Thursday, September 30, 2004

What can be better than good?

What can be better than good? It is when you are beyond your good. You are out in front of your good. Your good is working for you. It is making good from the good you've already seeded. It is the growth of good from that which is good. It is everything good and it is more than good. Here is how this happens:
Garden of Eden
By choosing your thoughts continually for your good and thinking about what you want you are setting up an atmosphere of good within your mind. This thought atmosphere then radiates good attracting more good until there is an overall momentum of good thoughts moving through your mind on their way to demonstrating your good into form. All during this process you continue to envision your good keeping the waves of good rolling in like the whites caps we see bursting in from the sea as they crash in on the sandy shore. As these waves and the tide recedes you are left with the demonstrations of your thought forms. These are wondrous creations full of satisfaction and brimming over with deep happiness as you experience exactly what you have been thinking about. It is like being with a friend so loved that their mere presence puts a smile on your face and lights up the joy in your heart. It is working. You have incontrovertible proof of your thoughts appearing exactly as you have envisioned them except for one thing. They are even more magnificent than you imagined. It is like being given money to buy your favorite ice cream and finding out that instead of being able to buy only a little bit you can buy a whole lot more. So much more than you are able to to share this with all of your friends who are amazed at the bounty you have brought back. This my friends is better than good. It is more than wonderful and truly this is what everlasting life is like.

More on the way things work

What is the way in which things work?
Lets keep it simple. This is the beginning of how things work.
The only way you know about who you are is by what you are thinking about from moment to moment. Your thoughts determine who, what, when, where and how you are.

If you feel bad, you have been thining about something which cuts you off from your inner connection to the Creative Force. The answer. Change your mind. Think about what you want. Think about a brighter future for yourself. Fill it with images of happiness, fulfillment, deep satisfaction. Soon your bad mood is gone as if it never was. Keep up this kind of positive image making and your world cannot help but become brighter, clearer and filled with everything you want.

God is not an outside force.
In you is God. Everytime you think and make something good with your thoughts you are correctly identifying with God within you.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Resistance is Overcome

Resistance in the mind is overcome by remembering to witness your vision on a daily basis. Get far enough into your vision that you can see yourself from the other side of it.Road ahead

Stand outside of yourself

Stand outside of yourself and then invite yourself into where you want to be.

The Present Moment

Road RunnerYou do not have to justify the present moment. If you maintain your attention on the status quo you will not be able to move away from there. Keep one step ahead of this moment.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Initial thought seen through from the beginning

Your initial thought seen through from the beginning is awakened by your attention. It is lifted up then by your intention to follow through on the ensuing thoughts which make up the slideway for this initial thought to take form.

Determination is the continuation of the initial focus. It builds a wall of resistance around the opening thought so that it is not deflected from its course. This wall keeps the initial vibration intact which allows for quantum leaps in the energy field of this thought.


Right now I have the power to bring everything into view. It is this realization that finalizes the thoughts coming into form. All along the way you are directly a part of the process. This kind of thinking is meant to provide you with the empowerment to take hold of the reins of your life. Yes I can connects you to every manifestation of form. Free yourself from the inertia of letting the world do you. Activate your mojo, your ability to affect the outcomes by your attitude of thinking.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Building your focus

  • What you are in effect doing is building your focus.

  • As you approach the interface for launching from one dream into another keep attentuating your focus by breathing in the new and passing away the old dream.

  • Worlds Without End


    Move everything in the right direction determined by where it is you want to go. When the place you want to go is somewhere you've never been you have to establish its location in terms of how you think about where you are intending to be. This how relates to your feelings and not to any specific place. Your feelings are the markers for your awareness. By following these markers the intended destination is arrived at.

    Tuesday, September 21, 2004

    Making it happen

    It doesn't happen to me unless it happens through me. Waiting for it to happen doesn't do any good. Making it happen by bringing it into focus within my consciousness is the place my mind wants to be. Look at yourself in the way that you want to see yourself. See what is there around you. Surround yourself with what you want to see. Feel this take place within you. There are no boundaries to your capacity to envision the best possible circumstances. Then like a garment continue to wear these circumstances and be prepared to live out their promise.

    Monday, September 20, 2004

    The Other Side of Having

    See the thing as already done as in seeing your vision complete. Then you will be on the other side of having that which you have envisioned.

    Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    Ever soaring flying freedom

    Ever soaring flying freedom leads the way. Place these feelings within you as you become that which you are seeking.

    It cannot appear

    It cannot appear anywhere else but in your thought atmosphere. There it comes into being directly in front of you.

    Expansion Into Form

    Expectation provides the expansion into form by providing the mental space for viewing the manifestation.

    This must be so

    Resolve the above with the below. This must be so. Resolve the thought initiation-the envisioning with the appearance of the form. Just as you have brought forth the thought, also bring forth the form by realizing it is a part of the same process. It comes into view by accepting the satisfaction of its arrival into form.


    What are vibrations other than the grooving of thoughts which take on the forms of awareness that we surround ourselves with. It is this which influences all of our actions and the results of thinking.

    Flow of Being

    The flow of being starts with your highest awareness. It is culminated in the satisfaction of knowing yourself in every aspect of being. In the thought and in its manifestation.

    Flow with the above into the below

    This process happens naturally. Thoughts arise by direction. Intention sends them forward. They are earthed within by acceptance. Build your acceptance equal to the level of your intention and initial creative vision.

    Change the Groove

    Change the groove everyway you can and make it into that which you want to see. Allow it to become itself. Offer no resistance.

    Wednesday, September 08, 2004

    Will has to be focused and focused on high. It is this sense of direction that leads the mind into its highest awareness. It is there that the spontaneous manifestation of reality takes place. It is why we are told to always keep our vision focused on high. It is from here that all creation takes place. It is in this moment now that you are witness to. All restrictions are unbound.

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