Thursday, May 24, 2007

It’s always something. You have to start somewhere. Whether you act because of what is outside of you or you respond according to your inner lights you still are coming from somewhere and pushing off of what you are experiencing in order to move forward to where you have envisioned yourself to be. It is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.

I cannot say enough about adequate preparation. A mind fully prepared in terms of what is being thought about in each moment sets the stage for eons of unfoldment. There is a harmony then of relationship that occurs between one thought and another. The same is true between a thought and an experience. Each time I attenuate my inner focus my outer focus becomes similarly imbued. The key element in this and every other area of study is the distance that exists between a thought and a thing. It is this distance that can make all the difference between recognizing the light and opening for connection or subsequently passing by this opening in effect shielding or veiling the light. In every case action is required either passive or active. Passive in the case of allowing your doubts to dissipate and let in the inner wisdom or active in seeking out this wisdom through self inquiry including all forms of meditation.

There are openings that flow all around you in response to how you are feeling and what you are thinking about. They represent a nexus of connection. All you have to do is to listen attentively in order to link up with this nexus. What is this nexus composed of? Your thoughts in their entirety. How can you move through this nexus to go forward according to your heart’s desire? You move through your emotions. They are the driving force of consciousness.

How then may I see this universe that I am impressing with the advent of my thinking? This is an important consideration because consciousness does reflect whatever you are imaging into completion with every process that you implement within the defined structure of your actualized ideation. What this means is that it isn’t enough just to visualize your situation. Your visualization must be done with the certainty of the response. What this requires is for you to think into the universe or all that is the certainty of a positive response. It isn’t just what I think about that makes thoughts come into form it is how I think about it that causes the mold to be finished.


All that is responds positively and perfectly to my call.
The universe perfectly reflects my heart’s desire.

The universe not only responds to my thinking but it also respond to the way that I am thinking about it. Here is the essence of unity. What is most important for me to recognize about this is that I am one with the world that I live in. I am never apart from this world. Everything that I think in it and about it is something that I experience either throughout time or spontaneously in the moment I am thinking. When I acknowledge this everything changes. The dynamic becomes harmonious and instead of just seeing causes and effects there is a synthesis of intention that bonds the two irrevocably together.

A common misconception is that we are asking for something. This presupposes some granting authority that operates according to a complex set of rules. If this were the case our free will would then be dependent upon this granting authority. In effect we would be going to this granting authority to receive that which we are asking for. There isn’t any granting authority. The only authority that we have is the ability to see the world for what it truly is; a representation of everything we’ve thought of or felt about throughout our lifetimes. It remains for us to grant then to ourselves the rights and experiences that we would choose to have. We can do this by overcoming our preconceived notions of the way things work.

Now as I listen thoughts appear. They do so with a definite focus. This focus is for the unification of heart and mind, body and soul and thought and form. Everything that I speak about in terms of manifesting my good comes from this focus. The power of this focus is unprecedented because it has been going on through my life whether consciously or unconsciously.

There is something that goes before you that cannot be described and may only be intimated. There are forces as well that defy description since they are best experienced in the psychic realm.

Within this realm are all of your Thoughts. They reside here in Perpetuity. They are promoted by the wisdom of the moment. A sense of letting go then comes into the moment. It fills itself all around you. You have been through change before but this is different. It is an uplifting in and of itself. It is something that comes naturally through the grand design. By definition then it doesn’t need your prompting. All that is necessary is your acceptance. This is the way awareness makes its transition from one state of being into another. It is as if the new way of being pulls you from one side to the other. This is the magic of finding yourself both in feeling and being at one with the universe. This unity of expression carries itself across every boundary of space and time and allows you to spontaneously experience the creation of that which has come to be.

Once you begin to access the levels of awareness that are instrumental in promoting your experiences in a unified fashion you will find yourself returning to thoughts that you’ve listened to before. Only this time a new understanding is carried over these same patterns of consciousness and you are now able to utilize this information more freely and easily.

If there is anything about this holiday of Shavuos it is to remind us that the “I am” is always with us. It is resident within our being. It is there as the ultimate power behind everything that we do. We cannot discover or uncover this I am unless we are willing to reach up in recognition of our true self. This true self is what makes each of us what we are both as an expression of this I am and as an individuation of its expression.

Continue on from where you are at for your momentum will always define you. It is this thing that you are seeking that drives you. Every purpose therefore must be directed towards this thing. What about every thought? How is that possible to have every thought aligned in this way? There are things that come up that seem to drive away this purpose and root you in the status quo. What you make of the status quo is up to you. What you say to yourself when facing negative energy is that I will transform this energy so that its all power will then flow with me instead of against me. Instead of resistance I will assume an attitude of transformation. The sooner I assume this attitude the less stress I will encounter thereby alleviating the tension that results from disharmony. Once begun the transformative process takes place within the interior of your consciousness healing you of the taint of negativity and turning around this energy so that it may now be used in positive pursuits. View it as a hammer drives in a nail relentlessly transforming the two single units of wood into a solitary structure. Use your mind and your will to focus on the thing itself pouring your energy into the certainty of this thing and again relentlessly making that union now between your intention and the thing itself. The temptation to move away is only caused by the initial tension of the negative response you are transforming. These negative responses are many in nature but all of them may be converted and their energy refocused towards the object of your intention as in the thing itself. Transformation will complete itself when you longer feel any tension and can correspondingly feel the currents of certainty forming all around you.

The more perfect union we are seeking is between thought and feeling. All of our efforts must be directed towards producing harmony between these two conceptual imperatives. It is like this. When we speak of thought and feeling the natural tendency is to separate them into categories. One is impersonal and cold and the other intimate and warm. It is time to stop this artificial differentiation. Here is an example of how thought may merge with feeling and how feeling may permeate all phases of thought.

Mind through love learns to connect with feeling. Mind then establishes a dialogue with feeling that might go something like this:

“All along you (feeling) have been there to remind me of the joy of life. You are always bringing me back to myself. What is that self but the knowledge and conversations I have with you? Everytime I acknowledge you I (mind) expand not only in my relationship to you but also in my relationship to the unity that you and I share together. You make me realize that I cannot ever be alone. You (feeling) are with me as a constant source of energy and support. The more I enter into your presence the greater I am able to know who I am. It is my love for you that connects me to you. This love is the recognition that I have of your presence and the incredible realization that you are an integral part of me. Because of this understanding I think with feeling and you feel with intelligence. I always wondered how certainty could be assured and now I know that by becoming one in my understanding of the way things work between you and I that my certainty is one and the same with you. I see now that all along I have been seeking and finding you and then sometimes going astray so that I knew not where you were causing confusion to my way of being. From this moment on then we walk together. How magical is this that the focus of my attention should lead me here where you have ever been patient and offering encouragements at every step. I am like the single set of footsteps that suddenly find that God accompanies them in spite of what appeared to be true. It is a single most startling revelation of its kind because it makes so much sense. Every conceptual construct that I’ve ever been enlightened by has been leading to this very realization. I am one with my feelings and do not have to separate myself from you any longer. Therefore it is with intelligence that I feel and with feeling that I know. I know you understand this as an ever-expanding presence of love that cannot help but grow infinitely through our association over time.”

It is this kind of meditation that channels the energies of mind into their proper focus. I say proper focus because as the flow of thoughts are unifying themselves with your intention these thoughts have to have a guiding force much like the water in a river needs the boundaries of riverbank and river course. This guiding force is the emotion of love which when mingled consciously with your intention assures you that there can be no wasted efforts. Here are a few verses of a song that came through me years ago. I still marvel at the intensity of meaning that lasts through to this day reminding me of these moments of love that always inspire my music.

“Creation proceeds from the heart. Ah these chosen ways they are miraculous indeed.
Truth is constantly being tested by itself. The Divine Waters anoint themselves.”

The significant relationship is between the heart and creation. We unify our thoughts with their innermost deeply felt emotions that lead us into the certainty of witnessing these thoughts turn into experiences. These are chosen ways since our thought are proceeding through the channels of love. The truth of our thinking is always readjusting itself to our feelings. When the feelings are ‘off’ then the thinking must be also outside of these channels of loves awareness. Therefore we change our mind to readjust the flow of thinking to conform to our heart’s desire. What are these Divine Waters? They are the founts of wisdom that we may always be in touch with connecting us with through the I am center of our awareness. They anoint themselves through the unity of our awareness that this process is going on. Our recognition is the anointing oil.

What is the one great power that we exercise the ultimate control over? It is our thoughts and our thinking. Charles Haanel one of the modern great thinkers of New Thought had this to say in his book The Master Key.

“16. It is by the exercise of this power that we take our fate out of the hands of
chance, and consciously make for ourselves the experiences which we desire,
because when we consciously realize a condition, that condition will eventually
manifest in our lives; it is therefore evident that in the last analysis thinking is the
one great cause in life.”

Here is what we are given each one of us to work with. This is the kernel of everything sacred and the revelation of all the mysteries that ever were or could be. Use your mind to focus the energy of I AM towards the aim you choose. Then once in harmony with that choice proceed to concentrate your focus on this ideal through visualization. In the process of visualization remember to imbue this vision with love and to keep thinking of it with love. After all this is your pride and joy the heart’s desire that you have chosen to think about. If you continue along in this way the materialization of this heart’s desire cannot fail but be reproduced exactly or better than you have envisioned it. Keep to your focus with love as the great river through which your dreams come true.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

There is a method for working within consciousness in order to out picture the results of your heart's desire. All of our efforts for the past untold millenia have been towards finding out this process and then making use of it in our world to benefit our lives and those around us. the method involves a thorough understanding of what is mind, what is thought, what is the subconscious, and what is "I am." Recently this study has taken me through various authors in the New Thought field. For me New Thought is precisely what Modern Kabbalah needs to be about. I am studying this aspect of mind over matter and will let you know in the interim how I am proceeding

Thursday, May 03, 2007

In order to find out where you are going check in with your thinking. What direction is it that your thoughts are following? Remember that this is a closed system. Everything that you think is reflected back to you especially in terms of the way you are feeling about what you are thinking.

There are two kinds of thinking that may take place each representing a way of being.

The first kind of thinking is the reaction that you have to events around you including what people are saying and how you are interacting with their thought atmosphere. It is a kind of group thought that is taking place. The energy around you is composed of largely this kind of interaction between thought atmospheres.

The second kind of thinking is self-initiating thought. You choose a direction that you want to go in and continue to follow this direction in terms of watching your thoughts to make sure they fit the agenda that suits the initial thought.

The first way of thinking means that the status quo will always rule and there is no way out once you are in. This assumes that your thoughts will continue along the same line of reasoning.

The second way of thinking offers a way out of the status quo counting on your ability to change your mind about what you are thinking. The obvious change of mind is to think about the way out where the status quo no longer is. How does this relate? You are having a problem and feel trapped by this problem. However, you change you mind to think about the ideal solution. If you keep your thoughts on this solution it will appear.

What this means is that your life and all of your experiences are contained within and that from there they enter the world of reflection so that you can see what is good and what needs to be changed. Why is this important to know? Because what you are experiencing does not have to be. It is as simple as that. You change your mind to change your experience. This happens slowly or quickly but certainly irrevocably.

The difference between one kind of thinking which represents the status quo and the other type of thinking that represents your idealized changes is that you are the enlightened author of the latter and the unconscious author of the former.

In this case what you don’t know can hurt you in terms of thinking about something unpleasant simply because it is there. You as the enlightened author get to choose what is there. That is the substance of making things better.

Anger, frustration, feelings of hurt or shame all belong to the first kind of thinking. What these feelings come from are your own inner guide trying to tell you to move on from here. The pain is the way your body warns you of danger.

When you decide that the pain is too much you start looking around for answers. These answers are not meant to keep promoting the pain. You need to choose what would be best for you in every possible way. You decide what is best for you. Example. Someone has hurt you. Stop thinking about that hurt and imagine that this same person has helped you. See them and yourself in a good light. You see this is all about you. If you hold on to feelings that are unpleasant for you then you are the one who suffers. If you hold on to feelings of what you would like to see happen and let go of the other negative feelings.

Remember this is about you winning totally in every way. It is not about vindication or justification. It is about you wanting to feel good about yourself by taking responsibility for your thoughts mainly but also the actions that are produced by those thoughts.

The real dialogue here does not need to be about the problem but rather the solution that appears when you let go of the problem and allow yourself the forgiveness of the problem. Then the solution is what is best for you.

If you close yourself off to your solution you doom yourself to remain trapped in the status quo. Imagination is what is needed here. Tap into the enlightened author in order to make your life better.

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