Friday, February 27, 2004

A question about what is illusion

  • There is the illusion that we are separate beings. We are not.

  • There is the illusion of time. Time is not.
  • All of these illusions occur because of any attempts to fix the image. Life is a moving thing. Everything changes yet we are ever eternal. The difference between illusion or reality is in the ability to be transparent to every change and keep filled with the certainty of each moment along the way. Let's just say that the answer you received is not the gospel of what is really going on. We are given the concept of illusion so that we can recognize the changes and that these changes are in themselves malleable through the influence of mind.
    In this sense your fears are illusions because a change of mind brings the rays of light which shine through the fears, dissipating them, making them transparent and leaving in their place the certainty of each moment. There and only there is the reality in the changing movement of the eternal as we reflect (enter vantage point upon vantage point) on these changes causing indeed the very changes we are reflecting upon.
    That is why in an instant a person's life can undergo dramatic changes as your mind changes, adjusts and recognizes now the eternal being that is becoming. What exists is I AM in and through everything. When your identity rests there every thing is possible. Using this analogy the creator rests within the soul of the created. Every attempt to find the creator without is meaningless. It's like looking for your glasses when they are on top of your head. You take it with you wherever you go.

    Thursday, February 26, 2004

    Free Your Mind

    What is there to be free of? It is the reactions that are unconscious and upon us even before we realize it and then it becomes difficult to snap out of this negative pattern. What works best is a return to an active or non reactive mind set which moves forward at its own pace. It dismisses the feelings that cause these reactions and rises above them in order to accomplish its own momentum. Using that momentum is the main reason why higher thought always gets you out of the doldrums you may have the illusion of experiencing. When you can let go into higher thought this is where your mind starts to become free, because then you connect with the super consciousness or the highest mind and the ego mind identification with the separation reality is no longer engaged. The focus therefore becomes like unto the explorer who quest for new visions and adventures knows no bounds. Always even in the midst of discovery be ready to move into the next realm of the imagination so that you come let go and not be tied to any kind of pattern based awareness.
    The point is not to be locked in by repetition of any form. The new pathways appear always. It is our perception which must always too, be on the lookout for these pathways to rise up into. Just as now there are things that cannot be understood, there is the subsequent strivings for which are the keys to each level or attainment mastered. Mastery then consists of alertness, awareness, fearlessness and an open intellect to allow for these pathways to become integrated into your being.
    Be careful in unguarded moments of reverting to a reaction based mind set. This type of mind-set calls for tit for tat which takes you endlessly downward in a negative spiral. Let's deal with how to avoid these downward turns and what to do when you find yourself in the middle of a downward turn as your higher mind clicks in to tell you something is not going right here and that it is time to listen. No rationalizations are going to be of any help here since they are part of the problem of the reactive nature which is always rationalizing its actions. There is only one cold turkey type approach. That is forgiveness. It is the letting of the emotional impetus behind the reaction and then turning the mind like a big 14 wheeler around to face the other way. There are then three steps to follow.
    1) The higher mind makes you aware that it is time for action and not reaction.
    2) Apply forgiveness. Let go of the emotional impetus behind the reaction now beginning to unfold. Utilize the opposite emotion in its place not as a reaction but as a way to dissipate the negative feelings that have caused a way of thinking that you know cannot do you any good. All of these actions of forgiveness or letting go, or reversing the emotions are energies applied within. They cannot be directed without towards another person or situation because then this is simply another kind of reaction. The point here is to change your mind from passive to active.
    3)Now you are ready to turn around your mind and set into motion actions that are directed from above. You will know that they are being driven by the one when your actions are not towards another but inwardly focused to bring forth revelations and understandings that can help you grow your awareness.

  • None of us are immune from reacting. It is in the recognition of our reactions that we can find a way out of this pattern of hiding ourselves from ourselves. Move in from among the clouds and part their curtain with the sureness of grace and the perfection of your straight ahead approach.

  • Practicing the active awareness:

  • Use words of power that actualize your will. Be active in the present moment. Use every affirmation that you can think of and then keep on thinking of more. Remember turning your mind around is difficult at first because of the resistance factor built in by the negative momentum that had previously been built up. Watch for sudden turns which may distract you from your efforts. Keep tuned to the positive momentum coursing along now as a result of your efforts. Soon there will be breakthroughs and they will occur throughout this process as the turning becomes more pronounced and then your efforts begin to acquire a sureness all their own. The initial frantic pace is reduced because you realize that you are finally on the right course and that it is taking you where you want to go and not what your reactions would have directed you. Bless yourself from within. That is to apply the energy of self to the self in opening up further the awareness to move on its own level accord.
  • What is moving on the inside is what you will see. It is all in anticipation of the flow and learning how to deflect the inertia into areas of promotion

  • Affirmations.

  • I move within everything out of the sense of the completion of my purpose.
  • All around me are those good thoughts coming from the genesis of higher awareness always taking form within the thought patterns I listen to in each and every moment.
  • I fill myself with understanding each day by making every connection. Some more profound than others.
  • I meet resistance through dissipation flowing through and around softly and gently never disturbing the onward flow.
  • I learn much about will and the eternal sense of being that I am.
  • Will it is the primary focus never to be undertaken without purpose.
  • It is only with the slightest touch that I strum the chords of Will.

  • I make everything not only easy for myself but set in motion that awareness which returns abundance to me in each moment.

  • I move forward with the momentum I have gained and remember in each moment to resist the reactions which take me back into the flow of negativity

  • Thursday, February 12, 2004

    Territory in Mind

         In Mind the only claim to territory is becoming conscious of that territory by placing markers in various regions of mind as references to return to and to facilitate ensuing functions of Mind. Mind cannot know itself except by becoming itself. There is a building up from within of the knower with the known. The expansion of mind much like the expansion of the universe works according to every outward extension of consciousness. the more practiced we become the greater the results of our efforts in making known the unknown.
         Its not out there. There in the external awareness. To qualify further, it isn't out there unless you find it first within. Practice being here and now and then where you want to be. Be at peace with your own place.
         Be open to every new idea and maintain the awareness to do so by resisting the negative entropy that surrounds the outer spheres. Keep to the inner circle and you will be safe from the swaying flows of downward regression.
         thk )k) hll #hm Ml( +ys yly whw
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    Monday, February 09, 2004

    Thoughts on the subject of Meditation

  • In mind there is focus and attention and the recognition of something always just beyond our grasp. It is this unknowable that is continuously brought into being, becoming known or at least known to the point of the acceptance of its being. The mundane mind is accustomed to the known and seeks to make it reference from there. Sometimes it will seek this even to its own clouding over as when we doggedly hold to a way of thinking that is no longer of any use to us. It is common to go in circles in our thinking simply for the lack of effort required to let go and break through into the realm of the unknown. It is this silence of the unknown that keeps us from investigating it. It requires faith to proceed in these investigations realizing that there is always somethng from nothing in this case and that something is always of a good report. There is a period of passing through into this awareness which all kinds of phantoms of our imagination rise up to attract us and keep us from our inward journey. The reason is the very essence of life itself and the innate desire of all creation to survive, to continue. Our old thinking by its very nature is being discarded the moment we embark upon the inner journey of discovery which opens up our awareness of the unknown. The mind seek reference points for its navigation. When the unknown is being translated a temporary place of being is established more or less as a fall back position in order maintain the continuing flow, Reality is one thing. Transcendence and transformation of reality another. This is the area that we are getting into in our discovery knowledge process today. Everything and anything may be used for a reference point(s). Time itself can be utilized. There are no restrictions here. Creation permeates all of being. This is what underlies our process here.
  • Kwi-Li, a very wise 3 year old rolls a ball down a hill. The ball rolls slowly at first, then gaining momentum speeds down the hill and out of view. Kwi-Li looks down the expanse of the miles long hill, ponders his short legs and starts laughing. No way he is going after that ball. Someday he thinks he'll find the ball and oh what a story he'll have to tell.
    Some many years laters an 83 year old Kwi-Li sits under a Bayo-bob tree sipping greeen tea and herbs. His mind is quiet in meditation enjoying the serenity of the coming sunset and the beginnings of a cool breeze brought on by the approach of evening.
    Suddenly interrupting his reverie he hears a rushing sound coming from his garden. Ever closer it gets under with a plop at his feet it stops. It is a ball of course. Kwi-Li remembering smiles broadly. Yes that story now is my life. He picks up the ball, gets up from his chair and is never again seen.
  • Time makes no difference. Experience crosses the generations. Everything is contained in the single moment which is why the unknown is not to be feared because the completeness of each moment is for sure. It's length or breadth a matter of perception. It is our actions we take in order to be true to who we are that is important.
    The nature of a thing, thought, or universe can be entered into increasingly with knowledge built up as you go along. This includes both that which is known and that is just being discovered and is too new to catalogue yet. It exists for now in the realm of pure, transforming substance as it is absorbed or "energized" by the focus of awareness. How we come to knowledge is from the outside in. The idea occurs yet this is not the essence of the idea. Reflections keep being born which may set us off on the wrong track. By sticking to the original point of contemplation the outer becomes the inner. As knowledge builds the form(s) around it coalesce.
  • The initial glance is one of recognition. Then as our interest draws us in the field becomes clouded and there are distractions. Be patient and continue to come inside even to the point of not understanding everything at once but being aware that you are touching everywhere that which is your intention and the focus of your attention. Become at one with your surroundings and proceed as in movement of a sphere in the expanses of space. The currents of time and space are no longer your boundaries. The existence of warp field like properties propel you along with your goal. In unity do you express that which you are seeking. Go after this hand over hand into the internal workings finding out that hidden things too delight in light and connection.
  • Once inside expand your presence. Bring up all the images around you. See how they fall together in time and space.
    Activate them inside of your awareness. Visualize a glowing golden button alongside of each image. Prior to pushing this button inside of your minds eyes, notice that these images are glowing faintly but distinctly. Now one by one push the button and watch each image become brighter and brighter. It is the transition into form that takes this image and transforms its energy into the presence and being in the world around you. Further work is necessary to prevent the backflow effect from occuring. Place transparent shields of indescribable thinness around each image until these images are transparent inside of these shields shaped now as spheres. These shields are semi permeable. Light and intention can enter to rearrange the images if necessary but no internal outflow may occur at this stage. This is crucial. The outflow is directed into the world(s) of choice to cause the embodiment of the image inside of that world of influence. This is more in the nature of the source behind the source.
  • Friday, February 06, 2004

  • It does all go together. It is one perception for one world. Yes it really is about the transformation of this world into the next and so on and so on. I only have the power to change my mind and its perception. Like it is said to be looking through a clear pane of glass.

  • First make the connection with all life, with everything around not seeking to block anything but rather to encompass everything with your newly designed or intended vision. This includes your immediate world and the enfolding world around you. Into every molecule let your vision pass through and into. In this way you can be said to be connected in omniscience.
  • Proceed in this way everywhere and at all the time. Be in this mind with everyone in every way. There can be nothing between you and your holiness. All matter is permeated with this holiness. It is your vision that changes and brings about your awareness of the matter around you. It isn't how anyone else views their world but is directly related to your own vision taking place from moment to moment. In order to see my world as loving and giving I must look through loving and giving eyes.
  • In order to experience in my world the opportunities I would like to experience, the lens of opportunity is what I must look through. Instead of waiting for the abundance of the world to come my way, I embody that abundance and send it into my world as a blessing. Oh what a subtle change of mind it is. It is the key to overflowing.
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