Friday, June 30, 2006

Bahir Verse 149

The interplay of energies hidden and revealed is explained.

Verse 149. Rabbi Rahumai said: This teaches us that Israel had light. Torah is light, as it is written (Proverbs 6:23), "For a commandment is a lamp, Torah is light, [and the way of life is the rebuke of admonition]." And we say that a lamp is a commandment, illumination (Orah) Oral Torah, and light (Or) is the written Torah. [How can we then say that the Oral Torah is light (Or) ?] Because this light has already been kept, it is called light. What is this like? A room was hidden at the end of a house. Even though it is day, and there is bright light in the world, one cannot see in this room unless he brings along a lamp. The same is true of the Oral Torah. Even though it is a light, it needs the written Torah to answer its questions and explain its mysteries.

Commentary: The hidden light is the Oral Torah while the revealed light is the written Torah. The Oral Torah contained its purpose that is to be shared throughout the generations. It contains the energy of awakening that acts as a light to reveal the written Torah which although plain to see in the light of day still has the veil of literal meaning to penetrate through to. The Oral Torah is that which is received not just from teachers who tell you about this or that meaning but what you witness inside of yourself directly in response to your own particular comprehension of Torah. What the commandent shows is its inner nature shining true against the darkness of ignorance. The way of life proves the truth of Torah by providing ample opportunities for inspiration.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Join This Dance

Ah the spontaneous awareness how it moves and grows and brings out the best in you. Shine the light into every corner. Darkness can no longer hide who you are. Dance inside of the halls of paradise in this very moment. Rise up from the mundane and step lively. Go beyond every thought that you've ever had before and build anew the sense of connection that comes from listening to the voice within.

Join This Dance

Step One

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bahir 148

That which has been hidden is now revealed.

Verse 148. And it is written (Habakkuk 3:4) , "He has rays from His hand, and His hidden force is there." What is "His hidden force"? This is the light that was stored away and hidden, as it is written (Psalm 31:20), "[How great is the good] that You have hidden away for those who fear You, [that You have accomplished for those who find shelter in You]." What remains for us in that which "You have accomplished for those who find shelter in You." These are the ones who find shelter in Your shadow in this world, who keep Your Torah, observe Your Commandments, and sanctify Your name, unifying it secretly and publicly. The verse thus concludes, "in the sight of the sons of man."

Commentary: What is revealed is the hidden force of the light of Kabbalah. What is this light? It is both the inspired light and the revealed light. The inspired light from Elohim and the revealed light through YHVH. Both Elohim and YHVH are channels of energy transformation seen first from the initial outpouring of light YHVH and then the made light or what was made of the light through YHVH. These symbols are ways of looking the inner world of manifestation and transformation. They are also a method for attuning our attention directly to YHVH as it flows in and around us and then connects us through the art of communication with each other. What is connecting is the awareness of YHVH. It is the lifeforce that seeks expression and recognition due to the nature of its internal being. Once we bond with that internal being or once we connect to YHVH our world must therefore expand into the areas in which we've been thinking. This is the mode of propagation that spirit (YHVH) takes in taking form. The shadow of YHVH is none other than our very selves. Look at it this way. First man is made in the image and likeness of Elohim but still there is no form until the dust takes the form of man through YHVH. What is the relationship of YHVH to man? Man is the shadow cast by the light of YHVH. It is the purpose of man to reflect this light through the acts of his intention. When this intention is in keeping the Torah (remembering the Kabbalah of Elohim and YHVH and their relationship)and sanctifying the name (recognizing that YHVH is that which is on high as inner guide and the image and likeness of Elohim the mystery ever present) then this is where we find shelter. This shelter is the state of being that is surrounded by good taking part in creation while expanding our thoughts in the direction of our good. The unification that takes place secretly is in every understanding that we get from Torah that isn't spoken of in terms of our sharing but is rather meant as a personal enlightenment. Torah in this sense includes every teaching that we receive as life lessons. The public unification is when we discuss or teach Torah and promote further awakenings not only in our students but also in ourselves as well.

We live to express YHVH or the inner presence of unity that constantly seeks after its own. Through acts of sharing and meditation our focus is open to YHVH and the expansion of consciousness ensues.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bahir 147

A brilliant explanation of the 'light' follows but what does it all mean?

147. And Rabbi Yochanan said: There were two [types of] light, as it is written, "[let there be light,] and there was light." Regarding both of them it is written (Genesis 1:4) , "[And God saw the light] that it was good." The Blessed Holy One took one [of these types of light] and stored it away for the righteous in the World to Come. Regarding this it is written (Psalm 31:20), "How great is the good that You have hidden away for those who fear You, that You have accomplished for those who find shelter in You..." We learn that no creature could look at the first light. It is thus written (Genesis 1:4), "And God saw the light that it was good." It is furthermore written (Genesis 1:21) "And God saw all that He made, and behold, it was very good." God saw all that He had made and saw shining, brilliant good. He took of that good, and included in it the 32 paths of Wisdom, giving to this world. This is the meaning of the verse (Proverbs 4:2) , "I have given you a doctrine of good , My Torah, do not abandon it." We say that this is the treasury of the Oral Torah. The Blessed Holy One said, "This Attribute is considered to be included in this world, and it is the Oral Torah. If you keep this Attribute in this world, then you will be worthy of the World to Come, which is the good stored away for the righteous." What is it? It is the force of the Blessed Holy One. It is thus written (Habakkuk 3:4) , "And the glow will be like light, [He has rays from His hand, and His hidden force is there]." The glow that was taken from the first Light will be like [our visible] light if His children keep the "Torah and Commandment that I wrote to teach them." It is thus written (Proverbs 1:8), "Hear my son, the admonition of your father, and do not abandon the Torah of your mother."

Commentary: Two kinds of light. 1)Let there be light, and 2)there was light. First let there be...this is the allowing of light or the recognition of light as the prime source behind all of creation. Another way of looking at this light is when it says 'and God saw the light and it was good.' This is the first part of the light described as let there be or and God saw the light. Recognition initial inspiration. Then 'there was light coupled with it was good is the second light. It is the evidence of the image of light reproduced through the intentional creation of Will. Will is the precursor of our heart's desire and it what our focus is held in place by. Will is the shaping tool of Intention.

It is the first light or the let there be light that is taken away and stored for the righteous for the world to come. The initial inspiration is the guiding light pointing the way to the world to come. The world to come is what we make of our heart's desire as it comes into being. It is the most intense light because within it is contained all of our good. Not just the good that we see before us in terms of this life but all the good that has ever been there for us in all lives, indeed in all of existence. This light it says above is stored away for the righteous. Who are the righteous? It is they who keep focused on their good with the intention of producing this good wherever they are or whatever circumstances they are in. The righteous acknowledge the right way of being listening always for more good in their world and in the world to come.

You expand your mind by extending the light that is referred to as 'there was light.' It is the resultant light that comes about as a result of energizing the body of form referred to as man but more aptly known as the transformer of consciousness. (Psalm 31:20), "How great is the good that You have hidden away for those who fear You, that You have accomplished for those who find shelter in You..." This good is the internalization of the YHVH presence that connects with Elohim via the agency of the transformer of consciousness or the man form directed by his or her intention towards the fulfillment of specific configurations of the life force. Each thought is directed internally and because of this internal alignment that first takes place within thought it may not be easily recognizable. It becomes immersed in the form as well as hidden in the subsequent thoughts that arise. It continues to grow and will produce the bliss of awakening each time it is remembered. What is this fear that is translated sometimes as Awe? It is the sense of discovery that we need to be attuned to. If we do not pay attention to this discovery we lessen the joy of our lives opening up the way for chaos to take over. If we however, pay attention to what we are thinking long after the thought has come up then there will be a connection with this thought that promotes the experience of the mystery. This experience is that which we cannot directly look at because it would defy our understanding. It is the first light following the generations of thought and remains pure and truthful to its original appearance.

We can experience this first light without understanding it fully. We may recognize its appearance and operation in everything that we do. It is then what was called 'and God saw all that he had made and saw shining brilliant good.' This good is the connection between the initial thought and every permutation of that thought. It is all good. It is all under that umbrella of what was made from this initial inspiration.

'I have given you the doctrine of good.' The Torah is this doctrine. It is the truth of the word made form. It is a coded allegory that speaks about the how and the why and then points unerringly to the mystery in the moment. The treasury of the Oral Torah is this secret message that our thoughts are but the leading edges of the mold of our awareness through which YHVH must pass in order to fulfill the passing of thoughts into form. Do not abandon the way of thinking that unifies your contemplation and makes for the most perfect of lives in concert with your heart's desire. The Oral Torah is what we are teaching ourselves to listen to. Even this explanation here becomes a part of the Oral Torah because it has been sent through from the passing of thoughts into form by our Intention to discover just how everything works. Of course you would find shelter here because it is after all your true home to be where you have sent your thoughts and formed your heart's desire out of.

"...if you keep this attribute (Oral Torah) you will be worthy of the world to come." This is very clear. The world to come is the demonstration of thought into form. This world to come is a direct result of what we are thinking about. It is the mold of our thinking that produces the worlds of our thinking however, there is more to this. It is spoken of in this verse as "the good stored away for the righteous." Then it is explained that this good is "the force of the Blessed One." The Blessed One is none other than YHVH resident within as our connection to all that is and the channel through which Elohim is constantly flowing. YHVH called Lord is the supreme recognition of Elohim. This force within us called YHVH is our indwelling spirit or soul raised to higher and higher levels of communion with Elohim. It flows through us in response to the unification of ideas coming from Torah and all elements of higher thought that have ever been associated with Torah. It is this strongest of forces that flows through us and brings about the world to come including what is stored up for us if we have been thinking right or righteously our heart's desire. Yes be careful what you wish for because this strong force moves of its own to pass through and then form the embodiments of the mold or models of our thinking.

If we keep in mind the above explanations then the next part about the glow of light becomes readily understood. This glow of light is the action of YHVH moving within in response to our unifications that take place through the study of Torah yes but also when we are listening for YHVH in every aspect of our lives. This movement does produce a glow that is felt as bliss within. This movement is not from one place to another but is rather a change of state of being. The entire world therefore undergoes transformation each time this movement occurs.

The admonition of the father is the flowing of Elohim with the guiding principle of Torah that is the mother and progenitor of our thoughts giving them a holiness that allows these thoughts not to decay but to serve as inspirations for each aspect of our life.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Letting Go

If everything happened by chance then there would be no choice. If your thoughts were random and never organzied into recognizable patterns there would be no language. Without out language two could not communicate. Without a recognizable pattern nothing that was ever build could be duplicated let alone be conceived in the first place. We have been formed by patterns our bodies an exercise in symmetry and design. The body keeps on directing this pattern fulfilling its purpose endlessly.

First I think and then I feel. My thoughts turn on my feelings and then I see myself already there in the moment of fulfillment. Then I return and find that I am already more than half way there. At what point do I let go completely of one world and enter completely into another? I practice this letting go and then I move on. The point always remains in the moment to be determined by this practice.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

One Continuous Flow of Being.

There is always something more to be reached for. Creation continues ad infinitum. There is never an end. Transformations are frequent. Understanding grows as does the facility during which we are aware of the ongoing process. Creation is a part of us. It moves within us day by day in the processes that sustain our bodies and surround us with the all embracing unity of all that is. Yes G-d lies beyond all descriptions and praises that we may speak however, we are always growing closer in our participation in terms of our conscious awareness of this creation happening all at once within us and around us. Even the descriptions that are currently sent forth within the span of these words and the time that is taken to write them are all a part of the openings that occur within our touch point of awareness so that we may co-create in conjunction with that which we aspire to in the fullness of connection. What is this connection? It is the contact we have within so that we know we are never alone. Call it the one voice that speaks through many tongues in every language. We sometimes hear this voice as an inspiration and may not be aware that the source of the inspiration comes from an inner spiritual source. As we ask for inspiration and fulfillment spiritual forces are called into play to make all of this happen in accordance with the direction that our thoughts are focused upon at the time of their calling out for the answer or the fulfillment of a prayer. Everything is connected and all beings are connected by virtue of this voice within that only knows what we think into it in response to what we feel about this voice. We cannot deny this voice. Our thoughts will come no matter what but we must realize that there does not have to be any distance between our thought and the corresponding impetus that inspires this thought. What this means is that we can learn how to accept our inspirations as a matter of fact and then come to count upon them in the moment making for a life that is full of connection in one continuous flow of being.

Time is often associated with the distance between the inspiration and the physical appearance in form of the resultant of this inspiration. Ironically this difference between cause and effect is really caused by the quality of self that this inspiration is coming to and going through. Time is an illusion that we have been taught throughout the years. Time does not have to be. That more than anything else is the one concept that can free up the mind is allowing both inspiration and reflection to simultaneously appear. This takes practice because of the unconscious programming that the illusion of time has been teaching you. Direct your thoughts to those openings that exist within. They are there forever for your constant discovery.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bahir 146

Our heart's desire comes next. It is the thing itself.

146. The sixth one is the Throne of Glory, crowned, included, praised and hailed. It is the house of the World to Come, and its place is in Wisdom . It is thus written (Genesis 1:3), "And God said, `Let there be light,' and there was light."

Commentary: There you are right in the middle of what you want to become. Nothing absolutely nothing could be better. Here is Tiphereth the symbol of that which you most fervently desire. Of course it is praised, crowned and hailed. The clear picture is given here so that you will know the complete feeling of the fulfillment of your heart's desire. Therefore it must be the World to Come because what comes out of your meditations are the experiences that are derived from these meditations i.e. the World to Come. Your heart's desire comes from the ability to discern initially the focal point of the expression of your Good symbolized by Wisdom where thought in a sense makes up your mind in terms of the direction you need to go. Yes your heart's desire or Tiphereth is in Wisdom. It resides there unclear the clear focus takes place proving the certainty of this heart's desire moving your thoughts and feelings along to be ready to accept the manifestations of all of your heart's desires. The best is always yet to come. In the beginning and all along the way there is the manifestation of light, the light of your heart's desire, the light of the truth of your thoughts becoming things as you meditate and reflect on their deeper meanings unifying those thoughts with the Tree of Life. Here at the Center 'Let there be light and there was light.' Of course. If not here where would this manifestation of the certainty of your expression take place but in the heart of your fervent wishes. This light is the knowledge that flows from above to below and then continues on its way unbroken until it reaches satisfaction and fulfillment.

Remember that everything that we do is a magical operation and is imbued with the holiness from Above to Below. Each time we focus on our heart's desire and feel its fulfillment we are located perfectly aspected inside of Tiphereth where the certainty of expression is unparalleled in its relationship to the Tree of Life. This is the place to make your stand, to cast off doubts and accept the reality of your destiny.

Transformation within the mind is the secret of discovery.

Fulfill your mind. Rise up through the corner of your soul. The point being to make this connection effortless and always in the moment. There is a subtle shift in your thinking that takes place in order to allow you to temporarily let go of your worldly focus. When you do so you will find that thought doesn't always proceed in a straight line. Although the destination for thought is always the same when viewed form the central reality of being the pathways are numerous that will take you there. Because of this a free association of thought will often reveal a surprisingly greater amount of light than a focus that insists on maintaining its primarily directional impetus. Keep moving in this way always on the edge of your discovery. It is on this edge that the horizons are most clear and where you will gain the ability to move easily from one level to another.

The core of thought transforms the worlds through which it travels. It happens in this way. As you are thinking the way is being prepared ahead of you for thought to enter and unify with. The main thrust of thought is your seeking of the Tree of Life central to the reality of Eternal becoming and beyond the worldly passings to and fro. Transformations occur because of the unifying influence that thoughts are naturally imbued with. Then there is the making of the form of which you are a part of. The form moves and interchanges energy for substance and vice a versa.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Something New

Ideas have to be placed inside of an environment where they may freely grow. This is the ideal nature of thought to be unhindered by any doubt or negative thought which is simply a reversal of thought and a spiraling down into entropy. The way to avoid this kind of pitfall is to always allow thought to seek its own level. For example. When studying Torah there are the prescribed midrash of those who have studied before. While their study is beneficial it is not the end all for this process. Torah is designed so that anyone who has the intention of discovering a new take on a particular passage is encouraged to do so. Since Torah attaches itself directly to the Tree of Life even the attempts at self revelation are worthy of the effort. The old school of thought says that you must be a master of this and and ordained to do that. This kind of restriction causes unneccessary veils to be placed over Torah. In this day and age all of these old school restrictions are examples of entropy which seeks to stop the revelations that are there for all in Torah. That is why I have taken it upon myself to seek answers in Torah according to the way I happen to look at the world. I come from a place within that tells me that everything that I am studying in Torah can be broken down into a study of the working of Mind and Matter and the interrelationships which they must by nature of their attractions for each other share. So that when Moses leaves the land of Egypt with Israel following him for example this is an opportunity to interpret this passage in the following way. Moses is our highest thought which leads Israel a collection of our whole field of thinking into another realm of thinking i.e. the Promised Land. This kind of transformation of Mind goes on all the time. Whenever we have any kind of insight into the nature of the way things work or the mystery of our lives we are able to use this revelation to affect all areas of Mind and not just concentrate on the particular actions which have brought about these revelations. So what I am describing here is how Torah may reveal in its own way through your own understanding the way things work in your life and most immediately to be sure the way your thoughts have a tendency to think and this tendency influences all of your actions for good.

It is then the very action of Mind that determines everything that takes place in your life. The purpose then of Torah is for Mind to link up to the Tree of Life. What is this Tree of Life? Well specifically we could call it a representation of the Ten Sephiroth throughout the Four Worlds or we could simply say that the Tree of Life represent the unity of thought that we are aspiring to by reaching up for higher levels of understanding along the way. Each time we ask a question and think about or meditate upon the answer we are invoking a special kind of energy of focus. This energy of focus operates almost independently of thought. It is a quality of Mind or of the way thoughts unify that when we ask that question the answer begins to come near. In fact the answer is attracted to the question. When we persist in our focused vision by thinking about our question and expecting a suitable answer the answer will then make its appearance sometimes in obvious ways and other times in ways so subtle and mysterious that we will have to be on the alert to recognize it when it comes.

Look at the Tree of Life in another way. Imagine that your thoughts are the sap that runs to and through this Tree of Life. When we are grounded in the world of Assiyah the material world our thoughts rarely make the connection that will raise them on high. We can however, raise our awareness through meditation on higher matters so that the sap rises and wends it ways through the myriad paths along the limbs and leaves of the Tree of Life until one day we arrive at the Center what I am calling our heart's desire. It is here we see the connection between what we desire with all of our heart and what is desired of us in return. There is a mutual flash of recognition that blends itself into the Unity of Thought where this center of Life is contained. There are times when we are inspired and seem to travel directly to this center bypassing all of those myriad pathways. Even if our experience turns out to be short lived we are still given a taste of this Tree of Life and we are inspired to continue our quest within the areas of our own self discovery.

Sometimes there is a rhyme that fits itself so perfectly inside the land of melody I can hear it when I sing.
Songs that teach higher worlds to go within and seek the truth to feel the words become so smooth when I meditate I know.

There are places just beyond this world that always will be there and you'll find yourself still climbing still like lovers taste each kiss.

Yes something new for there must be a way inside this mystery it asks but to let your mind go to find itself again.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bahir 145

The pulses of light are refreshed by the influx of the transformative beneficent energy of Chesed. It is soft and as yet mostly unrefined. Reaching out now towards Gevurah the energy of light begins to assume the shapes of our heart's desire. Discernable forms appear.

Verse 145. What is the fifth? The fifth is the great fire of the Blessed Holy One> Regarding this it is written (Deuteronomy 18:16) , "Let me see the great fire no more, lest I die." This is the Left Hand of the Blessed Holy One. What are they? They are the Chaioth ha-Qadesh and the holy Seraphim , to their right and their left. They are the "pleasant ones" which ascend higher and higher, as it is written (Ecclesiastes 5:7), "And ones higher than they." It is also written (Ezekiel 1:18), "And as for their height, they had height, and they had fear, and their height was filled with eyes, around the four." And around Him are angels. Those around them also bow down before them, kneeling and declaring, "The Lord He is God, the Lord He is God."

Commentary: Happiness is our cheapest luxury and yet it is the hardest to purchase even with our most valuable asset, our ability to change our mind.The Great Fire is where the flaming sword in the garden turns this way and that. It is the sword of discrimination, the sword that distinguishes between the Tree of Life and the illusion of death. The Tree of Life is symbolized but our feelings about our heart's desire as we move ever closer to it. The illusion of death is where we make ourselves believe that we cannot fulfill our heart's desire and therefore stop even trying. The ultimate goal of death is ironically that of awakening into a world where not are our heart's desires realized we are also able to view with the proper perspective every aspect of our struggle in terms of where we resisted and where we let go to allow our good to become a reality for us. The verse above says, 'let me see the Great Fire no more.' The Great Fire is where we are purified of our negative decisions. It is painful to come face to face with something you have always believed in only to find out it is meaningless in terms of the weight of your soul.

The voices of the Pleasant Ones speak in rhymes with music coursing forth from within the essence of their songs. Hear what they have to say.

Move forward in your own mind past the illusions that there you will find.
Rise above the general sight and watch the hidden secret light.
Move with certainty once you wend your way
Hear the voice above and listen to what will say.

Height and fear are the two characteristic drawing qualities that all angelic responses contain. They point to where the holiness resides and dictate exactly the manner in which holiness should be approach. This fear which we know to be awe means that we are expecting the unknown to become known every moment in our self discovery. This awe is our way of already giving thanks for such wondrous insights as are being given due to our internal course. The road is set before us as we go along. Each higher thought sets another golden brick along the path we are taking. Thought moves through form dispersing illusions wherever they are encountered. Illusions have no direction other than by bonding together with like vibrations, however, these like vibrations will never be duplicated or enhanced so that any higher thought completely unhinges the vibrations of illusion dispersing them like the shard or klippot that they are and making room for the new light to grow the truth that torah speaks within the pages of its infinite discovery.

'Their height was filled with eyes around the four.' This refers to thoughts which continuously rise to meet the holy one as in the angels that go around about the holy one B'H" This holy one represents the unity of thought or the unity that thought is ever striving to attain to. The eyes are the openings that thoughts seek or that angels seek in finding their perfect level of vibration. The four are the angels of awareness that are eternal in their seeking and adjudication of thought as it rises above. We know that they are angels because in the next verse it says 'around there are angels.' Think about the capacity of thought to remember and to bond with like thought and then envision how from the beginning the highest thoughts have always sought each other forming the 'angels of holiness' signified by the four angels

To my right Michael and to my left Gabriel, in front of me Uriel and behind me Raphael, and over my head God's Shekhinah ["the presence of God"]." From the Kriat Shma, prayer recited before the Shma when going to sleep

Check out this link for some interesting Angel insights: Angels in Judaism

'The Lord He is God, the Lord He is God.' This refers to the ultimate decision maker residing in the heart of your soul. Where Judgement is concerned we must find out about and emulate that supreme connection with the Lord or your heart's desire so that from the inside out you may come to know this Lord and the association of Lord (YHVH) with G-d (Elohim.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stir within my soul

Come to me my spirit stir within my soul.
Blow like the winds lifts the trees to heavens gates.
Let me ride your wings of prayer rising to the upper realms
There I will be at peace within and without still and all knowing.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Treasured Time

There isn't any time for anything which is unimportant. The true test of time is how is it spent. It is precious and must be honored with truth and beauty whenever possible.

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