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I’ve gone beyond the known reaches of the farthest universe in this one. Funny thing is Torah guided my steps there as though I were a small child. A voice resounded in that far off distance saying, “Yes even here I am.” As our sages say it would have been enough if I were born just to listen endlessly to that voice repeating the Kedushah everywhere all at once and within everything. B’H”

Parsha Tazria:

All of our thoughts, words and actions have meanings and by extension the same goes true for our prayers for what are prayers but our intention to unify with the holiness above in the hopes of seeing that holiness appear in the form of an asked for wish that comes true. The paradigm is always the same. A thought appears and seeks expression first through bonding with other like thoughts and then as thought rises in vibrational level it approaches this holiness and becomes one with its creator. This is an unseen drama that takes place continuously within. Consciousness provides us with all of the dynamic processes to allow everything we think of to reach its physical counterpart in experience. Thought must image itself. This is the law of like follows like about which was written,

Gen 1:26 And God said: 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.'

Gen 3:22 And the LORD God said: 'Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever.'

The laws of leprosy concern the same topic of what is clean and what is not. This parsha continues that theme. The tie in here with Genesis concerns a determined direction that is either holy or is not. Imagine now that your thoughts pave the road before you in the greatest detail including the dotted line down the middle of the road separating each side of the road. This road has two directions and as we shall see it also contains many entrances and exits.

Zohar Tazria 137. Rabbi Yitzchak said, we learned that in "a plague of leprosy," plague harsh Judgment that rests over the world. Leprosy is closing, as we learned, which is a closing of the supernal light, shutting the supernal goodness from descending into the world. It "is in a man": man in general. "he shall be brought to the priest," the priest below, who is knowledgeable in opening that closing and kindling the lamps, (SFIROT), so that through him there will be blessings above and below, that plague shall be removed and gone, and the light of mercy will dwell on everything. For that reason, "he shall be brought to the priest."

The priest is not apart from you. It “is in a man”: man in general. Think about it like this. When you travel who makes the map leading to the destination. If you go off course who corrects this course and allows you to continue on your way. It is the priest the internal guide that unites you with your highest good or holiness. This priest is involved with all manners of holiness since it is through your connection with holiness that you even have the blessing of being on the road in the first place. One of the greatest lessons that are taught throughout Torah is that Torah itself is a map for your higher awareness to follow along with throughout your life experiences. In this way Torah then becomes the priest itself directing and guiding you along towards your innate purpose. Now what happens when you stray from your purpose? Torah is there to lead you back within and to allow you to rise up into holiness. The seven day periods that are repeatedly mentioned in Parsha Tazria symbolize the levels of ideation that run their courses when they are separated as we see the priest separated the victims of leprosy for these seven day periods of wait and see. Chaos is caused by attachments to negativity over a period of time. Leprosy is spoken of in Tazria and is described by the Zohar as a closing of the supernal light. When there is illness you may be sure that this evolves from a lack of connection. We close ourselves off by reacting to negativity. The light of the Sephiros shines from head to toe and may only be blocked or closed off by the taking of side trips. These side trips emanate from the world around us and are akin to pools of negativity that we are drawn into like the black holes draw in everything through its gravity wells. Thankfully unlike the black holes these Sephiros and their paths may be returned to time and time again. As it is said, ‘his mercy endures forever.’ We may return to the paths of doing what is right in terms of our connection.

What is right in terms of our connection? Think about where you want to be. Keep seeing this within. Now before you know it you will begin to feel as though you are exactly where you want to be. It is this feeling that acts as our connection between what is holy and that which attaches itself to holiness. Thoughts do not exist in a vacuum. They continue in their vibrations turning into the forms that they represent in consciousness. It is the unity of our thoughts with our experiences that raises this level of holiness to it highest level of purity. It is therefore our purpose in life to practice the unification of thoughts with experiences. We have within the priest to guide us in remaining on the pathway that leads to the highest purity. Intention promoted by Will guided by the feelings of holiness lead us in the Promised Land of our heart’s desire. In order to see it then we have to feel it. If we are not seeing it then we must return to basics in terms of our vision so we may see it and feel it through consciousness. These seven day periods are this return to basics avenue of contemplation wherein we reassess our situation and place our consciousness in line with the holiness prescribed by the priest within. In order then for Torah to most effective in turning back towards the unification of consciousness with its highest inspiration we have to relate every symbol to the relationships that our consciousness makes from moment to moment. The ultimate goal then becomes not only living a life that is continuously fulfilled but we also serve the primary purpose of Torah which is to lead us back into the holiness of Gan Eden where we are able to flow easily from one thought to another simultaneously experiencing those thoughts as feelings that are satisfied completely as we go from paradise to paradise.

As the Zohar describes above there are blessing that flow from above and from below due to the action of the priest (your inner feeling nature awakened to holiness) which causes all blockages to be removed allowing for the smooth inner flowing of thoughts into their respective idealized forms. All of this derives from ‘man in our image,’ the process of holiness reflecting itself from above through below. Where does the ‘Let us make’ part of this come in? Let us is a code for the combined Intention of Thought to reproduce itself in kind. In fact each time we fulfill this initial Intention Torah is restored in full so that looking at it from all of its many facets produces the unification of its primary Intention, which is YHVH.

Leprosy is alluded to above when it says ‘lest he put forth his hand.’ Why should there be a proscription against putting forth the hand of man? The reason is because Elohim is meant to flow unceasingly reproducing itself through its primary Intention YHVH. When man or the ego in today’s parlance seeks to usurp that primary influence he operates without the center of life and therefore by definition becomes expelled from Gan Eden. The Tree of Life represents all that Elohim has brought forth. The ego cannot be allowed to operate as a center of expression mainly due to the contradictions that are inherent in its makeup. The evidence that the ego gives is symbolized by the blockages that occur in our lives in every area like the leprosy that used to pop up in the wilderness from time to time. We have to realize that all of this takes place not amongst a people but within the mind of each person where consciousness takes on its many coats or colors. Therefore the primary lesson with Parsha Tazria turns out to be this:

Attach your Intention to holiness to reveal the flow of Elohim continuous in its presence all throughout your consciousness. Reserve for yourself periods of peace or silence away from the mass mind of outward things when you feel yourself blocked in any way. Remain like this until the blockages begin to disappear. Take the clothes you were wearing (those negative thoughts) and wash them in the purity of letting go or burn them with the fires of the purity of dissolution so that they may be no more. Then healed of blockages listen for the connection represented by your feelings when you are making your Intentions for the next moment so that all will be aligned with YHVH the primary One that issues from the unification of consciousness.

Many Blessings

Mark Siet


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