Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Dance the Unknown - A Waltz

The mystery forever unknown.
Let there be ... continues.
There is no end.

I am lifted up being in the moment.
Time loses track of who I am.
In totality are my actions whole.

Yes she declares as the light appears.
Filling, full to overflowing.
Just like a spring rain and then stillness all around.

Our thoughts move from somewhere to some when.
the higher we fly we find
that to move the spirit there is flight of another kind.

There is you know this thing that happens.
Arrive before you leave.
The meal is served without your hunger.

Laughter, the wind, the sound of smiles taking flight.
I was here before tomorrow comes
and returned on yesterday's night.

Hard to follow.
Do not.
Lead with your heart and love to let go of.

Seek out with wisdom and be silent.
The mystery would know you,
leaving you with memory and a tender kiss.

You cannot hold on to someone's good intentions
nor bottle up their dreams.
Be there at the meeting place of life at the seams.

Let dawn be the last place to find yourself in the morning.
Rather to spend the night sleep walking in adventurous environs.
Wake up not to the new day but to unite your soul in sunlit eyes.

Be one step ahead and don't look back.
Like Alice in the Looking Glass,
Take a moment meet yourself coming and going.

Jump over.
Hop on.

You get the idea now.
It is the lightest touch
that moves the heaviest burden.

Creation is a Story

Creation is a story. There are many stories about creation as well an equal amount of story tellers throughout history.
So too is the way within that I tell my self every day. What is amazing is that this realization while seen from many facets only appears now in its operative phase. And then it was that it came to pass that he knew what to do which was another way of saying he knew how to be. This "how to be" is the determining factor. I recognize then that I am that which I have been seeking. Always the mystery directs me in this manner. Time the greatest illusion of them all can now be discarded altogether. The way to make things happen is to be directly inside of them remarkably enough, right now.

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