Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bahir 144

Moving on to Chesed. Let's see where this takes us.

144. These are three. What is the fourth? The fourth is (Deuteronomy 33:21) , "the charity of God," His merit and his Kindness (Chesed) to all the world. This is the Right Hand of the Blessed Holy One.

Commentary: Charity, merit, kindness and the right hand of the Blessed Holy One. Both Charity and Kindness convey the idea of giving something. His merit too offers a blessing that is conveyed to us.

Here is the full verse of Deuteronomy 33:21

21 And he chose a first part for himself, for there a portion of a ruler was reserved; and there came the heads of the people, he executed the righteousness of the LORD, and His ordinances with Israel.

These verses here are the blessings that Moses gives each tribe before his death and their entrance into the promised land. In the midst of these blessing the idea of Chesed comes through. The blessings are for the land and the people who will now inherit the land. It is a spread of blessings that is given throughout Deuteronomy 33. This spread of blessings then gives us some idea as to how Chesed works in its operations. It takes and receives the blessings from the above or the Chabad triad of Chokmah, Binah and Daat where the theoretical is made readily into the reality based blessings as the entrances to the worlds to come are shown each with their own doorway. The blessings are not given at random but serve the very specific purpose for preparing the people and the land that is promised to them. There are always hidden things to be revealed in Torah and this verse is no exception. It is written on two levels being the theoretical and the actual. Chesed is the doorway into the actual. It is the letting go of concept to allow concept to prove itself in the world to come. This world to come is none other than the Promised Land spoken of or alluded to throughout Exodus and Numbers. In Chesed there is a sending forth of every idea directed by the Intention of YHVH, your heart's desire in motion now. Refinements occur later on. For now the idea is being placed out there in all of its myriad variations. The Right Hand is the dominant hand (for most) and is symbolic of our Intention that has come from the Holy One (YHVH-Hashem) Blessed be He.


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