Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Waiting Game

     Some inspiration on the road to success.

     "I am going to wait and build the presence of my purpose along with my waiting. This presence of my purpose is my conviction that I am going to succeed in my endeavors. I have already succeeded by writing these books and continuing to write others. I have already succeeded in attracting the attention of agents and publishers at the highest levels of this industry. My writing is impeccable. It works as designs. My manuscript Thought Into Form is truly a self fulfilling prophecy as I have stated in my queries. The attention that I am getting now is because of my certainty in this process of thoughts coming into form. All of my doubts I cast aside so that the light of fulfillment may shine freely through. My fulfillment is the already accomplished appearance of Thought Into Form on the New York Times bestseller list. Everything that comes into being starts out as a vision. I accept the wonder of my vision becoming form and allow it to take place in its own way."

     Feel free to substitute your own work(s) in place of mine in the above piece. A young man I knew once asked me while he was playing a game out on the grass in my front lawn. He asked me,
     "How much pie can I have?" I told him,
     "As much as you want but not enough to make you sick."
He was an inquisitive child. Then he asked,
     "How much laughter can I have," I skipped a beat and then began laughing so hard I fell down and soon he was doing the same thing. After a breathless while I looked over at him and smiled, "I guess you have your answer right?"
He rolled over contentedly and resumed playing his game.
That's the waiting game for all it's worth


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