Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This finishes the section on the Sephiroth that we’ve been considering since verse 123.

193. And what is the meaning of the verse (Genesis 49:24), "From there is the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel." From "There" is nourished the Rock of Israel. What is the meaning of "from There"? We say that this is the Supernal Righteous One (Tzadik). What is it? It is [the precious stone called] Socheret. And the stone that is below it is called Dar. And what are the rays mentioned in the verse (Habakkuk 3:4), "He has rays from His hand"? These are the five fingers of the right hand.

Commentary: We are repeating somewhat of what we’ve learned in the previous verses but this time we are putting them into context with each other. The meanings share each other’s radiance like the sharpened rays of a crystal will reflect through one another. What is important here is the word “there.” This tells us that there is a place within from which all the radiance of Hashem is shining. The purpose in telling us of this place is to remind us that the presence of Hashem within is a very real thing. This presence of Hashem emanates specifically from what is called the ‘rock of Israel.’ It is called the ‘supernal righteous one’ and yet as we can see these descriptions never quite pinpoint where exactly is this precious stone called ‘Socheret.’ All I can tell you about this radiant energy is that is does truly flow through us and there is what is called ‘Dar’ as a point of push off that defines the outflow of energy that in higher thought is recognized as Hashem. Coming here at the end of the section on the Sephiroth tells us that this zimzum or lightning flash is a product of inspiration that flows continuously according to our recognition of it. In keeping with that recognition the rays that are represented by the five fingers of the right hand alludes to our intention and the grounding of this energy in tangible form. The right hand reflects Chesed, which relates to the Supernal Righteous One who is a source for the blessings that ensue from the brilliance or overflowing of Hashem throughout our awakened consciousness. When you try and describe the indescribable you try and get as close as possible. After that it is up to you to take it the rest of the way. There is a deep secret here. Continue to meditate on this verse and see where it leads you.

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