Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Easy does it.

To all of you who may be struggling with understanding these concepts, higher truths, arcane symbols and esoteric interpretations do not dispair. None of this has to be hard. Every system that cannot be understood by a child is weighed down by its complexity. This is by design. In order for our minds to be able to let of our ordinary ways of thinking, we have to overload them with information. When we accomplish this overload we either become totally fanatical (God forbid) or we realize that we can let go of everything but the simple truth. This simple truth is that we are meant to learn how to live our lives joyously. Here is how to make everything easier to understand.

First of all make up your own mind. You will be told what things mean but you must also discover these inner meanings for yourself. Be aware that your knowledge is power. Your understanding is what leads to this internal wisdom. There is but one simple rule: Anarchy of the spirit. By definition the spirit must follow its own designs. It must express itself uniquely and thereby demonstrate to itself the wisdom spoken of above. This demonstration is full and complete within itself. It doesn't need any other verification except for your own internal knowing and agreement in being. What makes this easy is that this internal agreement is as natural as breathing in and out. You will reach this level of understanding when you quiet all of the other voices that clammer for your attention and only hear your own voice in its constant internal agreement. I can tell you what to look for and what it is like to be there but I cannot tell you how to live your life. I cannot tell you how to live your life except by my example of how I live mine. This is a rule of thumb to follow when others in their zeal attempt to impress upon you the importance of this way or that way. There is only one way you will find and that is your way.

The next way in which you may find it easier to study or assimilate all of this spiritual knowledge is by falling asleep to negativity and waking up to joyousness. This is a reversal of everyday consciousness. By falling asleep to negativity we cause our mind to finally be free of the constraints of the many voices. A classic example of this occurs during a dream within a dream. In this dream which is unhappy, I lay down to rest and wake up into a dream which is happy. Progressively speaking we need to keep on waking up and then each time we do we can increase the level of our happiness. Maybe you've never tried this before. Start right where you are. Give your consciousness a suggestion to rest, to sleep but only suggest that the part of you which is holding on to negativity go to sleep. Then apply the suggestion of waking up to happiness. Raise up your hands. Say to yourself how good it is to wake up to this world of joyousness. Feel the sunshine of your positive nature begin to shine. Throughout the day remember to wake up some more. When wonderful things start happening consider them to be like the birds that call in the morning reminding you of the beautiful songs you are now able to hear.

You will notice a progression that is now taking place. Your mood will of course be elevated. Ideas will come to you to inspire you and promote the continuation of this very unique kind of meditation. Feel yourself rising upwards. As you do connect with your inner most feelings of who you are. If any negativity now remains, even the merest hint, suggest that it sleep long into the infinity of a time that never happened. Take it away, far away and then out to the infinite reaches of space. Visualize its dissipation and then its dissolution. Gone completely now. Once your negativity is dispersed and then transformed a clearing of the internal skies can occur. Visualize your inner self. See this self with love surround first by puffy white clouds and then as these clouds clear see the azure sky. Watch the blues deepen in indigo shading towards purple. Watch the ranges of color vibrate and glow and feel their emanation wash over you clearing your mind and lifting up your thoughts. Now as your thoughts rise all understanding is revealed. Wisdom is generating the spherical journey of the self sustaining awareness of now. From here you will be touched by the Infinite of Being and nothing will ever be the same again.

Practice and remember and then do all of it again. Walk around now and be there in this place of holiness that only you can create for yourself by within by watching with your awareness and letting go of your reactions. You do this by hearing your inner voice loud and clear and falling asleep to those other voices that would not give you any rest. These voice recede in the distance and are then gone forever. The dawning of the brand new day not only brings the rising sun but it renews your spirit in its quest for expression in the highest calling you can aspire to.


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