Thursday, May 03, 2007

In order to find out where you are going check in with your thinking. What direction is it that your thoughts are following? Remember that this is a closed system. Everything that you think is reflected back to you especially in terms of the way you are feeling about what you are thinking.

There are two kinds of thinking that may take place each representing a way of being.

The first kind of thinking is the reaction that you have to events around you including what people are saying and how you are interacting with their thought atmosphere. It is a kind of group thought that is taking place. The energy around you is composed of largely this kind of interaction between thought atmospheres.

The second kind of thinking is self-initiating thought. You choose a direction that you want to go in and continue to follow this direction in terms of watching your thoughts to make sure they fit the agenda that suits the initial thought.

The first way of thinking means that the status quo will always rule and there is no way out once you are in. This assumes that your thoughts will continue along the same line of reasoning.

The second way of thinking offers a way out of the status quo counting on your ability to change your mind about what you are thinking. The obvious change of mind is to think about the way out where the status quo no longer is. How does this relate? You are having a problem and feel trapped by this problem. However, you change you mind to think about the ideal solution. If you keep your thoughts on this solution it will appear.

What this means is that your life and all of your experiences are contained within and that from there they enter the world of reflection so that you can see what is good and what needs to be changed. Why is this important to know? Because what you are experiencing does not have to be. It is as simple as that. You change your mind to change your experience. This happens slowly or quickly but certainly irrevocably.

The difference between one kind of thinking which represents the status quo and the other type of thinking that represents your idealized changes is that you are the enlightened author of the latter and the unconscious author of the former.

In this case what you don’t know can hurt you in terms of thinking about something unpleasant simply because it is there. You as the enlightened author get to choose what is there. That is the substance of making things better.

Anger, frustration, feelings of hurt or shame all belong to the first kind of thinking. What these feelings come from are your own inner guide trying to tell you to move on from here. The pain is the way your body warns you of danger.

When you decide that the pain is too much you start looking around for answers. These answers are not meant to keep promoting the pain. You need to choose what would be best for you in every possible way. You decide what is best for you. Example. Someone has hurt you. Stop thinking about that hurt and imagine that this same person has helped you. See them and yourself in a good light. You see this is all about you. If you hold on to feelings that are unpleasant for you then you are the one who suffers. If you hold on to feelings of what you would like to see happen and let go of the other negative feelings.

Remember this is about you winning totally in every way. It is not about vindication or justification. It is about you wanting to feel good about yourself by taking responsibility for your thoughts mainly but also the actions that are produced by those thoughts.

The real dialogue here does not need to be about the problem but rather the solution that appears when you let go of the problem and allow yourself the forgiveness of the problem. Then the solution is what is best for you.

If you close yourself off to your solution you doom yourself to remain trapped in the status quo. Imagination is what is needed here. Tap into the enlightened author in order to make your life better.


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