Thursday, February 17, 2005

Status Quo

     In order to move anywhere you have to step off of the ground you are currently standing upon. When you do this you interrupt the status quo. You have to make new choices which come up more frequently the further away you are from the status quo. You are then actively engaged in bringing in the inspiration that your hiatus in the status quo has been waiting for. Active seeking. Here you reach up for your highest thoughts and arrange them into the new thoughts upon which you build the new world that you are making with these thoughts. Once again it doesn't have to be a difficult task. The key elements are, one to remember to act in concert with your higher awareness and two, to act without looking back. When you follow the smooth flowing of your thoughts in such a way you are assured of reaching new ground. In this very special way you will find yourself moving forward with all of your strength, power, beauty and magic at your command. You will know in truth the feelings associated with cosmic consciousness. You will have risen above the highest levels of mind and see all things revealed in the overmind.
     The overmind is the new concept that is directly apprehended as a result of your active seeking. Once you first cross the threshhold of the overmind the territory seems familiar enough. However, every movement requires your active seeking. You are made especially aware of this because the lack of active momentum appears as a void to you. In your seeking it is mind that you find by circumscribing the undifferentiated substance with actively generated thought. This is thought that moves in the direction of your intention. This is the difference between being in Mind and being in OverMind. In Mind you remain in the flow and are somewhat bound by the nature of events taking place. In OverMind all events are under the auspices of active seeking.



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