Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Thy Will or My Will

How are we to understand the differences if any between my will and Thy Will. Thy Will is what the creator wants for us. It is what we are here for, our reason for being. My will is what I want for myself. What Kabbalah would call for the self alone and yet there is a paradox. In the boiling down essence of the actions that we perform every day who is it that we serve. For example Mother Theresa was certainly a selfless person or was she. At the end of the day she was satisfied. The life she lived she chose. She had to make every choice in giving so much of herself to others in need. In this way she achieved satisfaction, an inner peace. All who were in her presence remarked about this inner peace. She knew what she was here for. She not only accepted this but she embraced it. She knew who she was and what her relationship to God was. Mother Theresa could say that her will was the same as God's will, or Thy Will. She gave herself willingly to God but what she gave she also received. If she believed that God was all there was then for Mother Theresa all she was doing was to give herself back to herself each and every day. It becomes a closed loop. God took care of her. Mother Theresa's intention in loving God surrounded her with God's love. This is a love she poured out everyday from the essence of her being. She made choices within about the thoughts she was thinking and broke everything down into service for God and Jesus Christ. These were her symbols of salvation and redemption and sacrifice. This is her life we are talking about yet we can draw parallels with our own lives.

Once we become more of who we already are we attain the Godhead, or our will, the my will becomes Thy Will. In time there is no longer any distinction. Thy Will transforms my will, into My Will, the will to good that I am directed by each day. Each of us can only make this transformation by our own efforts and the ever present God force which permeates our being. By achieving and going for what we choose to think about in our lives we are activating Thy Will to transform our intentions which begin small into the greater glory of My Wil. This means that I take responsibility for my thoughts and my emotions. My responsibility then becomes an act of listening for the best thoughts I am capable of thinking. In doing so I am connecting with Thy Will. In each moment I direct these thoughts and feelings according to my best efforts, or Thy Will because I myself am directed to do so. I am guided by Thy Will which is fast becoming My Will and this inner journey is made easier when I recognize the overpowering presence of Thy Will throughout my days. I link up with Thy Will and then find My Will realized all over the place. I then find my self saying in unison. Yes this is good, very good. This is so good that I will keep finding new ways to express these good feelings. I will share this good and take it with me wherever I go. This good I will use to inspire those around me in ways both seen and unseen. I willingly become an instrument of wonder coursing through life now as a way shower and revealer of Thy Will. I cannot claim Thy Will for my own but I can immerse myself so much in Thy Will that My Will is One.

What is My Will? My Will consists of all those thoughts I bring forth from nothing due to my desire to live a better more fulfilled life. My Will is the act of transformation which occurs as my thoughts and acts align themselves freely with Thy Will. I listen for what I want to experience. I choose my experiences. Why? Because this is my purpose to be who I am. When Moses asks who is it that speaks to me, the still small voice answers"I Am that I am." In all of the Bible both old and new testaments there is no clearer picture of what our calling is to be.
It is I am that I am. Be who you are. Know yourself. All of these suggestions come from within. It is telling us that we can reach for the stars if we want to as many of us already have. Listen to that inner voice that tells you anything is possible. Dream your dreams and keep them in front of you. Write them as the prayer in the Bible called the SHMA tells you, "on the doorposts of your house and on your gates." Your house. Your gates. Your physical being. Your eyes, the inner windows to your imagination. Make it up as you go along and enjoy yourself in the process. Remember to keep your thoughts "holy," and always think about good things so that your harvest will be bountiful. This is the meaning of the continuation of the SHMA. Think good. Make good visions within so that your imagination is filled with the wonder of your making. Extend your vision and be thankful for these thoughts you are bringing forth. In this way the garden of your imagination is watered with the fertile soil of your connection with One Will. One Will is the unification of Thy Will and My Will.

Enough for now. Happy thoughts!


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