Friday, June 27, 2008

Everything exists all the time everywhere all once happening now and then as well as in the world to come. Because this is imminently so as in right on top of our awareness we may jump inside of this eternal eventuality to draw into our own field of being the specific moments that we want to be a part of. Knowledge of the working of this here and now or the evolution of meaning in this moment all depend upon how much involvement you choose to have in your own destiny. You make choices by accepting some things and rejecting others. All of this takes place both consciously and unconsciously. The purpose of every degree of mind work is to increase consciousness to the point where there is nothing that is not conscious. Do not confuse consciousness with being awake or asleep. Sleep is what the body does to renew itself. The mind offers itself renewal continuously awake or asleep. When the body is still as in sleep the mind considers its broadest horizons yet still there are the choices that are made in terms of what to accept or reject and what we are awake or asleep to mentally. Today we will work upon the conceptual relationships between clear acceptance and manifest being.

I saw a river in a star
Of light both near and far
Where stillness moves a day
And joy rises up to say.

Find me where I am
Stay with me you can
Fly when the wind is right
Float where the clouds are light.

Tell yourself the mystery
Uncover golden history
Walk with confidence born
Sing for now the angel’s horn.

Wisdom a brief moment to uncover
The inner voice there it will hover
Encompassing everything so very fast
Direct your thoughts to the very last.

This knack of waiting is no more than the will of waiting and listening for the perfect moment to act like a fisherman where the hook is our Intention and the fish our intended. The active pursuit of happiness is then a conscious decision to make. Happiness then gets to be defined as thinking about your heart’s desire making those constant refinements that keep this focus front and center.

The moon peeks through clouds moving like shadows in the night
Your purpose is revealed in this way as the sun does the morning light.
Life is a lot like surfing bringing together the perfect moment, the primo wave.
Step lively the carnival dancers come this way their steps designed to save.

Have you looked where you are going or where you want to be?
Timed to make a course correction on a calmer sea.
Use this moment now to smile at how good you want to feel
And the visions come before you now rhymed to make it real.

Every moment that you spend within the Holy Grail
Is decorated with those feelings on which your heart will sail.
So many different ways this has been explained to you
To help see your way clear in all of the things you do.

Rest surely in this moment for you’ve surely caught the groove,
It awakens you from indifference into dreams that you can use
To build your world before you one wonderful step at a time
Stand on the mountain of fulfillment for it is there you will climb.


Once upon this time I learned of seagulls up above
Circling soaring updrafts rising filled with love
Moving wind tunnels of heavenly delight,
Like giant Ferris wheels riding almost out of sight.

I see flowers flow like rivers on a soft fragrant breeze.
They move underneath taking me where they please.
A carriage is formed like a palace on wheels
Embracing everything showing me how it feels.

Most of the time we start with a thought opening a doorway for more
Although we would do better with our emotions starting out for sure.
This coat of many colors called Certainty or just knowing what is true
Lets me finish what I’ve begun as the days wind themselves through.

In the kingdom of your heaven choose well the part you play
Rehearse it know your lines and when to come in and out to say
That this world that you are making is always yours to behold
Forever where your joy finds out the waking of your mold.

Une fois sur ce temps J’appris des mouettes vers le haut en haut.
Augmenter montant entourant de courants aériens ascendants rempli avec amour.
Souffleries mobiles de plaisir merveilleux,
Comme les roues de Ferris géantes montant presque hors de la vue. -

Je vois que les fleurs coulent comme des fleuves sur une brise parfumée molle.
Ils se déplacent sous me prendre où ils svp.
Un chariot est formé comme un palais sur des roues.
Embrassant tout me montrant comment il se sent. -

Le plus souvent nous commençons par une pensée ouvrant une porte pour plus.
Bien que nous fassions mieux avec nos émotions commençant à coup sûr.
Ce manteau de beaucoup de couleurs a appelé Certitude ou savoir juste ce qui est vrai.
Me laisse finir ce que j'ai commencé pendant que les jours s'enroulent à travers. -

Dans le royaume de votre ciel choisissez bien le rôle que vous jouez.
Préparez-le connaissent vos lignes et quand entrer et dire dehors.
Que ce monde que vous faites est toujours à vous à voir.
Pour toujours où votre joie découvre le réveil de votre moule.

I see this season set before me so very clear in all of itself promise and fulfillment. What I am trying to say here is that my emotions will arrive before my actual person does. I accept this as being a necessary part. The emotions are the life of vision without which there can be no demonstrations or any substantiation of forms. What the emotions do is what the ancients used to call ‘fixing the volatile.’ When you choose to create within yourself the emotions you would feel when you are experiencing your heart’s desire you are providing fertile ground for the specific aspects of that heart’s desire. Think about what you are feeling as you watch a beautiful sunset. There is a sense of peace of being right with the world. When you witness this sunset you are practicing the feeling of fulfillment because a sunset is the fulfillment of the day. Think about this feeling and the sense of wonder you experience. Carry these thoughts with you into every exercise you make within to capture your emotions for the fulfillment of your heart’s desire.

The soft light of summer through a warm ocean mist
Walking on that shore stopping more than once to kiss.
I don’t remember those steps just the lifting of our feet
Rising as if on a carpet woven of our love there to meet.

I can see this thing happening and feel it in my soul
Making all come together as in unity there is the whole.
And in my eyes to smile knowing that this takes me there.
In that place I’ve long been dreaming of life without a care.

You are the one that makes all things possible for sure.
Beyond each day you are waiting to show me some more.
You expand me continuously with the breadth of your perfection
And thrill me with each moment of creator filled conception.

If it were for just one thing how grateful I would be
But you keep on sending all those inspirations to me
My heart has learned to be open to your gentle touch
So that I may share of what you give so much.


Take this vibration then that we’ve been making and promoting and open up to what is all around you. Imagine yourself to be inside of the unity of all that is. This unity knows no bounds and you perceive it via the vibrations of your perception. Everything is colored through the perception of this vibration. Know that it is an ongoing thing and may be intensified according to your level of awareness within it. It speaks to you by speaking through you. Yes you are a vessel for this awareness but you are also the movement that takes place through this vessel and the direction that this movement is taking you to. All day long because of your intention to remember yourself and the feelings that surround you this awareness is awakening opening the doors for more of this free movement that is taking place through you.

Some people think that love is out of sight, cannot be held on to even if grasped for a moment or if it stays it is bound to leave. None of these things are in fact true. The truth is (thought you would never askJ that love is right where you are in your heart forever never to depart. Feel that love it will always be there for you.

Direct yourself back to your Intention by taking your steps one at a time to be led back on the path of your fulfillment.


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