Monday, February 14, 2005

Reach up on high

When I reach up on high invariably I get an answering call. A feeling of lightness occurs. My thoughts lighten. The clarity of vision increases. The inner voice become more accessible and certainly more positive in outlook. I have my good placed right before me. I relax the tension of striving and accept the peace of fulfillment. In body and mind all of these changes take place. There can only be but one outcome and this outcome is echoed in my thoughts. I prepare the table in front of me. Tell me something good in these next few moments. Teach me about the timing of thought and form. Show the connecting threads and define for me the function of emotion as it relates to the quickening of thought into form. I require a deeper understanding, a more focused way to think about this. It is inevitable that I come to this point in my study. All along I've been led here to the entrance to this holy of holies. The help I require can only be asked for in confidence of the answering response. The door opens here from the inside out. Show me the way now as I rely upon you entirely for my vision, for my sight, for my steps that go from here to where I want to be. Take me in slowly but with increasing happiness as I recognize my way around here. Build for me this world out of my understanding and out of the work I've joined in. Once finding you I no longer seek but ask and then direct this flow to thee to respond in thy way. It is the essence I am speaking to and about. Link me in body and mind with thy presence eternal.


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