Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bahir 159-160

It is happening even now that rest which fills you with creation. It fills you to the point of overflowing.Let's see how.

159. What is this "rest"? It is the absence of work. It is a cessation which is called Shabbat (meaning rest). What is this like? A king had seven gardens, and the middle one contained a fountain, welling up from a living source. Three [of his gardens] are at its right, and three are at its left. When it performed its function and overflowed, they all rejoiced, saying, "It overflowed for our sake." It waters them and makes them grow, while they wait and rest. Do we then say that it waters the seven? But it is written (Isaiah 43:5), "From the east I will bring your seed." This indicates that one of [the seven] waters it. We must therefore say that it waters the Heart, and the Heart then waters them all.Commentary: There is no rest nor stillness until the heart is at peace or rest. Creation issues from this peaceful stasis. Out of this rest is the overflowing of creation. Our heart's desire cannot be realized without this rest. This isn't a rest of more making or of the incubation of fulfillment. It is the rest of stillness where inner knowing meets outward growing. The fountain is the life force flowing into manifestation continuously taking the symbolic forms of the three on each side alluding to the reproductive force of creation that reproduces itself. This speaks to the functionality of the Sephiroth themselves which are a means visualization that raises our thoughts to the abstract level of ideation crucial to the development of creator type awareness. Thought is watered by inspiration and discovery following inquiry. This is ongoing and the basis of every experience we may perceive. The seed that is brought out of the east is the pregant power of your heart's desire which is nurtured or watered by the certainty of your imagination.

160. Rabbi Berachiah sat and expounded: Each day we speak of the World to Come. Do we then understand what we are saying? In Aramaic, the "World to Come" is translated "the world that came." And what is the meaning of "the world that came"? We learned that before the world was created, it arose in thought to create an intense light to illuminate it . He created an intense light over which no created thing could have authority. The Blessed Holy One saw, however, that the world could not endure [this light]. He therefore took a seventh of it and left it in its place for them. The rest He put away for the righteous in the Ultimate Future. He said, "If they are worthy of this seventh and keep it, I will give them [the rest] in the Final World." It is therefore called "the world that came," since it already came [into existence] from the six days of creation. Regarding this it is written (Psalm 31:20), "How great is Your good that You have hidden away for those who fear You."

Commentary: The world that came. It is a telling statement. Already in our imagination the thing passes into history. What is to become has become. Listen to what they are saying here. The world arose in thought before it was created by means of a great light. This light is the inspiration of holiness that works its will according to no outward control since it emanates directly from holiness. Let's step outside of time and recognize thought as both the initiator and the final outcome. When we are able to see this then we are open to this good that has been hidden away. It is the recognition of the process of unfoldment that awakens our inner being to this world to come that already is. It tells us that thought is both the result of inspiration and the effect of demonstration. This is the revelation that is being shown here. As in all revelation there is contained therein the reflected light of creation that is too much to be shown all at once. That is why we learn about it and experience it in pieces so that our understanding may keep pace with our curiosity about the process of how things are actually being worked out.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Bahir 157-158

It is time to lose our safety net of reason and simply go from our single highest point of connection. These next two verses are confusing. It is one of those 'you had to be there' in order to understand it. Still something does come through and it is that we will address.
157. What is the eighth one? The Blessed Holy One has a single Righteous One (Tzadik) in His world, and it is dear to Him because it supports all the world. It is the Foundation (Yesod). This is what sustains it, and makes it grow, increasing and watching it. It is beloved and dear on high, and beloved and dear below; fearsome and mighty on high, and fearsome and mighty below; rectified and accepted on high, and rectified and accepted below. It is the Foundation of all souls. Did you then say that it is the eighth? And do you say that it is the Foundation of all souls? Is it then not written (Exodus 31:17), "And on the seventh day He rested and souled"? Yes, it is the seventh. This is because it decides between them. There are six, and three are below and three above, and it decides between them.

Commentary: We begin with 'what is the eighth one?' Then foundation is mentioned. Foundation is the ninth one right? Sometimes they start numbering from Wisdom, Understanding, Mercy, Judgement, Beauty, Splendor, Victory and then Foundation and lastly Kingdom. Leaving out Keter the crown this would seem right, however why or how should we know to number in this way. The context is taken out so that in this conversation that has been ongoing we now no longer see the thread or do we? One possible explanation is that we are entering another dimension. What is this Foundation of Victory. (Each Sephiroth can be seen as having an entire tree of life derive from its branches.) Also why is creation mentioned including the seven days and the souled and rested? Very curious. Okay let go of your reason here we go. What is more beloved than your heart's desire? What happens to your thoughts about and including the central core of your heart's desire? These thought rise up and then relate to each other through the beloved and mighty on high through the aspects the sustaining force of Foundation which is none other than the particular focus that you have been working on keeping your consciousness centered upon. Within this center of consciousness you are able to witness from afar at first and then closer with each cycle of awakening the actual goings on of creation as seen from the sphere of the deep within. How does creation come about? Listen carefully now a great secret is being revealed. It says

'It is beloved and dear on high, and beloved and dear below; fearsome and mighty on high, and fearsome and mighty below; rectified and accepted on high, and rectified and accepted below. It is the Foundation of all souls.' Wow.

The process is being explained that calls into play our thoughts and their functionality throughout the cycle of manifestatation. First 'beloved and dear on high.' Once thoughts unify they are able to stand on their own. Doubts can no longer sway or influence them. These so unified thoughts are beloved on high they are accepted on high. They have permeated the mind stuff where the inner awareness meets the all awareness. Then these thoughts become what is so by means of reflection where they are beloved and dear below or in their cycle of perfect manifestation. Now right after this it talks about the foundation of all souls. What is a soul if not the indwelling central core or heart's desire surrounded by the manifestation of that heart's desire? Then we find that the foundation is what decides between them meaning between the three above and the three below. The three above refers to the cycle of becoming from Beauty, Splendor and Victory. If we center then on Beauty we have the three below. There is movement here defying reason in terms of explanations. So too do our thoughts move in their own inexplicable ways. What is being brought out here is that there has to be a place to shove off from. Here it is called Foundation and becomes the central core for the above and the below. It also must be a place to return to. This is further alluded to in the next verse.

158. Why is it called the seventh? Is it then the seventh? It is not. But it is because the Blessed Holy One rested on the Sabbath with the attribute regarding which it is written (Exodus 31:17), "For six days God made the heaven and the earth, and on the seventh day He rested and souled." This teaches us that each day has a Saying that is its Master. This is not because it was created on that day, but because that is when it does the task to which it was assigned. Each one does its task and maintains its activities. The seventh day therefore comes and does its task, making them all rejoice. Not only that, but it also causes their souls to grow, as it is written, "on the seventh day He rested and souled."

Commentary: The verse states that 'each day has a Saying that is its master.' This is a deep insight. In order to come close to opening this door we have to refer to our subconscious mind the receptacle of all of our affirmations and feelings about everything we think about what is going on in our life. The process of unfoldment is being explained and none too obscurely is it presented. The idea of the Seven days including the day of rest refers to the sequencing of events or thoughts that take place across the levels of our understanding. These levels of understanding are directly tied into the Sephiroth. Nothing takes place without which it includes a soul or fundamental reason for being. Knowledge included in the energy of awakening translates itself across these energy spheres and as they reach the point of being that is described herein they undergo a transformation of consciousness from the imaged into the actual.
Things and events work themselves out on another level that is not immediately accessible to our everyday mind. When in the midst of such happenings we can only praise the creator and look with awe on this process.

Friday, August 18, 2006

From the Wisdom Lectures 23- The Template of Understanding

We are thinking moving making centers of consciousness. We work within time yet stand outside of time being able to both remember our actions and anticipate those very actions in the future. Each time we have a thought it takes the primordial mind stuff and shapes it into something like a wave being propagated on a clear lake under the stillness of moonlight. These waves roll until they subside as others follow in their wake. The key to all successful makings that reproduce themselves in kind is the persistent effort of refining the resonance of these waves. Once a wave has been sent out it may only be affected by sending a similar wave out in subsequent imaginings. These following waves cause resonance with the first or primary wave that is already subsiding on its way to the shore. Resonance causes a sympathetic action in the energy field of the dissipating waves that unites all similar sendings into a more powerful vibratory field. It is this field of vibration that occurs internally which will then radiate in the world to produce its image. Once the image is physically established it will go on producing this image long after there aren't any more succeeding waves of thoughts in kind. We cause ripples by our attention. When we then remove our focus these ripples fade. If however we continue to ripple those thoughts in succesive waves of intention they cannot fail to reproduce themselves. It is critical to continue and to not allow doubts to become a corresponding wave of dissipation or interference. Many causes are lost because competing causes either cancel them out or take away from the energy of their transmission. It is this persistent effort that propagates success in any field no matter what the odds are.

Herein has been given the template of understanding. This template may be used over and over again to achieve the ends you wish to achieve. It is only thought and thought may be changed or modified to suit the particular environmental tastes you want to be surround by. What you want is real and cannot be denied. The world is totally malleable. You aren't just consciousness contained in a shell of matter you are rather connected to all consciousness that is at all times working through matter to express the particular artistic design of the moment. All of us participate simultaneously in this ongoing exercise. The purpose in fact of revealing this information is to awaken within each and every one of you that pathway to your own fulfillment. Why? Because we are all in this together. When one awakens all awaken in varying degrees. The varying part of this simply refers to the time related understandings that blossom each according to the dictates of their own will to receive and their own intention to give. This is the meaning of the expression in the Tanach that speaks of entering the ark two by two, or in the New Testament where it is said that whenever two are called in his name the kingdom of heaven is opened. Heaven is here and now and open to all of us eternally. Look beyond the status quo and become filled with what could be. What could be is everything that you can think of to ask for. Bob Dylan had it right. The Times they are a changing. There is a Jazz Fusion group whose name says it all, Return to Forever. My favorite one however, is what my drummer Cheech and I would talk about, that is, 'Get In The Groove.' The Groove becomes after a while your persistent effort. It is only then that the true reflection of your life will become meaningful to you and you will realize truly the grand adventure you are on.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Thoughts run through helping me to see my way clear to my heart's desire. There is no hesitation the way appears before in each moment. Everything then contributes to the manifestation and fulfillment of this heart's desire. The light that illumines your way is your intention because it will always reshape its course to find the way closest to your heart's desire.

Keep focused in the center of your own expression. In order to make it you must accept it and then live it.

Thoughts are moved by circumstance. This simply means that your ability to focus revolves around your intention to dismiss circumstance in order to resolve your thoughts into your heart's desire. Make it here and see it now. Consider the periphery as dissipating. Both sounds and sights fade equally from view. What is here for you is now for you as your expectation grows through turning away from one and turning towards the other.

Sharpen your focus to reawaken inside of the dream and fulfill it with the light of your understanding.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bahir Verse 156

The answer to this next puzzling verse is contained at the very end. It closes the deal so to speak and gives an indication of what lies beyond in the subsequent verses. Let's see what develops.

Bahir 156. What is the meaning of the verse (Isaiah 43:5) , "And from the west I will gather you"? [This means that "I will gather you"] from the attribute that always points to the west. Why is [west] called MaAReV ? Because it is there that all seed is mixed together (MitAReV) . What is this like? A king's son had a beautiful bride and he hid her in his chamber. He took riches from his father's house and constantly brought it to her. She in turn took everything, constantly put it away, and mixed it all together. Ultimately he seeks to see what he had gathered and accumulated. It is therefore written, "And from the west I will gather you." And what is his father's house? It is that regarding which it is written, "From the east I will bring your seed." This teaches us that it is brought from the east and sowed on the west. He then gathers what he has sowed.

Commentary: Thoughts of certainty are the precursors of the demonstration of certainty. It all begins within and continues on from this point. We are talking about the mind stuff here and how it flows from on state into another. You have to understand that what is happening to you is happening through you. This is the meaning of what is gathered. What can we gather within but the thoughts that we are thinking and the feelings that accompany them. We gather our thoughts as the king's son's beautiful bride gathered the treasures that the son gave to her. The Bride is the shekinah precursor to Binah in terms of sending forth all that is good into our world of being. We keep gathering thoughts and placing inside of our Father's house, inside of the place within where everything is enlivened by the light of inspiration and seeks expression through the various expressions of our heart's desire. The pathways to discovery always have signs that lead us along the way. These signs are called the way showers signs and what we gather from these directions are the truths that reveal to us in each moment to journey to our heart's desire. We keep saying yes to all of the riches that are shown to us so that we can make them our own. All of the actions that take place in these stories of the King, his son, his bride etc. all take place internally in the theatre of your mind.

The place where you are coming from

The place that I have come from is where I must return to in order to remember where I am going according to my intention in the moment of my inspiration. If you ask yourself where you are coming from before you step into the unknown each day your steps will be guided by your meditations. These meditations then will form the background of your adventures and provide you with a context from which to understand the visions that will be presented to you throughout the day. These meditations are the difference between experiences that carry the deepest meanings and those experiences in which you are simply buffetted about by the superficialities of existence. It is the center therefore that we are speaking of here. This center may only be adhered to by your focus and deliberate letting go of the periphery no matter what enticements may be offered. Your focus is consciousness.

Consciousness in its fullest sense of discovery is a continous remembering where you are coming from. There cannot be any drifting. All thoughts like the ripples in a pond must come from the initiation of where you are coming from. If you want to make something happen make it happen within the paradigm of now. Promote your heart's desire to your heart's content. Your focus is only limited by your imagination and then your persistence. Every happy ending has come from someone choosing to start again even after 'all the odds' were not in their favor. Forget the odds they aren't about your life they are about the periphery and this is not where you will choose to live. It is therefore the center of your life that takes your command performances from. Everytime you can point to this center and remember to live there you will experience your heart's desire.

Leto-fil looked out at the horizon from the plateau he had climbed to reach for two days. His thoughts turned no mind. Soon he began to think about the valley below and found himself suddenly there surrounded by fountains of refreshing water looking at the beautiful sights all around him. They were of course familiar to him down to the most minute detail. His imagination had travelled here many times. It was at the moment that he chose to live inside of his imagination that his journey suddenly became surrounded by the actual substance of his vision. He thought, it is the way of things to become that which you are thinking about. The trick he told himself was to keep returning in earnest to those thoughts until they surrounded him and then transported him to the place wherein he found himself today.

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