Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bahir 164

There is only one thing to do when you experience the Evil Urge, Turn aside from it and move. Let's see what else we can learn.

Verse 164. What does the Evil Urge gain? What is this like? A king appointed clerks over the lands of his kingdom, over his work and over his merchandise. Each and every thing had its clerk. There was one clerk in charge of the storehouse containing good food. Another was in charge of the storehouse containing stones. Everyone came to the storehouse containing good food. The clerk in charge of the storehouse of stones came and saw that people were only buying from the other [clerk]. What did he do? He sent his messengers to tear down the weak house [so that people would need stones to rebuild them]. They could not do so, however, to the strong ones. He said, "In the time that it takes to tear down one strong [house], you can tear down ten weak ones. People will then all come and buy stones from me, and I will not be inferior to the other." It is thus written (Jeremiah 1:14), "From the north will evil come forth, upon all the inhabitants of the earth." The verse then continues (Jeremiah 1:15) "For I call all the families of the kingdom of the north ­ says God ­ and they will come, and each one will place his throne at the opening of the gates of Jerusalem..." Evil will be their business, and the Evil Urge will also constantly strive. The word Satan means "turning aside," since he turns all the world aside to the balance of guilt. How is this indicated? It is written (Genesis 38:16) , "And he turned aside to her," and the Targum renders this VeSata, [ Satah being the root of Satan]. It is likewise written (Proverbs 4:15), "Turn aside (S'the) from it and pass on."

Commentary: Basically what this is saying is that when there is a weakness in your thinking in terms of what you are building your thoughtforms out of then the Evil Urge can come in and twist those thoughts to its own purpose. Thought must be directed and focused otherwise it will be misdirected deliberately in all kinds of unfocused non productive areas. The flash point of recognition comes when we begin to turn aside from the Lord our God and follow the pathways that the Evil Urge is promoting. When we follow the Lord our God our pathways are peaceful and good. Who is this Lord our God? It is the highest thought we can attain to in every moment. It is after all our good that beckons us and reminds us of everything that is the Lord our God. We remember by saying yes to our good. Words and explanations can be confusing since meanings are subject to attack by the Evil Urge at every moment. The sum total however, is that what we are thinking about is immediately affecting not only some future down the line events but it has a very real impact on our present mood and is the arbiter of our happiness in each moment.

Look at what happens during prayer. Prayer provides certainty for your expressions of purpose or intention. In prayer the Lord your God is praised. Why? For certainty so that you will come to know the certainty of your good, the certainty of your prayers being answered and the certainty of the constructions within of the holy temple wherein the Lord your God rules over your domain. In prayer we learn how to direct our thoughts and how to groove the certainty of the Lord your God. It is out of this certainty that can then come the statement of purpose and intention. What do we want? That is the purpose or intention. How do we get it? This is the Lord your God acting in ways seen and unseen. We are talking here about being on course. This is just the opposite of the Evil Urge that is misdirecting and always leading a course into chaos. That is what we must consider when the road bends and we are tempted to turn aside. The question must immediately be asked, 'where are we going and does this lead to our good? Then listen for the Lord your God to guide you. Listen for your good to guide and do not be led astray by the illusion of something rather than the reality of your heart's desire. The purpose of calling to your attention the Evil Urge is so that you will recognize it and then let it go keeping your focus on the Lord your God. You could translate the Lord your God here as 'your own best interests' meaning that if you follow the right way then your life will exhibit peace, harmony and fulfillment. If you choose to divide your forces by going this way in that way in response to the Evil Urge you will always be frustrated and disappointed.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bahir 163

We are called directly to recognize evil where it comes from and how we may remove it daily from our lives.

Verse 163. What is this One Attribute? It is the Form of a Hand. It has many messengers, and the name of them all is Evil Evil. Some of them are great, and some are small, but they all bring guilt to the world. This is because Chaos is toward the north. Chaos (Tohu) is nothing other than Evil. It confounds (Taha) the world and causes people to sin. Every Evil Urge (Yetzer HaRa) that exists in man comes from there. And why is it placed to the left? This is because it does not have any authority any place in the world except in the north. It is not accustomed to be anywhere except in the north. It does not want to be any place but in the north. If it remained the south until it learned the routes of the south, how could it lead others astray? It would have to stay there for [several] days until it learned, and then it could not cause people to sin. It therefore is always in the north, to the left. This is the meaning of the verse (Genesis 8:21), "For the Urge of man's heart is evil from his youth." It is evil from his youth, and it does not incline [in any direction] other than the left, for it is already accustomed to be there. It is regarding this that the Blessed Holy One said to Israel (Exodus 15:26), "If you listen to the voice of the Lord your God, and do what is upright in His eyes, and give ear to His commandments" ­ and not to the commandments of the Evil Urge ­ "and keep all His decrees" ­ and not the decrees of the Evil Urge ­ "[then all the sickness that I brought upon the Egyptians, I will not bring upon you,] for I am God who heals you."

Commentary: Choice. Ultimate choice. Choose to listen to 'the voice of the Lord your God.' 'Do not listen to the evil urge and do not listen to the decrees of evil.' What voices and how may we know the difference? Nothing happens to you unless you first think about it happening to you. Even if someone tells you to do something you will first think about it and then do it or not. I mention this to include the voices that we hear from others and from other outside sources. Even these outside sources have to be internalized before they may become the source of your actions. This is an important distinction. You have to accept on some level the connection between the voice you are listening to and the actions you are planning to take. In the case of the evil urge this voice as we know is subtle, convincing and very rational at times making it only all too easy to follow through with in terms of the actions that this voice is advising. The first step is in recognizing that there is a difference between this voice and the voice of 'the Lord your God.' One voice leads you into chaos and another voice leads you to the promised land.
You have to know what is good and keep to it. When you are about to be led astray remember that there is another voice that will keep you on the path of right doing(righteousness). This 'right doing' means that you are making the 'right' choice every time in your mind in terms of listening for and following the 'voice of God.' This voice of God doesn't sound with trumpets or come in with any kind of fanfare. It is the still small voice that opens up door after door of loving kindness in terms of the life you are leading and experiencing.

     "They all bring guilt to this world." This one Attribute that is in the form of a hand with many messengers is the description of all of the errant thoughts that can arise from taking the wrong turn within and following the evil inclination. The more you accept this evil inclination the further afield you go until you turn aside and then begin the path of return. Then as you return order begins to flow within your life. You make the right moves within and follow the voice of God now with joyful expectation.

     The part about the Evil urge coming from the left or the North and not being able to come from the South for example because it would then learn the paths of the South means that once you exchange your point of reference from the North to the South then the evil urge no longer exists. It cannot follow the ways of the South simply because all of its power to influence comes from the North. In this verse you are told about turning away from the North and following by inference this path of the South where the voice of God is heard.

     The hand and the five fingers represent the many messengers that go out from the North. The evil inclination comes with many hooks. Too many times we either ignore these hooks or just don't see them coming. Before you know it you find yourself travelling in a direction that will only lead to and cause chaos in your life. The point of reminding us about the evil urge is so that we'll recognize it when it first appears in the form of a hook. This is because once you are hooked your lower nature then follows a chain of association in terms of the thoughts you are thinking along with the subsequent plans you make as a result of these thought becomes increasingly more difficult to break free of. It is during this initial phase when the hook is offered that you have to remember your connection with the King, with your highest thinking and the Lord your God who rules above all. Your highest thoughts on the contrary have their own threads of association becoming increasingly more ethereal as you move upwards in their trajectories taking you South inside of the mind of the Creator and along the paths of right thinking. Another plus for remember to turn aside from the evil urge is that by doing so you clothe yourself in the armor of right choice.

When you recognize the hook of the evil urge for what it truly then even if other thoughts arise to begin to form this chain of evil you will be conscious of these thoughts taking shape and be able at this initial phase to turn yourself around and steer clear of the deeper chaos that would await you if you continued to indulge in taking the hook, line and sinker. When you do succeed in turning away from the hook you may then transform the entire situation into something that serves God or your highest thoughts. Then every outcome is assured to turn out for your good.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bahir 162

We receive further clarification on the preceding verse 161 here just in case we've missed the point the first time around.

Verse 162. What is this like? A king had a beautiful daughter, and others desired her. The king knew about it, but could not fight those who wanted to bring his daughter to evil ways. He came to his house and warned her, saying, "My daughter, do not pay attention to the words of these enemies and they will not be able to overcome you. Do not leave the house, but do all your work at home. Do not sit idle, even for a single moment. Then they will not be able to see you and harm you." They have one Attribute which causes them to leave aside every good way and choose every evil way. When they see a person directing himself along a good way, they hate him. What is [this Attribute]? It is the Satan. This teaches us that the Blessed Holy One has an Attribute whose name is Evil. It is to the north of the Blessed Holy One, as it is written (Jeremiah 1:14), "From the north will Evil come forth, upon all the inhabitants of the earth." Any evil that comes to all the inhabitants of the earth comes from the north.

Commentary: The King represents the above and the daughter the body. The King is Hashem or his angels of awareness that reside in you in order to provide your connection to the most holy within you. What are these enemies of the daughter? They are the thoughts that come from the north, from Satan, from chaos. These thoughts cause a person to stray from the King who resides over all things most notably Torah. Blessings will be given you in accordance with your capacity to receive. This capacity to receive is linked irrevocably with your capacity to restrict the flow of the Yetzer Hara in terms of taking your attention in this case away from the King. The wants to speak with and shower affection upon his daughter but he realizes that there are 'evil' influences that are vying for the King's attention. Satan represents the outer world of reaction. Our eyes and ears take in the sights and sounds of this outer world and because of this we are led astray into thinking that this outer world is all there is. The King says stay at home and do all your work at home. Home is your inner palace of holiness where you are constantly in touch with the King. Torah is the King in terms of providing every avenue for your well being through its study and through your interaction with it surrounding your providing as we have said previously a background for thoughts to make their connection to. There is only one way to improve upon the lot of your existence and that is to expand your mind from within, to expand upon the pathways that are already present in Torah while receiving the inspiration that improves your daily experiences.

The terms can become confusing such as Satan or the evil inclination or the Tree of Knowledge which are tied together as the concept of chaos. Think of it as the force of entropy The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.Basically what this is saying is that our world around us is constantly subjected to chaos. It is only when we introduce the inner dimension of Torah along with its outward written form that we achieve a coherent state of existence. The King tells his daughter, 'do not sit idle even for a single moment.' The adjuration is to constantly seek connection within based upon the truth of Torah. Torah then becomes a constant for self reflection for continuing self discovery.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bahir Verse 161

There are some very profound meanings in this next rather lengthy verse. Meditate upon each paragraph and then use the Commentary to inspire new areas of discovery.

161. What is the meaning of the verse (Exodus 15:27), “And the came to Elim, where there
were twelve wells of water and seventy date palms, and they encamped there by the water”?
What is so special about seventy date palms? In one small place there can be a thousand.
But [this teaches us that] they were worthy of their counterpart. They are likened to date
It is written (Exodus 15:23), “And they came to Marah, and they could not drink of the
waters of Marah, for they were bitter (marah).” This teaches us that the north wind confused
them. It is thus written (Exodus 15:25), “And he cried out to God, and He showed him a
tree. He cast it into the waters, and the waters became sweet.”
God immediately placed His hand against the Satan and diminished him. It is thus written
(Exodus 15:25), “There He gave them a decree and a law, and there He proved them.”
This teaches us that at this time, the Satan attached himself to them in order to blot them out
from the world. It is thus written (Exodus 15:24), “And the people complained to Moses
saying, ‘What shall we drink?’” [The Satan] continued to denounce Moses until he cried out
to God and was answered.
What is the meaning of the verse, “And He showed him a tree”? This teaches us that the
Tree of Life was near the water. The Satan came and removed it in order to denounce Israel
and cause them to sin against their Father in heaven.
[The Satan] said to them, “Are you now then going into the desert? Even now [you have
nothing] other than bitter water, but this has some benefit, since you can make some use of
it. But when you enter the desert, you will not even find [water] with which to wash your
hands and face. You will die from hunger and thirst, naked and having nothing.”
The people came to Moses and repeated these words, but he put them off. When [the Satan ]
saw that he could not overcome them, he strengthened himself [to overcome] Israel and
The people came, and “they complained to Moses.” They said, “Even here we lack water.
What will we drink in the desert?”
The Satan had falsified the situation in order to cause the people to sin. As soon as Moses
saw the Satan, “He cried out to God, and He showed him a tree.” This is the Tree of Life
The Bahir
that Satan had removed. He then “cast it into the water, and the water became sweet.”
The Blessed Holy One then gave the Satan a “decree and a law,” and it was there that He
“proved” Israel. The Blessed Holy One warned Israel saying (Exodus 15:26), “If you listen
to the voice of the Lord your God, [and do what is upright in His eyes, give ear to His
commandments, and keep all His decrees, then all the sickness that I brought upon the
Egyptians, I will not bring upon you, for I am God who heals you].”

Commentary: We could take this apart and understand the meaning piece by piece but an inspiration comes through and is verified by some research about what this verse is saying. The aspects of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. Yetzer Chaim and Yetzer Hara. In the sense of the 70 date palms and 12 wells of waters the meaning is that out of the whole of Israel or all 12 tribes can come the purety and sweetness of the date palms. Rising up in the wilderness of our thoughts we find these twelve waters which nourish our Godly nature or the Tree of Life type of consciousness. Waters remember always refer to consciousness or the aspect of thought in its elemental form. The Seventy date palms are the fruits of Israel or the Elders who are chosen to lead Israel. In its prime form Israel has everything it needs to flourish in the wilderness and indeed everywhere. This is how the verse begins. Then the story of Satan intervenes. Satan comes into play because of the Yetzer Hara or the evil inclination. In one sense it is the self wanting things only for the self without regard to others and especially without regard to God. The Yetzer Hara self seeks pleasure for its own sake and does not make the effort to attain to Godliness. The metaphor of the bitter waters is an apt one. These bitter waters represent the bickering and doubts that Satan or the Yetzer Hara has placed within us. Doubts and confusion are the evidences of such kinds of thinking. It so happens that we have a two fold nature. One is striving for the body and another is striving for God. The irony is that when we strive for God our body is the beneficiary of such strivings. Our pains go away and we are healed miraculously. The case in point here is when the Tree of Life is placed into the bitter waters turning them sweet. The same is true with turning to God or turning your thoughts to Godliness. If you are confused or depressed or otherwise in a funk the best way out is to turn your thoughts to your good or to your God. The very act for example of saying or participating in the prayer ritual each day provides the sweetness of God in the form of Torah written with a language that goes beyond meaning into the realms of creation itself. If you fill your mind with these prayers the letters themselves will work for you to sweeten the waters of your own consciousness. They say that Torah forms a fence of protection around you and what this means is that the words and letters of Torah sweeten the thoughts that you are inspired to think. Instead of being unduly influenced by the world around you, the media, or your idle conversations Torah instead provides a steady background to your thinking that goes beyond words. The end result is that your life becomes a series of sweetened experiences as the knowledge and depth of Torah grows within you. Think of it like this. Would you rather make a cake having no instructions or a recipe that is proven by millenia of making? Most would not go into the details of what is happening within but this verse leads our thinking into the details of this time honored recipe. Satan represents what happens when we reason without the certainty of Godliness and the template of the Torah to guide our thinking. With Satan everything may at first look okay but the end result is always the same, chaos. Why is this? Because when thought is not aligned with source it rapidly loses its coherency and degenerates progressively. The sickness that will be taken away is the sickness of the Yetzer Hara which causes all illness. Healing is promoted from the top down and when our thoughts are indeed aligned with holiness then the healing comes naturally as an overflowing well of medicine for our ills. This medicine turns out to be the Torah specifically those words and letters that reverberate in our minds when we study Torah or read from it or reference it in our daily prayers. It is fitting that Satan in the above verse says that

“Are you now then going into the desert? Even now [you have
nothing] other than bitter water, but this has some benefit, since you can make some use of
it. But when you enter the desert, you will not even find [water] with which to wash your
hands and face. You will die from hunger and thirst, naked and having nothing.”

When you are not in harmony with Torah or your thoughts aren't filled with Torah the void is filled with Yetzer Hara. Yetzer Hara is the default background that is in place when you choose not to God or to seek a higher way of thinking about yourself. This background is influenced by what you see and what you hear. Since most will not watch their thoughts or their language there isn't much to make anything worthwhile of and there is the risk of chaos overtaking your life. The reverse is true with the sweetening of Torah as the letters move in their own way ascending naturally to holiness then influencing your life in a positive way.

Torah allows you to reach beyond yourself. Its does this by attaching itself to you in direct relationship to your determination to attach yourself to it. The words, the letters the spirit of Torah ascend in holiness. Out of this holiness is where your life may begin to flow from. If you can remember that the background of your thinking is the most important aspect of your life and that this aspect is what truly becomes your life then you can pray with certainty within the fence of Torah and never be left lacking in any areas of your life.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Who I Am

I cannot shut off who I am. I may only identify with that which I think I am in the moment that I am thinking about it. It is there for this moment and for no other. If I identify with the highest power I can conceive of then my identification assumes a higher purpose. Always and and I cannot stress this enough it is the moment of becoming that is the most pregnant one of creation. All preceding moments are preparation and all succeeding moments are the results of this becoming. You cannot sublimate who you are because who you are is a part of the vast identity that makes up our world with all of its unique flavors.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In the service of your good

Allow your mind to expand. Remember there is no time or space constraints to this expansion. You are and have always been everything all at once and in every location. Therefore when you think about what you want to be consider that you are already that state of being and then assume the attitude or consciousness of that state of being. This is a subtle thinking that goes without explanation and must be experienced in order to adequately explain. I am already the successful flow of being into manifestation. I've been doing this all along.

The main thing is to continue this flow of intention wherever you may find yourself. Send forth the shoots of certainty and watch them grow into towering trees of committment. Visualize their roots coursing throughout the entire subsystem of existence. There and beyond is where you are a resident of. Redirect your energies as needed in order to take advantage of each moments sensations and revelations. Throughout the course of your day move with the flow of manifestation letting the substance that must come through come through perfectly in line with the forms of your thinking. These forms are once again the roots of your foundation wherein you discover the moments that you are becoming are synonomous with when you are being inspired to become more than yourself.

Groove the calm inner center of this foundation and breathe in the vapors of certainly that are now being released from here. You make a choice and then you choose again in order to refine your process over and over again. Define where you are and where you are coming from. In this way you are constantly making connections between the subtle and the gross.

Connections: The abundance of the universe and all of its power are contained within. This abundance operates freely inside of my psyche. I can feel it and know it and do not have to explain it or rationalize its existence. I know what I feel and what I feel is the certainly of its being. It is in that very being that I take my sustenance from. There is no where else that it can come from. Certainly it doesn't come from any outside interventions but rather is the result of a natural process of expression. This expression completes itself through the agency of connection making the right choices and filling in the blanks where necessary. Those blanks are not open for just any kind of information. They are designated specifically for the expressions of your good that you have found in your inner core. At rest they are full in motion providing a paradox in terms of how thought flows into and out of being. Flowing with the current are all those associations that you have made with your good. Flowing against the current is the status quo forming the banks upon which all of your self expressions become not only fulfilled but expanded in their ultimate relationship with one another and with the new worlds that are being brought into being. See your good and feel your good knowing it in a palpable sense. Move yourself now inside of the moment of your continuous awakening. Be careful not to fall back to sleep into the world of the status where the periphery rules and central analysis is rarely ever thought of. Wake up inside of the world of your good. See yourself then the way your would like your life to be and then settle down for the root of the matter. Snip all errant expressions before they have a chance to bud. Allow yourself to be this tree of life in its totally envisioning all that you would have come to be. Use this silent expression for fulfillment. Tie the peaceful core of truth to your own reflection. Tie it in ways that maximize these connections between thoughts and yes between the forms of their issuing forth. Declare it to be so as you would plant a flag of sovereignty over new lands that you have conquered in some far away place. Moving always closest to the center build these ideas out of the spaces between the worlds placing planetary outposts where they need to be. Go there within and travel through space and time with the speed of thought and opening up your awareness along the way and letting in the light of revelation in ways never seen before. Yes you are the discoverer and the conqueror of all that you survey. The magic of your life is this movement that seeks connection and finds it always in higher levels of communication building itself out of your need and out of your intensity of expression.
This intensity comes from the committment of intention tying these two words or worlds together and showing the paradigm that we have placed inside of these expressions of unity occuring as they do in the moment of their birth.

Feel the response of light and of lightness of expression. See how easily all flows within. Watch the visions as they appear before you reminding you of countless stories you've heard or read about such place never realizing that they were always there inside of you. One step engenders another and so on throughout these worlds of unfoldment. The more that you attempt to describe the process the deeper inside of this process will you flow. Ultimately you will experience the growth within that unfolds without. Consider yourself. You are doing it. The periphery no longer assumes its importance. You are free to contemplate to your heart's content the inner core of being exactly where your good resides eternally awaiting your direction. Think of your life as a Big Top with you as the director of all the activities under the Top. Wave your wand inside and watch now as things begin to move and take shape and excitement builds. The veils of illusion drop. You are the magician and through your sleight of hand all of the worlds of your heart's desire suddenly are imbued with the irresistable life force. Breathe with then now the breath of true being. Feel them pulse now with the life that exudes in its full force throughout the realm of your heart's desire. Now when you look out you may only see your good. Keep going with this flow of imagination for it is the stuff of which your experiences can be made up of. Ignore the cobweb of periphery dissipating; brush them aside. See clearly the truth of your good. The subtle imagery you employ is working its magic. This is a unified system that works within itself by definition using everything including the seats and spectators in the playing field to operate in the service of your good. In the midst of all of this activate even your non thinking so that every energy you express of exert operates now in the service of your good.

Move past the obvious here and experience the attraction of your good. Think about it. You have brought forth many visions of your good exactly the way you wanted it to appear. Now that you are at the center of your good or the core of the good of your being what is happening is the natural process of innate attraction. This is where you see your good and are attracted by it drawing it forward now into being. Your eyes open and they close and a doorway is effectively produced making a portal from vision into reality in one simple flex of the mind understanding linking connecting with wisdom through the power of the heart of Tiphereth. See that these are simply symbols or placeholders for the mind to remember the pathways that it is traversing on its inward journey. Instead of working to produce effects in the outer world by constantly checking that outer world we now operate totally within building our good around us knowing that it must appear before us because in the truest sense of the word, we own our good and all of its reflections. Curiously enough the tension of making is no longer there. An easy flowing of thoughts and forms caress the mind and we relax in this affirmation of heights reached and understandings awakened. I am there beyond everything and within everything I am there and I get to choose how to express myself. I get to let go of that which I don't want to express and I get to take on that which I do want to express. I do this by becoming the portal through which both aspiration and fulfillment flow through sometimes simultaneously and always in direct motion according to the focus of my will. My will is my particular way of directing my attention towards a specific area of interest. By this attention that area of interest is opened up and explained in greater detail. In the wake of this self expression follows the fulfillment or satisfaction thought within itself.

Here is the thing. The deeper we go the more example of connection we may find in support of our central core ideas. It is this process of flowing inwards that is truly the function of all ideation. We think and our thoughts transform themselves in accordance with the will of their maker. They seek stasis which they find at the core and then more inspirations come forth promoting not only the harmony of the core but also the subtle deep connections that are taking place both because of their location and the intention ultimately of the maker.

Your good has been there from the beginning and represents your best thinking and your most sublime rise through the heights of your understanding. The certainty of the expression of your good is never more clear than when you discover and experience the core movement of peace. Finally there you are home for how could this be any place but home when you are surrounded by all of your thoughts of good and all of their subsequent expressions of demonstration for that good. By any terms you wish to describe this state of being it all comes down to being at one in the moment of your becoming.

Be watchful in the moment of how your good comes through to meet you. Take every opportunity to notice both the effects that occur and their underlying causes. Promote those causes and you will see that your good will find openings where before there were none. All of this happens throughout a cycle of activity that is ongoing. Declare your good to bring it before your eyes. Make this a part of all of your daily meditations.

Listen, whenever you visualize something or think about events that are to be your life either by aspiration or inspiration you are setting into motion the waters of memory to fill with the contents of your imaging proposals. What you do not realize is that your deep inner core is ready to fulfill these thoughts well past the forms into which you have imagined them. What it takes is your certainty that your good or your heart's desire is a valid attainment for you. You have to be there in terms of knowing that you can have everything you want not just what is meagre and left over. When this realization begins to take hold all kinds of wondeful things start to happen and continue in place to demonstrate what you are thinking is what you are experiencing.

Monday, September 04, 2006

It is that deep inner center that must be recognized at its core for there is where all creation takes place from. Without this inner core the world is surround only with klippoth or illusion. Strangely we spend our lives trying to manipulate these klippoth only to find out that we aren't making much progress at all. It is a fact that when we turn away from these klippoth and let ourselves become intimately acquainted with that deep inner core that we can then see the effects that we have been trying to visualize take place finally in the outer world. It is the difference between speaking with someone who understands you and someone who simply nods their head in understanding. In the former case your words and actions may be carried out to the letter of your instructions. In the latter you may only have the illusion that they are being carried while all along under the surface something quite contrary to what you believe to be true is happening then all around you. You cannot work within chaos to provide order. Chaos is not the kind of clay that can be molded into any kind of permanent structure. Once again we must seek that inner core of being that stands at the center of where we look out and where become that which we see. Once we are established in such a stuation then it becomes a matter of making yourself open to what you can see. You do not have to assume the job of maker as you would in a chaos filled world. Here at your inner core creation becomes second nature. It is to this second nature that we arepointing our concentration towards in these moments. The best gauge of where you are at internally at any given moment in time is to ask yourself how you feel and then go deeply inside of these feelings to determine their conscious or subconscious nature. When thoughts are hidden from you and you feel uneasy these thoughts can only be those of chaos. They aren't laying right inside of you. You need to look at why this is so and then change your tactics in order to promote the order that lives inside of you. This order is a natural outgrowth of who you are. Reaching this place of being can be far simpler than you imagine. yes it is true that you may spend a lifetime in trying to find the doorway into this place within but once you do the only key that is necessary is your own acceptance of this opening that is now yours for just the taking of the first step within. What you do by opening the door and stepping inside is to begin to make this place your own. You do this by noticing the scenery and the calm peaceful feeling that you have once you relax yourself into being here. The question is asked, 'isn't this a state of mind that you are speaking of?' Yes this is it exactly. It is a state of mind brought about by the your own ability of accept this state of mind. It is a calm state of mind that sees all around it the evidence of countless years of visualization providing the proof of your concepts about thoughts becoming forms and the eternal nature of your dreams and aspirations.

In past discourses you've thoroughly described the outer circumstances that thought gives as sign posts to this inner dimension you are currently entering and exploring. So too were your results sporadic and mainly of an illusory nature. The image comes to mind of a thin layer of film formed into the shape of an airplane. From a distance the airplane looks real but once we try to fly within it and experiment in terms of its substance the whole thing then flys apart revealing the nothing of which it was made. The beauty of going deep to make your images grow into reality is that there is no end to the levels of complexity into which your ideas may be melded with. At the lower levels of ideation truth itself gives out its own kind of sustaining force so that your ideas not only come from truth they also reside within truth. This means that there doesn't have to a test for doubt because doubt cannot by definition reside where truth resides. The identification of which you want to become a part of is secured by gentle probingand a certainty of action. You look softly and then in an instant you are there. Move ahead now with these parameters fresh in your mind and continue to find more establishing roots so that you will be able to return to here at will.

By establishing these roots everything becomes easier . What you used to think about taking place now takes place even as you are thinking about it taking place. A dynamic is in place. It is one where both the idea and the action are simultaneously shared. The ongoing purpose is then to wake up with these feelings of being there in the moment and to take these feelings with you all through the day. Then even in sleeping you are accepting these ideas of your good in each moment that passes by.
Look for new ways then to describe your good coming from your new vantage point. Describe in terms of certainty and peaceful acceptance.

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