Tuesday, January 20, 2004

  • I understand the quickening now. It relates one hundred percent to mind over matter. Mind is the free association of thought along a hierarchy of intelligence. This intelligence arranges mind into its connections including the connection of corporeality. Think of Mind as the entire composite or repository of Being. Think of emotion as a carrier wave of Mind which envelopes and transports according to the affinity that is inherent in the emotion.

  • The quickening is the expansion of consciousness as it infiltrates and absorbs lower levels in the highest levels. This absorption releases energy felt within as a rush or opening in the brain having the effect of the firing of hundreds of sympathetic axons as the recognition of meaning is perceived. This recognition of meaning is the light. Simultaneous to these internal occurences of meaning are the external manifestations of meaning according to depth of meaning perceived intially and then exponentially.

  • It is the extension or the leap into the unknown that establishes the way for the quickening to take place. In some ways this extension acts like a boomerang bringing back the ideas forming around the original intention. The guide in this is the sure knowledge that casting forth there is always a sending back. In fact like other dual actions they are are in effect a single motion of energy.

  • In this way are the connections pieced together from the beginning through to the concluding answering back. Always from the knowledge of one comes the other.

  • Expansion defeats inertia. By moving away from the tendency to stay the same or deteriorate a progressive form is brought into being.
    This form goes beyond fear and doubt which are the strings of inertia pulling the mind away from its exploration into the unknown.

  • It is everywhere out there that the all is brought to being. This out there can be confused with external form, but it is its mirrored opposite. This out there refers to the most inward of all in vision. The eyes look out as the mind simulataneously looks in. Then once within to the point of absorption mentioned above the periphery is folded over so that the dimensions are clear and movement can be tracked using the light of motion that appears in all such instances.


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