you do. Remember your vision and expand upon this with both eyes and intuition; the one flowing inside the other. In this way what seems to be comes to be.

Consider the flow of your awareness not just inside of your head but extending outwards into everything permeating this all that is with the energy of your focus. See that the waves of influence you are promoting build themselves into the waves of transformation that are then forming the vertices of the new world order you have initially placed in mind.

Transformation is both the cause and the effect. Energy is moving through you from above to below and conversely so from below to above. In the latter you are reaching up for wisdom or the way to be in terms of what you desire. The former is result of this reaching up that result in the outward flowing of the unity of being.

Once you continue direct your attention to the all power that is surrounding you a curious thing begins to happen. Time instead of moving linearly appears to jump forward geometrically. The only explanation for this is that because your attention has shifted to the all power you are experiencing the timelessness of this all power.

Imagine in front of you and all around you in rays of deepening meaning your thoughts filling and expanding into this all power. Keep in mind now as your focus that this all power is entirely resident at all times in effect waiting to be filled with that to which you have been paying attention. It is your focus that provides this expansion and maintained by following through with your expanded attention that listens and fills each moment with your awareness of all power.

At first nothing appears to be happening since the shift from one type of thinking to another often takes time to impersonate. Then as the focus is continued it becomes second nature and because of this second nature you are able to grow even more familiar with the energy that is flowing in and through from here.

Thoughts become clearer as the representations of this all power are refined and clarified in their focus. It will seem like every part of you is alive to this focus. Your hairs may stand on end and the energy within will seek to merge and grow into this energy without.

Initially it will seem like you are in a pool of this all power floating but having no clear direction. Then the thought will occur to you that not only do you have a definite direction in mind it is this direction that has brought you here to this awareness in the first place. It is in this way that consciousness comes to know itself and to be aware of all that is both contained within and expanding without. The result of this contemplation will feel like you are touching in a most tangible way the essence of reality.

One of the invariable consequences of seeking the all power is that it will respond in kind. It will seek to find out the essence of what you are and by this process produce all that you have been thinking about, i.e. your visualizations of what it is that you have designed to be.

There aren’t any special talents required to make this connection with the all power. All that we need to able to do is to realize that there is something greater than us surrounding and permeating us completely that is amenable to our suggestions to ourselves in every moment. We can never define this all power since it is always becoming however, we may define for ourselves what we are in the moment and then by reflection this all power takes on those attributes of our becoming.

The seed of an oak tree knows itself in the fullness of all that it will become expanding to heights and dimensions astronomically expanded from the initial seed. It reaches within all power and impresses all power so completely that everything that it has become has been expressed fully over and over again so that in truth the seed had the thought of the full grown tree all along and never wavered from its intention.

Like mists before the clouds the status quo passes away easily and majestically unfolding into the world of your vision. It is like this in every case. The application of knowledge is like the learning of a new part in a play. At first there is constant rehearsal in various stages until the part has become a part of you. Then the time for performance only serves to flesh out the part until it sings from you permeating every area of influence that it touches.

What it comes down to is what you are willing to accept in your life as a backdrop for your experience. When you make up your mind it is with a singular purpose. This purpose is clear and undeniably tied to your vision.


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