Tuesday, October 05, 2004

There is always good

     Did you know that there is always good around you all the time. By your choices in mind, you make a way for this good to enter completely into your life. Therefore bid this good entryway on every level into your life and watch the unfolding of good in every conceivable way. Look also for those hidden ways which bring forth the most good. They are the surprises and unexpected wonderful things that enter your world because you have turned your attention to this good. This good has a definite vibration and can be tuned to by opening up your thoughts to receiving that which you want. This is a first step. As your world begins to fill with everything you want you look around and note how good everything is. Make this observation from time to time in order to promote the momentum of good and insure its continual attraction.
     Look up often. Look out for your good. This is a learned behavior after the programming we are accustomed to. By directing our attention towards our good we can break away from the hypnotic suggestions our previous programming has left us with. You rely upon your own direction when seeking and finding your good. It is in the moment that it is found. Many times when you aren't looking it will suddenly appear making you smile with its wondrous power. It may be suddenly there but it is not sudden in coming to you at all. Your continual calling forth of your good makes it into the image and likeness of everything you want to experience, to see, to do.n This good knows no barriers either subtle or gross. The combined darkness of the universe cannot hide it because it will then be well known by its contract. Yes you seek your good and seek it in everything you do or say and especially think.
     It is in your thinking that you come to know your good as a son does a father or a grandfather a grandson. There is overflowing unconditional love. To love your good with all your heart and soul and all your might, insures you of lasting life, undiminished health, and abundant wealth. Your good is specific to your thoughts about what you are focusing on. This is why we choose to focus on what we want to see and not what we do not want to see. It is after all our good that is the object of our attention. This is as it should be. Everyone can bring forward this attention on their good. Open a new page today and fill it with your good thoughts about what you want to experience in your life. Every moment use as an opportunity to expand your good. There is only good. There is no other. Keep telling yourself you want more good. Feel yourself filling up with good. Now experience the overflowing of good and then the subsequent sharing of good. This isn't a one time meditation but is meant to be continuous throughout your life. Breathe your good in all around you. Encourage others to speak of their good. In each moment be creative in bringing forth and seeing your good.
     Do you see where this leads? It is the penultimate good. All of your good is made possible one good thought at a time. Watch how good comes together into a greater good and then the greatest good. More good. Let there be more good. Say this to yourself so that your subconscious mind gets the idea of what you are wanting to see. Another word for the subconscious mind is "the maker of all things." Therefore say to the maker of all things,      "Bring forth my good here in front of me that I may partake of it. That I may partake of it in my time and enjoy my good while asking for more of my good to appear before my eyes. Speak of your good to your children. Let them know that as you are thinking of your good and seeing your good, that it appears before them. Speak to them so that they will know that they can always think about their good. They can think about what they want and then be prepared to feast on their good."

     This is as simple as it gets. Good always. Determine what you want to experience and think about it, embellish it, put your feeling into this and expect to see this. This is how we worship the spirit within by listening for our good first as an idea and then as a finished form.


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