Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Foundation of Everything. Building the Temple Within.

We will return to the Zohar and this week's Torah portion to bring forth an important lesson. Alway are we connected to the center so that wherever we are studying from we will always be inspired to come back to the place of our deepest devotion where we may connect directly with the creator through the self knowledge of rising in prayer to the point of divine perception. The process will unfold from here directly and be a part of the explanations that are forthcoming. Keep going forward now with the momentum you are feeling. It is from this momentum that all things are proceeding from.

Bemidar 1. "And Hashem spoke to Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the Tent of Meeting..." (Bemidbar 1:1). Rabbi Aba opened the discussion with, "So Elohim created man in His own image..." (Beresheet 1:27). We have learned this verse. Come and behold: at the time the Holy One, blessed be He, created the man, He made him in the image of the upper beings and lower beings, and he was the combination of all. His light illuminated from one end of the world to the other end of the world, and everyone feared him.

Commentary: Do not consider the first part 'So Elohim created man in His own image..." as separate from you. In order to understand and connect continuously with that which is above you have to conceive of and consider yourself a part of this above. There can be no separate in mind in terms of how you think about this. Starting then with the supposition of connection leads us into the fields of awareness where we may discern ironically the elements that move our unity into and inside of the place of perfection. When the Holy One which is our highest aspiration beyond everything and a part of our intimate nature created man who is the representation of the thinking feeling being that can return with devotion the love of the created to the creator. Man is created in the image of the upper beings and lower beings. All of our thoughts are either creating something or dispersing. We are building or we are tearing down. This very same process takes place in our bodies continuously. In order for one to take place the other becomes inferior to it. The upper beings are the spirits of creation and the lower beings are the spirits of chaos. We build when we provide a world full of Godliness and we tear down when we refuse to have a center of attention. Then the tearing down takes place because of the tendency for thought to seek a focus of activity much like the atomic particles that are but mirrors of thinking. See how it says the combination of all. We are constantly being asked to choose between one thought and another. By our choices we visualize the worlds upon worlds without end that we are called upon to enter and experience. It is through these experiences that we learn how to refine our choices in order to experience greater levels of unity in our being and in the choices of experiences we will have to enjoy. It says to this point, 'his light illuminated from one end of the world to the other end of the world...,' meaning that our recognition (the light) of the awareness of this process of unfoldment is how we are able to improve upon this process. Our eyes must be open to drive the nails with the hammer of our intention. We cannot build in the dark. It is the fear or awe this recognition that allows us to remember it moment by moment. Why do we have to remember the fear of G-d or have a reverential awe of G-d? It is because we are the sculptors of our experience. If we do not pay attention then we may bring upon ourselves unwanted unpleasant experiences that may be avoided altogether by paying careful attention to our intention in the moment. We learn to not react in anger because this also colors our subsequent experiences. We learn to praise Hashem because in so doing we are setting up for ourselves and those around us a treasure trove in heaven. What is this heaven? It is the sum total of all the good thought that have ever been conceived. It is here that we want to live and move and have our being in. The prayers we make must always include the blessing for the Creator because it is from these blessings that all of our intentions are activated from.

Bemidar 2. And though it was settled, we must look into this verse: "So Elohim created man in His own image, in the image of Elohim He created him." Since it already said, "His image," why REPEAT AGAIN, "in the image of Elohim He created him"? HE ANSWERS: There were two levels IN THE MAN, SINCE he was composed of male and female. THEREFORE, there is one for the male, THAT IS, "SO ELOHIM CREATED..." and one for the female, THAT IS, "IN THE IMAGE..."

This next part emphasizes the first idea of the inherent presence of Hashem in man. Out of Elohim or out of the essence of what Hashem reveals is man or the image of Hashem. Then to complete the connection the image of Elohim is connected back to the primary source through what we can envision in terms of both accepting this higher image and our sharing of this image by making it in return our increasing revelation as to the nature of Hashem. Here it talks about the two levels IN THE MAN and SO ELOHIM CREATED. Both are two parts of the process of unification. They are also called male and female. There is the initiation of the image or male counterpart and then there is the acceptance and generation of the image or the female. You cannot have completion of the unity unless both parts reside in each other.


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