Thursday, September 30, 2004

What can be better than good?

What can be better than good? It is when you are beyond your good. You are out in front of your good. Your good is working for you. It is making good from the good you've already seeded. It is the growth of good from that which is good. It is everything good and it is more than good. Here is how this happens:
Garden of Eden
By choosing your thoughts continually for your good and thinking about what you want you are setting up an atmosphere of good within your mind. This thought atmosphere then radiates good attracting more good until there is an overall momentum of good thoughts moving through your mind on their way to demonstrating your good into form. All during this process you continue to envision your good keeping the waves of good rolling in like the whites caps we see bursting in from the sea as they crash in on the sandy shore. As these waves and the tide recedes you are left with the demonstrations of your thought forms. These are wondrous creations full of satisfaction and brimming over with deep happiness as you experience exactly what you have been thinking about. It is like being with a friend so loved that their mere presence puts a smile on your face and lights up the joy in your heart. It is working. You have incontrovertible proof of your thoughts appearing exactly as you have envisioned them except for one thing. They are even more magnificent than you imagined. It is like being given money to buy your favorite ice cream and finding out that instead of being able to buy only a little bit you can buy a whole lot more. So much more than you are able to to share this with all of your friends who are amazed at the bounty you have brought back. This my friends is better than good. It is more than wonderful and truly this is what everlasting life is like.


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