Monday, February 07, 2005

Here that I am happening.

It is here that I am happening the surrounding flows lift me up and take into the worlds that I have envisioned. All round me I feeling the subtle essences moves and shift through time and space to effect the changes in my world to complete my transformation from here to there. This place I see through and see the solid reality of my chosen way of being. I am directed in this surely from on high. The words move as thoughts flow freely into manifestation. Everything is setup for this moment and then the next moment. The currents in consciousness placed just so as equilibrium is achieved. I move steadily out of here by the minute as I realize the inventions that I have been setting forth all along. It used to be that the inbetween places were filled with waiting and uncertainty but now these inbetween places are becoming full with certainty making every subsequent visualization easier and easier to focus upon and bring into being.


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