Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bahir Verse 185

We go further still inside of our conception of holiness.

185. How can one do kindness to his Master? By studying the Torah. All study of Torah is a deed of kindness toward one's Master. It is thus written (Deuteronomy 33:26) , "He rides the heavens with your help, [His pride is in the skies]." God says, "When you study Torah for its own sake, then you help Me and I can ride the heavens." Then, "His pride is in the skies (Shechakim). " What is Shechakim ? We say that it is in the innermost chamber. The Targum thus renders it, "His word is in the Heaven of Heaven." Therefore, "not by bread alone does man live, but from all that emanates from God's mouth does man live." However, "the fool answers brazenly." "Abandon this brazenness, and do not reply in this manner!" He is therefore punished. What is his punishment? We have already discussed it.

Commentary: What or who is your master? It is your highest thoughts coming from the Keter of your awareness. This kindness that is spoken of means how can you truly reflect what the Creators will is? How can you become open to more of holiness as you reach up for understanding. He rides the heaven's with your help. Your attention and committment to opening up the channels of awareness make Him more accessible to you. Every inquiry you make concerning Torah engenders a response. When you persevere in questioning a particular section or even a phrase in Torah there will come a moment when you will have a breakthrough and your understanding will soar to a new level. From this new level you will strengthen your connection to Him thereby witnessing when He rides the skies. Out of your new sense of self you will enter within the next chamber of awareness until you reach Shekachim the innermost chamber. This is a journey of your understanding from your questions that open up the mystery until there inside the innermost chamber the word of Unity is heard and then everything changes. You then realize that all your thoughts are guided from this place and you will do well to heed the lessons you learn here. The verse goes on to remind us that the outward effects of our inner meditations are not the only purpose fulfilled by meditating here. We study and experience our meditations for the sake of enlivening our souls and raising them level by level through experience and intention so that our ultimate goal of Unity with holiness is not only achieved but constantly maintained by our meditations on Torah. A way of life is described here for those who would understand its fruits are the same as were tasted in Gan Eden except that now we partake of them through the Tree of Life. There can only be on punishment for not listening to the pearls of wisdom found deep within this innermost chamber; that is ignorance. Ignorance partakes of the fruit without the realization of where the fruit has come from. This is describing in effect the sin of partaking of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil without first becoming one with the Tree of Life. This is a deep lesson and one that can be with you all the days of your life.


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