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Bahir 128-129

Here we are being drilled in these Sephiroth repeating their central core in myriad ways.

Bahir 128. [The Kedushah is the verse (Isaiah 6:3) , "Holy holy holy is the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is filled with His Glory."] What is the meaning of "holy holy holy"? [And why is it] foollowed by, "the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is filled with His glory"? The [first] "holy" is the highest Crown. The [second] "holy" is the root of the Tree. The [third] "holy" is attached and unified in them all. [This is followed by], "the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is filled with His glory."

The Kedushah is another example of the appearance of the three Supernals, Chokmah, Binah and Daas. The first holy is the place where the initial conception takes place (Chokmah). It is the Crown or the idea in its highest potential. The second holy represents what will now hold this idea together as in coming from the roots of the tree (Binah). It is where once established the idea may take hold and send forth the sustenance for the rest of the Tree. The third holy (Daas) is where we attach ourselves to this idea and make it our own. It is where by doing so this idea unifies our understanding our the entire flowing process. Literally we are filled with the glory or the prime essence of the idea. It is earthed within our being.

Lets elaborate specifically with Daas:

Verse 129. What is the "holy" that is attached and unified? What is this like? A king had sons, who in turn also had sons. When the [grand]sons do his will, he mingles with them, supports them, and satisfies them all. He gives [his sons] everything good, so that they should be able to satisfy their children. But when the [grand]children do not do his will, then he only gives the fathers as much as they need.

Commentary: Daas is the holy that is attached and unified. You abiility to become one with an idea depends upon first your understanding of this idea intellectually. It has to resonate within you by linking up with what you are looking for. Your thoughts must then arrange themselves around this idea in such a fashion that they can collect the essence of the idea which is basically the Binah process. When the King which is the Chocmah component issue forth this idea it is up to the Binah component or your own intellectual thought process to arrange itself around the idea. What you are doing is creating the conneciton within for this idea by the structures of imagination that have been born through your meditations. The flowing forth of this idea depends upon there being a container (Binah) for the King or Chokmah to flow into. Then once this container is arranged just so the idea can be attached and unified. What this verse is saying is that once you have that initial inspiration think about it and find out what it means to you. Keep flowing from this inspiration through the meanings that it holds for yourself until you not only create a container for this inspiration you fix it within your own being. You own it and can then both teach it and allow it to flow into the emotional qualities that come up in the next seven Sephiroth. Don't ever miss an opportunity to be inside of the connection of inspiration.

Bahir 127

The beginning of the explanations of the three inner Sephiroth are touched on here. Kether is not included because it is so much a part of the Mystery that we cannot begin to explain its essence and are left with what we can explain as we see below.

Bahir 127. Why are there three "holies" and not four? Because the holiness on high is three by three. It is thus written, "God is King, God was King, God will be King forever and ever." It is also written (Numbers 6:24-26) , "May God bless you... May God shine upon you... May God lift..." It is furthermore written (Exodus 34:6), "God (YHVH), God (YHVH). " The third one includes the rest of God's Attributes. What are they? [As the verse continues], "God, merciful and gracious" & the thirteen Attributes [of Mercy

The three form the triangle of Chokmah, Binah and Daas configured on the tree as its upper most inner triangle. It is the seat of ideation. These three indicate the three considerations that every thought goes through as it becomes known to you. First there is the initial flash of inspiration or Chokmah The uniqueness of a thought is enough to completely charge the entire system as it considers (Binah) what to do with this thought in terms of what direction will the energy flow from and to. Then there is the identification of the self with this now fleshed out concept. Here is where you make it a part of you and have an emotional connection to this. When you make it your own and begin to realize it everywhere in your life you experience what is called (Daas). Notice that these emotional qualities are all descending from what is called Mercy above.

That initial idea, that spark you and the sense that now you have it is Chokmah. In Chokmah however all you have is the sense of the idea. You do not have its explanation nor can you explain it yet.
Then you begin thinking about this idea and add thoughts to it building up a superstructure inside of intellectual meaning and connection. This is called Binah. Finally you see an example of this idea occuring in your life and then you relate this experience to the idea. This is Daas. You bond with Daas in order to make this idea once and for all your own.

Compare now the flow of thought through these first three Sephiroth. You are thirsty then you discover the faucet and know that there is water that will come out of this pipeline. You are saved but have not taken a drop to assuage your thirst. If you walk away from the faucet at this time you will continue to be thirsty. Now you take a cup (Binah) and fill it with water making the idea into a practical useable form. At last you drink the water making it a part of you, (Daas).

It is important to notice how we have explained these three Sephiroth because in our explanation we have used the same process as that which is being explained. Wrap you mind around this and then watch how the flow of ideas takes place in your life and apply these three thought-forms to your experiences. We're flowing now and will continue to do so as we enter more deeply into the realm of these flowing spheres of ideation.

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Shifting Focus

This focus it shifts and then it moves on only to return. Remember that you are centered on a specific idea and then use your concentration to move ahead with this idea. You move ahead by invention. This invention is the result of both inspiration and persistence. Once follows the other like the moon the sun. At a certain point which we can even call the threshhold of focus your thoughts no longer need reminders. They return automatically to your focus because of its growing intensity. This intensity builds throughout the entire process of formation and is the impetus both behind its appearance in form and the sustaining energy that awakens the world view that must now correspond with this focus. Are there side roads you could take? Of course but then you would be deserting for the moment your focus. Is it necessary to think with intention at all times? No. It is however crucial to the growth of the forms of your awareness that you have sufficiently provided both enough emotion and thoughtful meditation to the task at hand. Then when you return to your focus it is there right where you left it ready to continue the process of unfoldment.

Imagine a wavy cloth blowing presenting itself to your vision through many different angles. It is hard to fix upon this image because of its many changes. Now visualize a line going through the center and watch the line as the shape changes. See how the line of course remains in focus now matter where you are looking at it from. Think now about the world you live in and your purpose in it in regards to what you do in your daily affairs. It may appear to you that events shape your life. You are happy one day because this happened to you or you are upset the next day because something else happened to day. Looking at it this way you are at the mercy of the world in which you live becoming merely an actor who plays his or her part without rehearsal hoping for the best but never really being sure when the curtain is going to be rung down.

What if you told yourself that your were the conductor, the director and the actor all at once? What if you said that you also ran the projector in the projecting room and also chose the reels that were going to be played on any given day? After a while you would begin to make more intelligent choices in terms of what was going to be happening in your life. As the conductor you would set the tone for the day by arranging your emotions to be expectant, joyful, grateful and certain of the day's outcome. You would set the time right so that a groove would be established guaranteeing your success. Then throughout the day you would wave your baton keeping time with the vision that you have started out with keeping the band of your state of mind on time and on key no matter what the circumstances have presented you with.

First of all there are no coincidences. Everything that you experience is a result of the way you are either consciously or subconsciously looking for the experience. It is decidedly odd the way this occurs. Because there is usually a huge disconnect between the way you are thinking about something and its appearance in your experience you cannot make any connection other than some vague familiar feelings that are easily dismissed. If however you practice remembering not just your thought but your feelings as well you will surprise yourself with the events that take place somewhat according to your plan for each day. With greater practice you will come closer to seeing your world more the way you would like it to appear. The catch is that you are the both projector, the light in the camera, and the screen upon which it projects. This is all leading in to a comparison of you as the director of this whole shebang, megilla, or as the late Douglas Adams said, 'Life the Universe and Everything.'

As director you must take in the big picture. You do not project your images but rather organize them to arrive at the place of projection in such a way that they support each other in the grand scheme of things. Your direction must not only be artful in a way to bring out the best from those thoughts you've been thinking it must also break new ground as in allowing for those moments of inspiration which move your visions forward as a whole before they are edited at the threshhold and then sent to the projection room.
Your first job as director is to learn how to look through your own eyes. Everything is not always as it appears to be which is why you have to take the initiative in seeing what you would have appear and not accept the status quo.

Intention is what you see and not what you are looking at. The difference is active imagination. There must be action within your imagination to recognize where you are in the moment. When you look out and are not satisfied with where you are then see what you will see and watch how then the moments then begin to reflect what you will have appear in your life.

It is because of this reflection that the light in the projector is able to send forth its rays of creation. In between one moment and the next you transform your relationship in mind from the knower of the vision within to the experiencer of the actions without. Watch how your thoughts flow in patterns throughout your day. See how certain thoughts keep coming back to you and others fade away due to your lack of attention. Experiment in letting go those thoughts you do not want to experience and grooving those thoughts you do want to experience. Everything is a part of a flow of energy. The waves of thought are generated similarly to those that we see on the shores of the oceans of the world. The sun and moon and the position of the earth in relationship to both determine the flow of our oceans. The sun of our understanding and the moon of the reflection of that understanding determine how our thoughts flow into the life experiences generated by those thoughts. Like the tides our thoughts have seasons of development and a low and high ebb. The nature of thought then can be said to be cyclical. If you are able to step back for a moment to watch this cyclical nature of thought you will be afforded an opportunity to participate in both directing its flow on the one hand and removing the debris that impedes its flow on the other hand. The essence of this process is to learn how to promote those thoughts you would like to see represented in your world while eliminating those thoughts that keep you from experiencing that representation.

The following story illustrates how focus can shift and alter the reality that is being perceived.

Semi Eternal Beings

Gladys and Phyllis were semi eternal beings. Semi because neither of them realized their immortality. In addition they were transdimensional beings able to move effortlessly between various versions of reality.
Because of this they had no conception of time. The main reason for this was that their memory only functioned on a short term basis. One day while they were sitting on their sunporch Gladys suddenly arose remarking,

"I must get some cake. Would you like some?" She asked.
"Oh yes that would do nicely," Phyllis answered admiring the strange colored flowers growing along the fence. As Gladys was stepping inside a temporal fugue was passing by disrupting the space time envelope with its mournful tunes. A thousand years later Gladys returned with the cake in her hand.

"What kept you?" Phyllis said crossly as snow was falling all around them.

"Listen do you want the cake or not?" Gladys said.

"Well yes silly. Really what kept you," She asked.

"I must have lost track of time?" Gladys said smiling wistfully.

"Time? What's that?" Phyllis asked raising her eyebrows now beginning to frost over.

"Something I picked up along the way and then well you know how it is," She said her memory already fading.

"What?" Phyllis asked her.

"Oh nothing," Gladys smiled and sat in the rocking chair next to her as spring once again brought renewal to the year.

Anything can happen to you but you can direct what happens by allowing the flow of information to come effortlessly forward to you. As we can see above time cannot be the main factor in our experience.

For those who may wonder why I spend my time contemplating such things here is the kicker. Yesterday I had a five dollar bill left in both wallet pockets and had the passing thought,

'Wouldn't it be cool if fifty dollars suddenly appeared. I could bypass the ATM this way.'

This morning I checked and the five dollars was still there. I did not remember my passing thought at that time. Later when checking my wallet to pay for lunch. Yes you guessed it. Fifty seven extra dollars were there. I still had my five. The extra fifty seven??? (I should have asked for more:-)

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Bahir Verse 126

Remember all throughout this discussion of Sephiroth we are discussing both the energy of creation and formation through all dimensions of existence. Energy or the flow of ideation throughout consciousness is the subtext that we see in front of us.

Bahir 126. And what are they? They are three. Among them are three troops and three dominions. The first dominion is light. Light is the life of water. The second dominion includes the Chaioth Ha-Qadesh , the Ophanim , the wheels of the Chariot, and all the troops of the Blessed Holy One. They bless, exalt, glorify, praise and sanctify the mighty King with the Kedushah . Arranged in the mystery of the great Kedushah is the fearsome and terrible King. And they crown Him with three "holies."

Commentary: Here is a description of the mystical Above arranged in the pattern of three. We will be asked to consider the various aspects of the Sephiroth as they are viewed from within holiness and then outside of holiness and in those in between places in mind. Three troops and three dominions.
This is a military organization. Here discipline is alluded to. It is the discipline that must be learned to direct the flows in mind. We can only approach holiness within our imaginations. What we envision within takes on first the quality of light. Immediately we associate light with water become of the flowing nature of light, water and thought. We have to recognize how we influence or direct this fluid motion. The bless, exalt, glorify, praise and sanctify are all phrases of directing our vision on high. From this initial flowing of light we then direct the course of this energy upwards as in obtaining a high vision. This high vision is how we are to make or remake our world in the image of holiness or in the reflection of our good. Included in the organization of our good are the holy beings, 'Chaioth Ha-Qadesh , the Ophanim , the wheels of the Chariot, and all the troops of the Blessed Holy One.' These holy being are where our heart's desire have taken root. They are the spiritual perfection of the good that we know is there and only have to promote in order to see it take form. The Kedushah is there to further accentuate these direct sendings of our intention. We'll talk more about the Kedushah further on in one of the upcoming verses. What is the 'fearsome and terrible King?' It is our heart's desire that which rules over us. Our good that we aspire towards and are learning how to bring not only into focus but also we are growing in our awareness of what to do with this focus. This 'crown' is certainty. It is the knowing that what we are putting forth will be arising up out of nothing to become our heart's desire.
You can only crown your heart's desire with this certainty coming from all three aspects of holiness which will again be discussed further on. Wow. Such a beginning.

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Bahir 125

Lets learn about the Sephiroth and where they come from and where we are going to as a result of this information.

Verse 125. Why are they called Sephiroth ? Because it is written (Psalm 19:2) , "The heavens declare (me-Saprim) the glory of God."

In a sense we are souls immersed within bodies or spirits encased in forms. What we need to realize is that despite the seeming permanence of this relationship spirits and form move within and without each other on a regular basis. Spirit is continuously changing its aspect to the form in which it resides. It is because of this changing aspect that life can at times become stressful and confusing. The concept of the Sephiroth gives us a path to track the center of our expression during any given moment of time. The above verse teaches us to look up for the location of our spirit for it is on high that our connection truly lies. 'The heavens declare' because that is where our knowledge comes from. It is the source of certainty. If we then proceed according to this certainty then all of the rest, i.e. 'the glory of god' is then shown to our awakened eyes of focus.

The funnel of sound

The funnel of sound has the special properties of permeability between the current status quo and the raised measures of invention proposed by the the singers songs and corresponding upward glances. An audience used to accompany the Masters of Lyrie but they were discouraged recently when due to their lack of applause a very large opening in the ground underneath the ledge they were standing on suddenly whisked them away to places unknown. This is however not the real reason these ceremonies occur without audiences.

The presence of even an applauding audience has been known to influence the upward ethers in ways that have produced cataclymic events in the valley below. For example one year all twenty five members of the Leap Tenders association decided on a lark to accompany the Masters of Lyrie during their yearly invocation ceremony. They were a raucous bunch partying all the way up the mountain. Once seated above the main chamber they became very silent as the ceremony began. The sounds of such pure harmonies were cause for the instantaneous rapture of the entire group except for one of the members who happened to be tone deaf. This one particular misinterpreted the events below as a cause for consternation. He thought that the sky was falling which in a way it was because of the involuted currents of sound now being reflected into the chamber. Due to the immediate reflective response of the valley to these thoughts of fallings skies the participants and audience were shocked upon their return to find that the valley had indeed been flattened by what appeared to be the sky. The Masters of Lyrie were not put off for long by such ill news. They simply packed up and went about the surrounding countryside troubadouring until the following year when sans audience they made things right again.

The members of the audience did not bear the year long hiatus with the same equanimity as the Masters of Lyrie. In fact they all spent the year in prison for trying to impersonate the Masters of Lyrie. They were doing passably well in a tavern just north of the valley when their tone deaf member betrayed them by attempting to sing loudly just a point in the song where silence was caused for. Immediately they were whisked off to prison without trial. Counselors were called in to treat the patrons of the tavern for cases of ugly ear syndrome. Thankfully they recovered very quickly especially following an open free bar the next night as a token to prevent the patrons from suing the tavern owner. Due to their remarkable drinking capacity the tavern was completely drained of all its booze by three in the morning. All the patrons had passed out including the tavern owner who would not completely be restocked for another five months.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Membership need not be applied for in the usual sense. The watchword here is don't call us we'll call you. Those who ascend the mountain are sometimes known as the Masters of Lyrie. In order to become an apprentice lyrie you must demonstrate proficiency in at least two alternate voicings known as stellar modes. An aspiring student should be at least able to sing a single note true for the count of four tarpins. An additional requirement used to be the donation of a large sum of wepels payable by note. This large sum would waive the usual requirements. However experience has shown that a wepel doesn't a lyrie make so that even the most prodigious donation cannot compensate for a lyrie with no lyr to offer.

Article 14, footnote 20 ibid The Grand Book of Lyrie

Jamming on Creation.

The singers were camped at the bottom of the mountain. Despite the focus of the unrelenting sun the air was cool. The ceremony would begin shortly and then they would all walk the pathway leading to temple base a large circular area with two areas of exit. One of them led back down the mountain. The other ascended higher in a serpentine fashion and led to a causeway that ran around the rim. A large alcove was set inside of the causeway. It was there that the lead voice would take its place. The entire construction from temple base to causeway and the large alcove were one gigantic sound chamber. The voices from below would ring the etched crystalline marble sides vibrating the enclosure so that in the thin air the vibrations would cause a distinct funnel of sound energy. In this way the higher forces could be entered into and creation would be filtered according to those thought forms which had been raised on high. Then vibration would match vibration as the myriad worlds parted and then came together again. In an instant it was over. At the conclusion of the ceremony everything had completely changed in the valley below. It was a different world they descended to more abundant, hopeful and miraculous then they had left it. Some of the changes matched perfectly the visions that they had held in mind. Others were seen to be a blend of their vision and the addition of the unexpected boon that occured when creation starts jamming on a theme.
(Taken from Chronicles of the Myriad Universe - Section 20, part III)

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Priceless Freedom 2

The fruit had ripened overnight on the tree. Tom reached for it already tasting it in his mouth but then stopped. Men were marching by carrying rifles trudging wearily to the sounds of a battle in the distance. He drew closer and heard one of them say,

"We need you to fight with us. Heck we need everyone we can get," The lieutenant said his face grimed with the dirt, his eyes full of sadness tinged with regret. A few of the soldiers turned their heads then to look at him.

'Why? Tom asked looking at the lieutenant with clear innocent eyes. The lieutenant looked like he was about to answer as the column slowed imperceptibly to hear his response. Instead he shook his head and signalled for them to move on as he rejoined the formation.

Tom stood there watching and after a while when they were gone reached up and plucked the fruit from the tree.

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Daat the Bridge

Daat is that mythical place in between the worlds of inspiration and action. It is referred to as Knowledge but it can also readily be thought of as the bridge between the thought and the form. Daat is where the concept matures and then becomes recognizable as a form or the actions leading to the appearance of the form.

The bridge is certainty. It is both the way out of the darkness of doubt and also the way over to the center of unity. This unity contains both ideation and its subsequent corollary the appearance and experience of form. It is very important here to note that our internal focus is the instrument of our certainty. We have to first learn how to change our focus from doubt to certainty. In order to do this we must recognize doubt and then be able to move away from doubt at a moment's notice By definition doubt is when we are having thoughts about anything other than the fulfillment of our heart's desire. It is preferable and even most productive of that heart's desire's fulfillment if we are able to assume a stance of no mind for noticeable instants during the day. In this no mind condition our good or our intended focus easily comes to the foreground. We are then able to achieve the subtle movements in mind that cause the operation of the fulfillments that we are both looking at and then assuming into the body of our experience.

'Yes I can' sets into motion a whole host of things. Thoughts that have been edging in and out at the periphery or status quo of our consciousness suddenly receive the impetus for a determined course to follow. Then as a result these outer thoughts unify with the central core of our heart's desire unifying from within both the internal and external structure so that the flow of thought goes from a series of small streams to a quite considerable body of thought all moving purposefully in the same direction. Once this direction is established for even a few moments it begins to take on more and more of the periphery. This periphery includes the status quo. It is in this way that our life experiences get to change so dramatically from each moment to the next. As this periphery is transformed everything else follows in tandem. As the song says, 'Everything must change.' All we are doing by virtue of directing our consciousness into the desired conduits of our intention is to ride with this change all the while revealing the outflow or demonstration of the arrival at our chosen destination.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Priceless Freedom

Bertle Fliddle Tipple Top was the wisest Butterfly of all. She came from a long line of Tipple Top's going back to long before the defoiliation of the Amazon forests. Her prowess in Butterfly land was supreme. She could fly higher and longer than any of her close knit inner circle. Was she beautiful? Oh my yes. Her golden wings were laced with iridescent reds and purple highlights that made her a bonafide dazzler. To this day they still tell stories about how she helped so many in their quests for freedom.

Her favorite story was about her own bursting forth into flight from her cocoon. There are many amazing tales throughout the world about many very important subjects but none will capture the magic and the imagination like this one telling of the weeks that went before Bertle Fliddle Tipple Top metamorphosis into the magnificent creature she is today.

It seems that one day as a caterpillar she was ravenously hungry. Here she was crawling around feeling very happy eating through so many leaves that her stomach felt like it would burst. After the initial sugar rush she became very sleepy and climbed up a little higher to take a nap. Now caterpillars are famous for their naps. They can sleep for a very long time and then get up and find the next feeding place. Also they would of course dream of becoming butterflies. As she snuggled up on the branch however the usual butterfly dream did not come. Instead for the first time she heard the thoughts of all the other sleeping butterflies. At some point she must have left her tiny caterpillar body because she saw now that there were other caterpillars sleeping on the tree. Some of them looked like they were dead but to her surprise she heard one of these inert creatures speak to her.

"Hey you are new here. Listen don't believe that crap about flying free one day. That is for the birds. We have enough trouble hiding from those birds here on the ground without flying about making it easier for them to eat us," He said as another voice popped in.

"Yeah just stay here and don't think about getting free or waking up. It is safe here. The birds won't touch us. Smarten up kid and join us. We have a routine. We sit here and do nothing all day and then do the same thing the next day. Try not to move too much or think about moving because your food supply will be used up. I bet you didn't know you were in your cocoon did you? Well you are for your information," She said fading quickly.

Bertle Fliddle Tipple Top was shocked. All her life she dreamed of becoming a butterfly and now they were telling her it was dangerous and that she might be eaten for all of her waiting. She sat back and listened some more.

"That one over there tried to make it and then changed his mind at the last minute. We warned him but no he wouldn't listen and now he is all dried out," He said trying not to shudder because that would mean he was moving and then he would have to face the changes that were coming over him.

"Just remain where you are is my motto. Change, smange who needs it. It's overrated anyway. I wish we could have the authorities stop those who want to change. It makes it look bad for all of us. If you ask me they are all troublemakers," She said as Bertle FTT listened for a while longer.

After a much longer pause she had another out of body experience and wondered where the voices were. She looked down and saw that both had decayed and not made their change. In an instant's revelation she knew what she must do. With all her being she wished for the moment when she would forever become a butterfly. As soon as she did she felt herself changing. At first it was painful and then the pain subsided as she stretched this way and that. Finally the day arrived and lo and behold she unfolded her newly found wings. She took a deep breath and stretched them ever so gently. As luck would have it a gentle breeze was blowing just then and it lifted her far up beyond the trees where she soared for hours before returning to the ground to rest. The next morning she spent tasting the most delicious flowers she could find.

All around her she met new friends who she laughed and played with all day long. Ah what a wonderful feeling freedom was. If only the others she had left behind on the tree knew. They had let their fears and the doubts of others keep them from making this wonderful journey, this magnificent transition. Bertle Fiddle Tipple Top then resolved to hover over the sleeping cocoons and sing them the song of their freedom so that they would never forget to always try to be free first in their own minds. It is for this kindness and sharing that she was recently awarded the high flying super nectar honor given for a lifetime of service in the area of Priceless Freedom. Her name still sits at the top of the family tree of Tipple Tops there reserved in honor for perpetuity for the family member most embodying the Butterfly Creed.

State of Mind - Bahir Verse 123-124

Now here is the thing. Consciousness operates on many levels. Usually we think of the either the subconscious or unconscious mind and the conscious or active mind. There is also a concept of the superconscious or higher mind. It is convenient to group the activity in Mind in this way however the actual working consciousness is more of a blend of all the in between states of mind. Each level in mind is both awake and asleep. What is awake to one is asleep to another. Another way of looking at this is to say that when we are in a certain state we are aware within this level but relatively unaware of the other levels simultaneously occurring around us. Each understanding or inspiration we have opens up then the subsequent levels of attainment. The flow of the energy of consciousness is being described. In similar fashion the ten Sephiroth in the four worlds may also be described. In this next section the Sephiroth are discussed . Keep in mind as we go through each verse this context of the energy of consciousness flowing through you and the world you live in.

Bahir Verse 123. Rabbi Amorai said: What is the meaning of the verse (Leviticus 9:22) , "And Aaron raised up his hands to bless the people, and he blessed them and he descended [from making the sin offering, the burnt offering, and the peace offerings]."? Did he not already descent? But he descended "from making the sin offering, the burnt offering, and the peace offerings," and then "Aaron raised up his hands to bless the people." What is the meaning of this raising [of hands]? It was because he had offered a sacrifice and brought them before their Father in heaven, as we have said. Those who offer sacrifice must elevate them, [and those who] unify them [must] unify them among these. And; what are they? The people, as it is written "to the people." [This means] "for the sake of the people."

Commentary: The blessing takes place always in the land of our highest aspirations and therefore must emanate from certainty. These sacrifices enumerated above refer to what we need to let go of subconsciously before we may attempt to bring the highest into our lives. We let go of our fears, doubts and ultimately of the status quo that is grooving those conditions we seek to change through the operation of prayer. Following the presentation of the prayers or blessings Aaron who is the intermediary here between the above and the below, the idealized and the formalized has offered the prayers in a time honored sequence of events.

First we let go of our preconceptions, misconceptions and all negative thoughts (the sacrifices) When these sacrifices are offered they are absorbed into the greater consciousness of I am no longer capable then of bearing life or the fruit of their inner nature. This is where the hands are raised symbolizing our co-creation with the Perpetual One. Hands are given the task of forming the not only the images of our prayers but also to physically take part in their demonstration.

Secondly the prayers are sent forth first as images and then surrounded by words of repetition that form a groove which frames the images. Here is where the unification between intention and projection take place. Think of an arrow being launched at its optimum moment. This moment is where our Intention is unified with what we intend to happen. It unifies Certainty with its appearance in form.

Third, the descent from prayer is its first phase in becoming a part of our daily experience. This is where the thoughts of prayer unify with our everyday world including our thoughts about this world. Prayer thoughts acts as seeds and fertilizer which perform the function of changing what is into what we intend it to be.

The Sephiroth delineate a cycle of manifestation over time, over space and in between the dimensions of both. Verse twenty three begins this process by collecting our attention and focusing it towards prayer and sacrifice. The meanings I've given are to help you understand the contextual nature of both so that when mind is considering its meanings for the day it will be clear in what direction we are going. These ideas continue in the next verse.

Verse 124. Why are the hands lifted when they are blessed in this manner? It is because the hands have ten fingers, alluding to the Ten Sephiroth with which heaven and earth were sealed. These parallel the Ten Commandments. In these Ten are included the 613 Commandments. If you count the letters in the Ten Commandments, you will find that there are 613 letters. They contain all 22 letters except Teth , which is missing in them. What is the reason for this? This teaches us that Teth is the belly; and in not included among the Sephiroth.

Commentary: As we have already alluded to the hands are the co-creative symbols of both the connection we make by reaching up for prayer and the descent we make in making our prayers come true. Listen to this verse in Isaiah 29:23 When he seeth his children, the work of My hands, in the midst of him, that they sanctify My name; yea, they shall sanctify the Holy One of Jacob, and shall stand in awe of the God of Israel. Isaiah further explains how we figuratively reach up for heaven and make this connection that we are seeking. The children spoken of are those thoughts that have unified with our heart's desire. It is this unification that is the all important key to every manifestation of prayer. Santifying the name is the act of so increasing your certainty that it takes on a higher spiritual calling and then out of this elevated state the forms then come into view. The Sephiroth are spoken about in terms of how everything in heaven and earth are sealed. This sealing is the determination for not only the parameters of prayer but also the designations for the forms to be subsequently produced. The Ten Commandments and the Ten Sephiroth are interrated as well as each containing the 613 Commandments. The Ten Sephiroth can be likened to ten dimensions of dispersion in terms of how our ideation goes through the various stages in its demonstration. If you add six one and three you also come up with ten. As we go through each Sephiroth we will see their relationships to the standing Tree of Life and by reflection man's body seen in the Vitruvian man of Leornardo Da Vinci.

Teth is the belly. It is the force that fulfills the energy conduits of the Sephiroth. Teth by virtue of being the Serpent force coiled within sets the impetus for all of this energy of creation into motion. The Tree of Life lives inside of us. It is a representation of the order that we may achieve within our consciousness and on a higher level is the template for all of our connections with holiness.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Man Who Wasn't There

Four arrows came whizzing at him from four diffent directions. Effortlessly he flicked them all aside. The archers with growing bewilderment drew again coming closer this time with the same result. He sidestepped this way and that as the flurry passed harmlessly by. His hands were out now stretching out before him and waving back and forth across the ground motioning in front of him. The tall grass moved aside revealing the hidden archers. One by one the ground slid underneath them slamming them rapidly head first into the earth. Quickly he moved to disarm them while they were disoriented. Frightened but steadily regaining their wits they turned to face him. No one was there. He had disappeared. Slowly they stood up and walked dejectedly back down the trail to the manor of the merchant who had hired them to kill him. They expected to collect some payment for the risks they took but the merchant upon seeing them devoid of their weapons knew he had been bested once again. He laughed when all four approached his door asked for the payment promised them regardless of their success. The merchant pulled on a long brass chain which rang a bell. The archers looked up. They should have looked down. The porch they were standing on opened up and sent them down a long narrow tunnel sloping steeply down. After more than a few minutes of bustling about in the tunnel they were deposited on the banks of the Keiphir in the mud there at the river's edge.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Bahir 121-122

These last two verses conclude this section. The Seven Voices and the Sephiroth

Bahir Verse 121. What is the meaning of "generation to generation"? Rabbi Papias said: "A generation goes and a generation comes (Ecclesiastes 1:4) ." Rabbi Akiba said: "The generation came" ­ it already came.

Commentary: Everything moves in cycles. When you are first envisioning your heart's desire the ideas are like the broad strokes of an artists pen. Then gradually you are able to refine these images so that your feelings and thoughts come into synchronization. Generations proceed by synchronization. They build upon one another. They are the sequence of events which also follow from these synchronizations. Twice the generations came. Once as we are speaking of it and again as we are exeriencing its effects. Sometimes there are spaces between the generations which produce periods of null activity for us. This is the time in which it may be said that 'a generation goes.' Then when there is an influx of connection this generation comes again. It is connection that fills out each generation as it flows outwards into creation. There are always movements in thought and it is by the momentum of thought that connection is not only contacted but is also moved forward into thought to produce these generations that continue into the forms of our imaginings.

Bahir Verse 122. What is this like? A king had slaves, and he dressed them with garments of silk and satin according to his ability. The relationship broke down, and he cast them out, repelled them, and took his garments away from them. They then went on their own way. The king took the garments, and washed them well until there was not a single spot on them. He placed them with his storekeepers, bought other slaves, and dressed them with the same garments. He did not know whether or not the slaves were good, but they were [at least] worthy of garments that he already had and which had been previously worn. [The verse continues] (Ecclesiastes 1:4), "But the earth stands forever." This is the same as (Ecclesiastes 12:6) , "The dust returns to the earth as it was, but the spirit returns to God who gave it."

Commentary: The King is your higher self and the director of the imaging process that produces your world. The slaves are those thoughts you have put forward to make up the world you have chosen. The garments you place upon your thoughts are your good intentions and the feelings especially you have to make these thoughts into representations of the things you wish to see take place in your life. You aren't always successful in your imagining so that you have to start over with a new set of thoughts to imbue with the power of intention and the feelings of accomplishment. The phrase 'but the earth stands forever refers to your power to keep producing thoughts that show in your experience. The phrase 'the dust returns to the earth as it was, but the spirit returns to God who gave it'" tells us that our thoughts get recycled while our intention remains. Our intention is the spirit that inspires and then produces those thoughts which promote our demonstrations. We go through periods of trial and error where we have to begin again anew in order to refine the processes of creation. We work with the essence of creation in that we are the channels for its expression.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Zohar: Tzav Section 56

Letting go is just as important as holding on. In this next passage in the Zohar we take up this concept and see how thoughts and things are given the imprint of our intention both negatively and positively.

Tzav 56. All should rest from their work like the ox that carries a yoke, and a donkey that carries a burden. This is also the case among those ...the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven, such as Tefilin - or the yoke of a heathen kingdom; EVERYBODY according to their actions, have rest from their work. For he who is not occupied with the Torah and the precepts takes upon himself the yoke of a heathen kingdom, while he who is occupied in the Torah and precepts takes upon himself the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the last Hei called the 'Kingdom of Heaven'!

Commentary: When you study Torah and are committed to a life of eternal discovery there are periods when you aren't actively seeking something yet it will nonetheless come over you. It is in these moments when you least expect it that the Shekinah may come and fill you with your acceptance and allow your mind to open to even greater light. An interesting condition is mentioned for those who do not actively study the way of return and the overflowing of light into creation. It mentions two Kingdoms. One is of heaven and another is called a heathen Kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven as discussed previously is where our thought achieve a peaceful harmonious connection building into the overflowing of ideation into form. This overflowing comes from the highest and occurs as easily as the in and out flow of breath. The heathen Kingdom is where the surface realizations rarely go deeply into the heart of the matter. It is like not letting a pie bake for long enough. Once it cools you will still have some taste to the pie but none of its richness or fullness. In this heathen kingdom the Shekinah once encountered is not encouraged. When this happens the momentum is dissipated never quite reaching the kingdom of heaven or coming close to the holy of holies. The energy basically peaks at a lower more visceral level losing the benefit of the refinements which occur on high. Torah is not contemplated meaning that even when there are realizations they are dismissed and never followed through. They do not make it through to this last 'Hei of YHVH to complete the connection with the God-head.

Tzav 57. Surely it is the yoke of the precepts, since all creatures that are in heaven and earth were created by it, Hence, it says, "These are the generations of the heaven and of the earth when they were created (BeHibaram)" (Beresheet 2:4), which has the letters BeHei-Bra'am (lit. 'He created them with Hei'). At the coming of Shabbat or a holiday, Binah descends, which is Yud-Hei-Vav - upon Hei, which is the Kingdom of Heaven, An additional Neshamah. And She, is "engraved (Heb. charut) upon the tablets" (Shemot 32:16). "I am," of the Exodus, spread Her wings upon the Daughter, and upon Her camps, and they have rest. It says of the camps of Samael and the Serpent: "And all people of the earth shall see that you are called by the Name of Hashem; and they shall be afraid of you" (Devarim 28:10). the sign of the Tefilin, the sign of the Shabbat, the sign of holidays, and the sign of the Covenant are all the same.

Commentary: The generations of creation are next discussed. What are these generations? I think of them like ripples in a pond building upon each other as they move outwards to the shore of demonstration. On that shore the sands of our manifestations (to carry the metaphor further) are being born and accrued as the timeline of our life experiences. It says above that all creatures are created by it. Then 'he created them with Hei.' This the Hei discussed above that is the realized form of creation. We are led here to the fulfillment of that which was created. On the Sabbath Binah ascends and then is the Kingdom of Heaven revealed through this additional soul or Neshamah. This Neshamah is the ensouled form that has been created. The soul of the form gives it the connection with all that is. Further on we see revealed that this very same soul is the 'I AM' of Exodus. Connection only occurs in a moment of self realization. This realization is the consciousness of unity that exists between the image and the reflected form. As above so below is the concept touched on here. The rest that is described or the Sabbath is the fulfillment of creation. It is the absolute certainty of knowing through the gate of creation Binah that the forms of creation are intricately connected to every thought of creation. Then Samael and the Serpent are mentioned. At first this gives us pause because we tend to think of these words are symbols of evil but seen within this context of energy we learn a very important lesson. The energy of I AM or that is identified with your connection to unity, to self, to God must be raised in order for the transformation of realization to take place. It is this transformation that is being brought to our minds here and throughout the Torah. See the connection and raise your consciousness in the moment to meet and merge with this connection. Take the primal forces of the Serpent and Samael-the evil inclination and transform them by lifting yourself up through the inspiration of Torah, the inspiration of the movement of soul in connection.

The next part 'all people of the earth shall see that you are called by the Name of Hashem; and they shall be afraid of you" reveals what we are going for. Read this fear here and elsewhere as Awe the state of mind that is both open and upward glancing. Be open to the connection that is always offered. The sign that is always the same for the Covenant, the Sabbath, the holidays, and the Tefilin above is our recognition of this connection. This recognition comes through for us by the lightning flash within, the Kundalini spark or rush of connection that connects the below (spine-mulahadra chakra) with the above (the sahasara chakra-the thousand petalled lotus).

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bahir Verse 120

A secret is given here to our inner world of vibration and what happens to that world when unified with the connection that fills the universe.

Bahir Verse 120. How do we know that the Divine Presence is called Tzedek (Righteous)? It is written (Deuteronomy 33:26), "He who rides in the heavens is your help, and His majesty is in the skies (Shechakim). " It is also written (Isaiah 45:8) , "The skies (Shechakim) run with Righteousness (Tzedek) ." Tzedek is the Divine Presence, as it is written (Isaiah 1:21), "Righteousness (Tzedek) dwells in it." Righteousness was given to David, as it is written, (Psalm 146:10) , "May God reign forever, your God O Zion, for generation to generation." It is also written (1 Chronicles 11:1) , "Zion is the city of David."

Commentary: First of all the Divine Presence is what we feel inside in response to our inspirations. These inspirations are spiritual breakthroughs or turning points that guide us in our meditations. You know the feeling. There you are thinking about something and the you feel a rush up and down your spine spreading from your medulla and then filling your head with openings, warmth and light. What is happening is that you are tuning in to your connection with the divine. This connection utilizes the force called the Shekinah also known as Kundalini in the Eastern mystical tradition. Righteous refers to the condition of mind when it is on track in terms of our life journey. As we reach for our highest good this Shekinah awakens in order to promote our way. You can use the metaphor of a homing beacon that signals constantly but is only heard once we change our direction to match it beaming course. About this next level of becoming it says:

What is it that rides the heavens and whose majesty is in the skies that is your help? It is the confirmation of the way or the validation that going for your hearts desire is indeed your life path or what is meant to be. It is this validation that then allows you to ascend to the next level of becoming.
About this next level of becoming it says: "The skies (Shechakim) run with Righteousness (Tzedek). The skies are where our thoughts go to meet up with like thoughts forming attractions and making up what is called Righteousness. The substance of this Righteousness is called as we see next, 'Tzedek is the Divine Presence, as it is written (Isaiah 1:21), "Righteousness (Tzedek) dwells in it." ' It is the Shekinah that makes up the fire of light within that ignites in response to connection with the our way of becoming that which we have set our Intention upon. The next part speaking of God reigning over you for generation to generation has this meaning open up for us. As thoughts rise and reach connection and then the Shekinah is invoked through the Righteousness of our Intention there is an upward flowing and then a downward outpouring of the forms of our Intention. It is a cycle that takes place. Like any pump or waterwheel this cycle in order to be effective has to be continuous. Therefore we ask and aspire to that condition of prayer or meditation that continuously provides us for the constant cycling (generation to generation) of the this Shekinah flowing and then overflowing into the forms of our happiness. We rise in our aspirations seeking God yes but then find God we want to stay in this condition of enlightenment. We do not mean that we can rest upon our laurels here. Torah is a garden that constantly needs tending. We tend the Torah and our garden of possibilities by endeavoring to meditate upon the unlimited supply of truth that pours forth from this template design of creation. The act then of meditation upon Torah and the listening for new keys to its sacred depths becomes what is known as the state of mind called 'Zion' where we never stop meditating and find out new worlds to uncover in terms of not only fulfilling our hearts desire but also of opening these worlds for all to partake of. Remember that David means beloved. Therefore is Zion truly the city of the beloved. What is it we love more than anything? It is our heart's desire. When we wish for something we make it our beloved and nuture that wish-intention with our meditations and deep feelings of devotion. Our attention becomes raised because it must in order to fulfill itself in all the various phases of its becoming.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tzav: Section 2

This time we'll look at this section without the commentary in Capitals. Note: I choose whether or not to include the commentary of Rav Ashlag based upon the clarity it brings to the text in terms of the criteria I use to formulate my Modern Kabbalah commentary. As always the analysis needs to be cohesive and stick to the central idea of man standing in the middle of creation directing by his intention the experiences he chooses to emulate by reflection.

Tzav Section 2. We explained in relation to the verse: "His left hand is under my head," (Shir Hashirim 2:6) When the North Side stirs, then rises with love to be adorned with the right, She, is attached to the middle, and everything shines from within the secret of the Holy of Holies, This happens through the secret of man by the wish of the priests, the prayers, and the singing.

Commentary: The first part comes from the Song of Solomon.

Let his left hand be under my head, and his right hand embrace me.

The left is North and the right South. She is attached to the middle. We are talking about a mystical operation taking place within that releases our thoughts and raises them to the Holy of Holies. The Holy of Holies may be thought of as a kind of Star Gate into another unique dimension. This dimension opens up into every conceivable good outcome determined both by the focus of our Intention and our ability to let go of our doubts and rise up into this central core of connection. When we balance love (the feeling of the completion of our hearts desire) with the certainty of our fulfillment or the right hand that embraces then the awesome power of creation is released. It is she who sends out then the reflections of the perfection of our heart's desire by shining inside of the Holy of Holies resonating the realized thought with it actualized proof of its expression. Now what is this secret of the Holy of Holies? Simply it is the vibration of unity. Thought becomes therefore unified with expression. Another world comes into being. How is this so? 'Through the secret of man by the wish of the priests.' All of Israel are called upon to be priests.

Ex 19:6 and ye shall be unto Me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.
These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.'

Then what follows is that all are called upon to make this connection with the Holy of Holies in the same way our thoughts rise we also rise in our perceptions of the highers forces invoked. Also the secret of man is that he is in the image and likeness of creation. Within man creation continues. When man see rightly then he drives the chariot of creation and whatsoever he asks for or envisions becomes a physical reality. All of man's reflections build upon and within creation. The perfection of this creation is by the priests and singing. These priests (all of Israel or everyone who chooses to reach up for their hearts desire) perform the function of intermediary between thought and its expression. By reaching up the vibration of thought is raised. By singing it is raised yet again via the naturally occurring octaves of sound which directly resonate with those thoughts being sung.

A Magician's Primer

The Key into the opening matrix that surrounds the upper levels of entry into each higher world contains the following instructions:

Look in awe send forth Binah (Understanding) with all the forms enlivened.
Transformation now understanding wow, the revelation full in season.
This line in time to drink the wine and celebrate each reason.
No longer hide and open wide you who are to see the one.

Change your mind with what you find and go with every moment
Be the maker let go the taker and watch it fully blossom
The dish you make and wish partake are complete inside and out.
Focus sure and then some more revealing pure the wisdom's core.

In the space of a second meanings will follow one another.
You'll wonder at first where they come from but that really doesn't matter.
Be certain that your time to frame your thoughts is well spent.
Continue this way for eternity they say and listen for the next answer.

Like all keys there is a time sequence delay depending upon the resistance and the ensuing breakthroughs. All however, is good. Each eye that now peruses these words then becomes a link for their unfoldment.

These words of wisdom come to mind from Tommy Lasorda speaking to Davey Lopes one day about improving his batting average. Here is something he might have said.

"Davey you have to use all fields. Hit the ball where they throw it."

Mark Siet

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Zohar --Tzav 1st tractate

Come see how thoughts rise into holiness and then become that which is written or demonstrated as appearance through the world of form.

Zohar --Tzav 1st tractate. "This is the Torah of the burnt offering" (Vayikra 6:2). Rabbi Shimon opened the discussion saying, "Your righteousness is like the great mountains; Your judgments are a great deep" (Tehilim 36:7). We have explained and learned this verse. Come and behold: the burnt offering (lit. 'rising') causes the Congregation of Yisrael to rise and be attached above, and cleaves to the World to Come, BINAH, so that everything will be one, connected together in joy. Since it rises higher and higher up TO BINAH, it is written: "This is the Torah," which is the secret of Male and Female together, NAMELY ZEIR ANPIN AND MALCHUT, which are the Written Torah and the Oral Torah, rising with love TO BINAH. "THIS (HEB. ZOT)" IS THE SECRET OF MALCHUT, THE ORAL TORAH, AND THE TORAH IS THE SECRET OF ZEIR ANPIN, THE WRITTEN TORAH.

Commentary: The burnt offering later described as a rising refers to what happens to our thoughts as we let them go. We appear to be thinking those thoughts in our mind however, what is actually happening is that we are participating in the shaping of the universe by molding the energy of our hearts desire in line with pliable mind stuff. As we think we act in moving through this mind stuff causing an attachment to it. This attachment is to the opening that is sometimes called Eden. Through these doors do our dreams come true. The Israel that is attached above refers to what we hold to be true about ourselves. It is our certainty of being that in becoming attached to the above or the holiness of heaven is then able to cleave to this world to come. The world to come refers to the embodiment of our thoughts into a coherent full demonstration of ideation. Most think that this world to come refers to the afterlife. While this is true in general however, this is not the complete meaning as referenced here. The world to come is the direct result of our actions here and now. We are constantly entering this world to come in respect to those thoughts we've been meditating. Torah is a unique form of meditation in that it elicits positive energy for the creation of our hearts desire by teaching us the way of return. This return is the rising of thought already referenced and its completion by becoming attached to holiness and then filtering through into the world to come. The commentary in capitals refers to Binah which is exactly the entryway into this world to come. After the initial spark of the vision and the permutations provided by the Wisdom of our reflections the time to enter into more realized forms takes place via the avenue of Binah. Consider Binah to be a floodgate that waters the plains filled with the blossoming forms of your ideas. "Your righteousness is like the great mountains" refers to the images we first envision and then their buildup into conceptual mountains. These mountains are the certainty of our expressions. We keep them rising by our consistent expectations. "Your judgements are like a great deep" tells us that along the way we are seeking every opportunity for connection. These judgements are the attractions that like thoughts have for one another. Contained within these judgements are every decision that we make about what we choose to think about during the day. With a purposeful thought process "everything will be one connected together in joy." This joy is the letting of thought once it has been elevated to the holiness of I AM. As it rises up and through Binah the phrase "This is the Torah, the secret of Male and Female, the written and the oral Torah..." tells us that as we find new meanings in Torah the new worlds are both literally and figuratively entered into. Due to the dimensional nature of our unfolding universe what we are being given here in these opening remarks is a blueprint both for self expression and the continuing study of Torah. Torah means in this case the continuous learning or teaching that is taking place each time we ponder the words of Torah. Kabbalah provides the listening skills we must cultivate in order to keep mining the hidden treasures that endlessly appear through Torah.

The oral tradition of Torah is what we learn by our meditations when we envison both Torah and our hearts desire. We pass through levels of holiness reaching the spark of recognition (Keter) and then pass through additional reflection (Wisdom) before coming to be ready for the Written Torah passing through Binah into the world of demonstration. The Oral Tradition passes from mouth to ear which is a metaphor for listening inside (mouth) to the images of ideation and then by the art of Kabbalah (the ear) passing these images to the holiness (where our images are given life and light before passing into form).

The Commentary (IN CAPITALS) says that Malchut is the Oral Torah but remember that we are traversing the levels of transformation here so that what was one now becomes another like the pipes in a plumbing system. Remember now we are moving from Malchut up through Zeir Anpin so that the roles are reversed. Malchut transformed into the next world via Zeir Anpin becomes the written Torah. Male and Female are discussed so that we are to understand that what is Male in one direction becomes Female in the reverse direction. Another example of this kind of discourse is the literal and the Mystical Torah. The literal is basically the covering that the words show us in their stark basic nature. Then when we begin examining further we see that deep inside another level appears and then still another and so on. There is movement in our examination. This movement and its example are ways that we relate to this universe through our everyday thoughts about those things we hold most dear to our hearts.

A Spring Interlude

The wintertime was over its icy touch a receding memory. My pace which had quickened to brace itself against the stormy winds now slowed to match the soft warmth in the air. A new beginning. My heart felt full of springtime's confidence. All things hidden were now revealed. In the distance she moved closer behind me her fragrance moving ahead of her arriving just in time to catch me by surprise. As I turned to see her my face smiled and then I laughed. Her dress was golden yellow with red and blue flowers embroidered on the front and the short sleeves. She stopped as we met and danced around me. I was heady with her beauty and entranced by the sudden vistas she showed me. This world melted as she took my hand and we seemed to glide on air.

In this new world the trees were full of light. The buds on the trees pulsed with light and then as they opened slowly in the rising warmth of the morning the light became a colorful glow that surrounded each newly formed leaf. I looked for her suddenly concerned that she may have left this idyllic scene. I sighed when I saw her everywhere I looked. In the sky her face formed in puffy clouds changing shapes mirrored in the clear lake I found myself watching from the bluff above its shore. A few moment later there she was inside of the forest as the vines caressed the trees in their upward climb. Lastly I felt her inside of me and then I remembered. I began singing as she laughed in the light rain that began to fall. Soon a rainbow appeared and I knew it was time. She of course is the Goddess, the Earth Mother, the Shekinah, the essence of all that is creative and good bursting forth from the long night reveling in the days that seem to last forever. I welcomed her in my heart and felt good.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bahir Verse 119

It is all coming together here. We have spoken of the tree, the fountain, the roots of the tree, the Holy one blessed be, and Israel. Let relate all of this to what happens within your mind as the levels of holiness are ascended.

Bahir Verse 119. What is this tree that you mentioned? He said: It represents the Powers of the Blessed Holy One, one above the other. Just like a tree brings forth fruit through water, so the Blessed Holy One increases the Powers of the Tree through water. What is the water of the Blessed Holy One? It is wisdom. It is the souls of the righteous. They fly from the fountain to the great pip, ascend and attach themselves to the Tree. Through what do they fly? Through Israel. When they are good and righteous, the Divine Presence dwells among them. Their deeds then rest in the bosom of the Blessed Holy One, and He makes them fruitful and multiplies them.

Commentary: First lets talk about the Powers of the Tree being increased through water. All along we've been talking about increasing our understanding of the processes that underly creation in terms of how we as the reflected beings may be able to make use of these powers. As we continue in our efforts to put together positive images for our hearts desire we are simultaneously adding water to the garden of possibilities. This water is our subconsciousness mind which we are endeavoring to make conscious by actively sending forth images of our own choosing into this lake of awareness. Do you see what it says next? It asks what is water and then answers it is the souls of the righteous. The righteous are by definition the chosen ones which are those thoughts and images that we ourselves have been choosing all along in order to promote our hearts desire. A still deeper meaning is given as we continue in the verse. These images, these chosen ones fly that is they ascend from where they have been born to a higher gathering place called in this translation, 'the pip.' Once there they are attached to the Tree. The Tree is where the transmission of holiness takes place in that our images are given the life that was at first suggested and then imbued with the impetus of the rising fountain or sap of awareness that grows into the realized forms of intention. The vehicle for the ascension or the flight of these images is Israel. Israel is a metaphor for the world to come into which the promise of ideation is assured. Before Israel or Jacob came into full embodiment in the promised land all of the processes that take place in the Tree have occurred. The refinements that take us through each Sephiroth also open up each of the four worlds so that ideation passes through all of the necessary stages in becoming that which was sent out from the images of our reflection or meditation. A further checkpoint is reached that determines 'if they are good and righteous' or in other words, are these the images that we would have our embodiment take place in? Then once this is determined to be true the final passing into form is deemed to be worthy of holiness (that which we hold most dear and highest in our hearts) and then satisfaction of form and ideation is achieved. Their deeds refers in fact to this embodiment that now has the blessing of creation itself. Once we come into the consciousness of this type of process going on around us then all of our meditations and demonstrations become that much easier ('he makes them fruitful and multiplies them.)

Anticipating a good outcome

How do you prepare yourself to receive that which you have been expecting through the visualization process that continually takes place during your meditations? The ground is prepared by your opening the worlds for review during these meditation sessions. How do you step up and walk inside of this world that all the while has been forming itself all around you? It is important to start with a receptive state of mind and then to jump ahead to the next frame in order to set the stage for the awakening that is to take place in the world of your hearts desire.

By this time your meditations should have produced an ultra clear image of what it is you want to experience. All around you it should be possible to merely touch with the slightest bit of your awareness the things and experiences that you've already pictured onto the grand scene of manifest creation. Touch these feelings you have now about exactly what it is you want and remember to include the supposition that this is already done and that all you need to do is to recognize and feel this fact of your becoming. Jump quickly then into this feeling and run with it. This process of becoming doesn't just happen and then that is it. The steps are something you go over each moment in order to bring momentum to this process and give yourself a considerable head start. The very fact of this meditation that is being provided here today represents a higher form of reasoning that uses as it foundation every proof of thought into form that has ever occurred to you. Bring this to mind as you are going forward. Carry your meditation inside of you as the certainty of the moment gets underway. You are linking up here with the Eternal but this should all be done in a matter of fact way allowing the growing awe to build into the necessary impetus for the building momentum of the creative force. Because we are speaking of intangible terms it will be wise to allow this process to take its course rather than second guessing it along the way. Compare this to a tiny opening in a waterway that steadily builds until the dam that serves as a barrier to this waterway is breached. The dam in this case is the status quo or our ordinary ways of thinking. Carry through with listening now for the answers as they come upon you and then let the waterway take care of itself as to where and when it will go. All you need to know at this point is that this water contained all of your hearts desires. Once they begin to flow you will then experience the fruition of what you have been thinking about with a purpose during your directed meditations.

Place yourself inside of the picture of the outcome. Walk in this picture. Let it become a part of you. Feel yourself moving and interacting in the world that is being presented to you. Direct your attention but allow the action to take place naturally. Feel the image forming itself around you. Allow your sense of connection to command the production. In this way the higher is brought forth by the acceptance of the lower.

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