Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Synopsis: Everything is vibration. According to quantum physics the dimensions that exist simultaneously together side by side are differentiated by the level of vibration that occurs within each. If we extend this view to the nth degree this universe we now inhabit not only is affected by the singular vibrations we experience currently but as these vibrations change the very nature or dimensionality of this universe changes.
No matter what else is going on inside of Parsha Toldos the central theme is the struggle for existence between the dimensions of holiness and the dimensions of chaos. In quantum physics it is the observer or onlooker who changes the nature of the experiment. The same is true with Jacob who refused to live in a world without the blessings of his father. His father Yitzhak represents the creative energy of awakening or the pathway that leads into the future through the Shekinah described more clearly perhaps as your very own feeling nature where connection leads to revelation. It turns out that Torah was written just for you personally as map of return to holiness or the dimension that is described by the Garden of Eden. This return however, isn't a return to a place. It is a return to a state of mind. Torah is inevitably linked with that state of mind symbolized by Eden. Remember it was the Shekinah or Rivkah that prepared the way for Jacob to receive his blessing. What was this blessing? It was the way of return as if Yitzhak were saying, 'yes my son this is the way home where holiness resides. Follow this way and transform the world you live in through the vibrations of holiness that you will listen for and become a part of.
Finally how does this relate to us on a personal level? Each of us has the choice to follow the spontaneity of mind in listening for the guidance of the Shekinah or to accept the status quo of inertia that leads to chaos. Torah study opens your mind to a greater awareness of being. Then using the principles of Torah in our daily lives the connections we perceive through Torah share their every day meanings with us. In this way we transform our world and return to the state of mind called Eden. Ironically Eden is only as close as our next thought of holiness.


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