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Bahir Verse 96

Inflected forms: pl. en·tel·e·chies
1. In the philosophy of Aristotle, the condition of a thing whose essence is fully realized; actuality.

2. In some philosophical systems, a vital force that directs an organism toward self-fulfillment.

And so we begin the next Bahir verse 96. The preceding verse 95 was the equivalent of a cosmic portal through which all of us may travel. It leads in all dimensions to openings which have been suggested all along by this Bahir. These openings are the many mansions that we conceive of in our connection with the archetypes of Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters and their astounding meaningful forms. This interesting word defined above about says it for what is our driving force.

Bahir 96. What is the earth from which the heavens were graven? It is the Throne of the Blessed Holy One. It is the Precious Stone and the Sea of Wisdom. This parallels the blue in the Tzitzit. Rabbi Meir thus said: Why is blue chosen above all other colours [for the Tzitzit]? Because the blue resembles the sea, the sea resembles the sky,l and the sky resembles the Throne of Glory. It is thus written (Exodus 24:10), "They saw the God of Israel, and under His feet was like a pavement of sapphire, like the essence of heaven in clarity." It is furthermore written (Ezekiel 1:26) , "As the likeness of a sapphire stone was the appearance of a Throne."

Commentary: The heavens may only be graven or grooved with our thoughts and of themselves they are what literally makes up the heavens. The earth forms its reflections from these thoughts in the mind of the mystery through the agency of the 'Throne of the Blessed One.' This is the place where thought and its inspirations are in stasis ruling over all as in sitting on a throne. Initially there is an influx of energy which continue until it awakens thought, the shaping power of consciousness which then sits in potentiality of becoming. There is the knowledge of this becoming called the 'Precious Stone' and the Sea of Wisdom' that accompanies or surrounds this Precious Stone. The throne is where our thoughts are at rest and then from there look out upon all of potentiality to become that which resides within. The blue in the garment of the tzitzit, the blue in the sky, all point to the throne of glory. The glory is the knowledge of the unfoldment of creation. The realms of perfection of this process are drawn out for us in the imagery of the sapphire and the pavement of sapphire which is to say that this above here where the stone of glory resides reproduces itself perfectly when it is seen from the earthly or existential level of manifestation. Further the likeness of the stone and the appearance of sapphire refer to the two states of being that we are constantly in flux with. The potential and the actual. This brings us back to our word of the day Entelechy where we are shown the actuality of our becoming. The clear meaning then is that our thoughts now residing in heaven reveal themselves in perfection through the experiences we live out in our lives. Reach to heaven and promote those thoughts that are highest to reveal your life and then experiences will follow suit in perfection.

Questions to be answered

There are always questions to be answered. A life filled with all the answers supplies no reason for growth no impetus for composition. It is in composition that we are called upon to fully extend our awareness and make the connection with that which flows eternally through us. The eternal flowing essence of our identification with being is that which makes up reach for everything that we want. It is behind every desire and and the fulfillment of that desire. It becomes the difference between allowing the status quo to fill our lives with entropy or fill our lives with discovery and constant change. The plant with it attention on the sun differentiates and grows it's leaves and flowers producing seeds to continue the cycle. Each round of knowledge is preceded by a longing to burst through the current covering and have more of the open air of revelation. All life therefore follows this revelation. We cannot know how anything else has their thoughts in operation. Because life itself including the intelligence of the subatomic particles reaches for a higher awareness we can be assured that the unity of life is all around us. Life seeks entrance to your soul your psyche. It wants to flow endlessless through you. Your actions are the flowers of your thinking. There is forever a process of enlightening refinement taking place. Every purpose has as its design the answers that you are seeking.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Doors and Keys Genesis Verse 1

There are doors and there are keys. Consciousness opens up to the right kinds of questions offering an inner mindscape where we come to more doors to be opened. When Moses is asked what shall I call thee by HaShem the answer given is I am that I Am. Here is the universal key which may open every door. The trick is knowing when to use this key. The I am key is a time dimensional key. Where we see ourselves in mind determines the effectiveness of our use of this key. We need to have the ability to transcend time and space in order to access the blocks that bar our way within. The meaning of this is that when we can see truly see beyond our own doubts we can then enter into the land of what we are becoming.

Imagine then that there are a series of doors which bring you ever closer to your heart's desire. Assume too that this series of doors is not endless and that each time you open another doorway you are half way there. Let go and suddenly you are there. Yes it happens just that fast. One moment you're opening doors the next you are admiring the view from your new vantage point. Remember vantage point from Bahir verse 95. There it was spoken of as the advantage. It is the place of the chosen one. What is the chosen one? It is the thought or desire you have chosen to be your own and to inspire the direction in life that you are taking.

Each time I think about opening a door I ask a question. It corresponds to the door I am thinking about. Then the door asks me for my key which I just happen to carry in terms of the questions I keep asking. Then in response to my questions the door is fitted with the key made up of all of my questions. A slight turn and the answers are then revealed as light from and inside of the door. It is this slight turn that in all cases must be perfected. It is an inwards turn and then an opening into a vast mindscape of creative possibilities. Within these possibilities are the idea-forms of your heart's desire. The question then (the key to the next door) is how do we take these idea-forms and translate them into the land-forms of our experience?

The first thing that comes to mind is to build within a channel of unfoldment. This channel of unfoldment will take the specific idea-form and expand upon it until it reaches the land mass of manifestation. The budding gestation of these idea-forms present themselves frequently for insertion into this funnel like channel of manifestation. The top of this funnel is narrow where the idea-forms enter by their self proclaimed specific nature. Once collected in this manner they descend by their own motive force. The energy is provided along the way by the supporting thoughts which go along with the central focus of the idea-form. As soon as it enters the circuit of manifestation it draws to itself all the materials both spiritual and material that it needs to accomplish its exact imaging of the theoretical with the actual. What this means in large part is that the entire universe is mapped in a nexus of outward probing causing a synthesis of the reality we place in front of us each day with the way we think about this reality in altered states of consciousness. This synthesis accepts change as a matter of course. It incorporates whatever changes need to take place in order to work out the details of the idea-forms manifestation. In addition the idea-form's true to life's purpose establishes itself and then sends out identical shoots in the manner of inspirations that will correlate with both all of the ensuing idea-forms (backwards compatibility) and the countless permutations of the original idea-form, so that growth and reproduction may simultaneously take place to increase the base of expansion that once established continues in its outward flow.

Another way or method for promoting the image that is being reflected from above is see the image there in unity accepting its essence into manifest being. Read the first part of Genesis for detailed instructions on how to accomplish this. Read it as though it were a training manual for manifestation. Understand the letters and the phrases in both their complexity and simplicity.

Idea-form: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

We have here the paradigm for imagination filled with intention. Beth, Resh, Aleph, Shin, Yud Tav. ty#@rb Each letter suggests a progression of meaning. Taken as numbers in sequence Beth=2, Resh = 200, Shin = 300 , Aleph = 1, Yud = 10, Tav = 400. Therefore we have 2-200-300-1-10-400. The intention-container Beth raised to its immediate fulfillment as Resh whereby the unity of understanding occurs in Aleph, the One, the signal point of expression sharing the middle of creation with Shin. Shin the fire of creation, the light that surpasses itself by feeding upon itself and then ultimately realizing itself. This leads to the One. The unity of expression. The innate understanding that everywhere we go we are the center of awareness for the multidimensional universes we pass through and abide in. At this point in understanding and then yes in creation the One is raised to Infinity expressed as the progression of One seen in the Yud which now having experience also contains the wisdom of this experience able to see from afar and make the choices which lead to Tav, the completion of one idea-form realized including all of its logical subsidiary extensions.

Everything proceeds from this one word and indeed even from the letter Beth. This original intention shapes the void that follows with the light of inspiration which now brings about all future revelation. From one revelation all revelations proceed including the revelation that is God as the speaker or voice or these creations which continue nonstop. The Elohim or male female creative force can only repeat and give voice to what is taking place within the first word Bereshith. It does this by filling the Bara or the creative word with the force of creative intention. This intention transforms into the word of creation. In fact Bereshith gives essence to Elohim through Bara by saying first consider Creation and all of its aspects. Then out of this consideration and understanding continue the process and multiply the word. Just as Resh multiplies Beth by one hundred so too Bara multiplies Bereshith by the word or God Intention which now acts as a unifying force of creation acting from a single intention. This intention as we see is realized when man and woman are formed. Take from this allegory the plans for your own part in creation. First consider the Creation as a unitary event in which you are a central being. Then by imitating or reproducing that Creation you speak the word of God which echoes as thought within to voice your intention for experiencing the unity of what you think about and what you witness as a result of this meditation.

What is there to be created? This first verse goes on to say the Heaven and the Earth. Yes before we can embark upon the expansion of consciousness we literally need to envision what we seek to find and then be prepared for the realization of our quest. There is the place where you receive your inspirations from, the Archetypal or the Imaged Ideal and then there is the place where your inspirations appear reflected into the world of manifestation. These two, the Imaged Ideal and the Reflected Manifestation are unified forever and represent the unity of One spoken about previously. Their unity is both theoretical and experiential. What we can conceive that we shall receive.

In conjunction with our study of the Bahir we will also consider these opening verses in Genesis and relate them to each other on occasion via the mystery of unity which connects all of these sacred letters all of the time.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Bahir 95

This next verse 95 is one of the most detailed thus far. It takes us into a theoretical construct. We will find that despite its complexity where it leads will be a most remarkable place.

Bahir Verse 95. The Blessed Holy One has a single Tree, and it has twelve diagonal boundaries: The northeast boundary, the southeast boundary; The upper east boundary, the lower east boundary; The southwest boundary, the northwest boundary; The upper west boundary, the lower west boundary; The upper south boundary, the lower south boundary; The upper north boundary, the lower north boundary; They continually spread forever and ever; They are the arms of the world. On the inside of them is the Tree. Paralleling these diagonals there are twelve Functionaries. Inside the Sphere there are also twelve Functionaries. Including the diagonals themselves, this makes a total of 36 Functionaries. Each of these has another. It is thus written (Ecclesiastes 5:7), "For one above another watches." [This makes a total of 72.] It therefore comes out that the east has nine, the west has nine, the north has nine, and the south has nine. These are twelve, twelve, twelve, and they are the Functionaries in the Axis, the Sphere, and the Heart. Their total is 36. The power of each of these 36 is in every other one. Even though there are twelve in each of the three, they are all attached to each other. Therefore, all 36 Powers are in the first one, which is the Axis. And if you seek them in the Sphere, you will find the very same ones. And if you seek them in the Heart, you will again find the very same ones. Each one therefore has 36. All of them do not have more than 36 forms. All of them complete the Heart [which has a numerical value of 32]. Four are then left over. Add 32 to 32 and the sum is 64. These are the 64 Forms. How do we know that 32 must be added to 32? Because it is written (Ecclesiastes 5:7) , "For one above another watches, [and there are higher ones above them]." We thus have 64, eight less than the 72 names of the Blessed Holy One. These are alluded to in the verse, "there are higher ones above them," and they are the seven days of the week. But one is still missing. This is referred to in the next verse (Ecclesiastes 5:8), "The advantage of the land in everything is the King." What is this "advantage"? This is the place from which the earth was graven. It is an advantage over what existed previously. And what is this advantage? Everything in the world that people see is taken from its radiance. Then it is an advantage.

Commentary: The Cube of Space is being referenced here. See this website for a detailed analysis:
The entire purpose in studying the Cube is to stop the mind from wandering. Focused thought is what we are trying to learn. Ironically the reason we learn to focus thought is so that we can let go of thought and join with the all encompassing radiance as expressed above. An arrangement and a hierarchy is suggest in verse 95 where thought exists in realms. The inner nature of thought mirrors what we come across no matter in what direction we may turn. This inner nature is connection with the whole or all encompassing radiance. Yes it is that which we cannot see but we can strive towards and in moments of highest awareness let go into and experience the unity of its outward shining rays. A contemplation of this cube of space brings into question where we are standing at any given moment of time. What is our relationship to our world around us? How about the relationship of the spiritual to the physical or emotional states of being. All of this is called into awareness by the Cube of Space. A paradigm of life choices emerges.
     Ordinarily we do not seek inner wisdom. We are generally moved to do so by circumstances which guide us in this direction. The Cube of Space offers a map of consciousness; a way to look at ourselves from a number of related vantage points. The verse quoted above (Ecclesiastes 5:8), "The advantage of the land in everything is the King," tells us that the perspective of rulership or dominion over the land is where the land gets its wealth from. Look on your land or the destiny that awaits you with an eye towards this rulership and an intention to situate yourself at the prime location within which is where the radiance beams out its life giving rays.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Look to where there is nothing

Out of nothing there is something. Look to where there is nothing and not where there is something. Look up high to the Infinite Beyond and not to the already existing reality. When you are seeking
change don't seek the focus of the everyday world you live in. Your vision is at its best when you are in a state of always becoming. See into the heights and set your eyes upon that which you are to
behold. You are always becoming therefore become that which you already are in perpetuity. Feel the awakening self respond to this vision by changing its internal focus and letting go into the new
focus that is becoming. Expand your soul by stretching out your inner arms to embrace the unfolding unknown. Fly to this place before the arrow hits its mark. Anticipate and then expect to anticipate some more. Reflect but briefly into the new day. Allow your expansion to return ever to the vistas that suddenly are coming into view. Constantly check in with your vision to feel where you are.

Rise up in response to go further than you have ever been before. Manifestation is occuring all the time and does so through the unfolding vision. Take advantage of Infinity and move your local energy focus to bring in more energy and to provide the substance for the transmission of thought. As you are experimenting in this fashion you will find a central core of transcendence.

It is the direction that you take which determines the speed of the transmission and the lasting impact of your thought impressions. At times you may want to move in for a closer look. In this way you may
shift the subtle details about in your favor. Then again in the blink of an eye travel to a far corner of the universe to retrieve a specialized thought form for your focus. Once here disseminate the view until understanding or the flow of energy in motion begins its journey through you. Recognize the signs and react by going with the flow of the energy. Here in effect you are surfing on the waves of imbuement.

At this point there is no ending, but there are countless beginnings. See doors opening in an endless succession of light. This light is what is revealed by your focus. Once revealed move
on. Avoid decay.

Let your focus now move out from the center in a wide sweeping arc. Avoid the distractions of making and let things come to be. Channel them through the awakened awareness. Enjoy the certainty of knowing that what you seek is already there. You open all the doors to this awakening by your seeking. Seeking is not looking at what is there in front of your eyes. It is looking within the minds eye and seeing that which is becoming. Rejoice for your seeking is the reaching of the highest. It isn't something that you can put in your pocket but it is something that you may readily return to in each moment. The more you return the more sure footed your steps become and therefore you experience the certainty of this inner knowing. These descriptions that are given herein are signposts; ways to point you in the right direction. What you do when you know you are there is up to you. Let the possibilities themselves begin to make sense to you and provide you with a place to reside in. Once there the peaceful transition will take place as in from then till now and from here to there. It is an instant. Watch and be ready and then go.

The floor was moving as he walked up the stairs. It was an odd sensation. The gravity on Tri II fluctuated due to it's position between the three suns, Fe-Ti, Cho-No, and Ars-Arealea. He shook off
the momentary vertigo and continued up the three flights to the place where Mind met the expanding universe. He was the only one there at this time of in between day going towards night midday as it was called on Tri II. The door was opened partly. It always was. In front of him stretched the sky. He shook off the feeling that he would drop and stepped out on to one of the many arcing gravity chambers which criss-crossed the sky. He moved quickly like a cat darting to the middle of a cloud where he suddenly did drop very slowly into an alcove where all becoming was taking place. All was stillness and then suddenly everything brightened past the point of seeing. His soul was transported and he found himself right there in the middle of the experience of his heart's desire. Words would not describe his feelings as he beheld the fullness of his vision. Yes he said to himself. This is very good.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bahir 93-94

We continue now with the Bahir and look up in amazement at what we may behold.

Bahir Verse 93. What is the reason for the blue? The watchman said, "Perhaps those assistant watchmen will say that the garden belongs to us." He therefore gave them a sign, and told them, "See this. It is the sign of the king, indicating that the garden belongs to him. He is the one who made these paths, and they are not mine. This is his deal." What is this like? A king and his daughter had slaves, and they wanted to travel abroad. But [the slaves] were afraid, being in terror of the king. He therefore gave them his sign. They were also afraid of the daughter, and she [also] gave them a sign. They said, "From now on, with these two signs, `God will watch you from all evil, He will safeguard your soul.'"

Commentary: The blue threads in the tzizit-tallis-prayer shawl represents the sky above and our connection with the above. The King and his daughter are the repositories of the source of connection. The King is the mystery of thought forever unknown. The Daughter is the mystery of thought forever being revealed. The slaves are the attitude lower thought to higher thought. They are subject to higher thought. The slave comparison is not as well understood in our times as in ancient times when slaves were common. The slave is taken care of by the master. There are commandments to this end in the Torah. Do not take the slave analogy literally but look for the hidden messages here. The above is always giving us signs for us to pay attention to. When we do all of our fear is removed. The one sign is to let us know it is okay to contemplate the unknown and that it is also okay to listen for the answer given by the daughter or the revealer of knowledge who accompanies us in our voyages abroad so to speak. The sign in both cases from King and Daughter are an inner recognition that all is well. It can be compare. The exposition continues in the next verse.

Bahir verse 94. Rabbi Amorai sat and expounded: What is the meaning of the verse (1 Kings 8:27), "Behold the heaven and the heaven of heaven cannot contain You"? This teaches us that the Blessed Holy One has 72 names. All of them were placed in the Tribes [of Israel]. It is thus written (Exodus 28:10), "Six of their names on one stone, and the names of the other six on the other stone, according to their generations." It is also written (Joshua 4:9), "He raised up twelve stones." Just like the first are (Exodus 28:12), "stones of memorial," so these are (Joshua 4:7), "stones of memorial." [There are therefore] 12 stones [each containing six names] making a total of 72. These parallel the 72 names of the Blessed Holy One. Why do they begin with twelve? This teaches us that God has twelve Directors. Each of these has six Powers [making a total of 72]. What are they? They are the 72 languages.

Commentary: The 72 Names of God. The ways of understanding are many. All of these ways are but pathways into the unknown calling forth the daugther from above to reside within our manifest being.
These stones of memorial are the stones of memory as when we pick a rock to carry with us to remember a task we want to complete. The Directors and Powers are the 72 languages. Again not literally but as a way of letting you know that speaking to the unknown is through the many voices of expression they we may employ from time to time. Take away the complexity and reveal the kernel of meaning which brings the daughter of the king into our way of being. Then may understanding truly be revealed.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Return to Connection

How can I access the connection in such a way as to release the vision of what it is that I most want to see. The connection is by definition an answering response. It is something that you feel beyond words to express. Here is the irony of the situation. Even though it is beyond words to express it is important to express what you feel about it. It appears too that your expression is instrumental in making the connection. Your attitude of presenting who you are to the connection makes all the difference in this answering response. It is not the clever syllogisms of mind that make the connection yet these thought forms do provide a ladder which perhaps falls short of the connection itself. Then in order to make the connection one has to literary plunge oneself into the unknown. In so doing there is momentary confusion and then the unknown becomes known after another fashion and the process continues. After a while what becomes known after repeated efforts is the nature of the connection itself. This comes about because we can only know the connection by reflection. I think about what I want and then I offer up those thoughts to the connection. When I feel the answering response I know that my thoughts have been accepted by the connection and I will soon them them reflected in the world as the outcome of experience. This kind of thought and reflection is called thinking on high. It is one thing to want something and then to envision it and imbue your entire being with its presence.      It is another thing altogether to take this thing you've been making by your imagination and offer this up to the connection always there in waiting. This offering of thought is alluded to in all of the sacred writings. It is not explained in depth mostly because mystical writings tend to move along without a central focus due to the varying degree of connection that is established as the writer is inspired by the his or her upward motion. It is only here and now that Modern Kabbalah is given to explain that which has come directly from the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and is indeed the substance of life and of its promulgation into every living thing.

     The territory is what you are learning to become familiar with. There is a feeling associated with the connection that approximates peace and no mind at the same time. It is ironic that you use mind to reach connection and then let go of mind to experience connection. Your thoughts are made by your intention and then let go into the connection where they are in effect reassembled on high. It is in many ways a kind of transference of consciousness from one state to another. It is a subtle shift. The ideas from the connection build themselves across time and present new avenues for internal inquiry.

Prior to its appearance in form there is an expansion of the possibilities in mind which translates above to a more fluid understanding of the relationship between the above and the below. You have to be able to conceive of thought that transcends itself in mind to become an avenue of connection. It is the same thought only raised or reassembled as I mentioned before in the previous paragraph. The connection that therefore exists is related to each other through resonance. This resonance allows the transference of thought energy and the raising of the intensity of thought energy through protracted focus. What matters most here is the ability to both let go and to focus. See your raised thoughts linked with the above and aspire to and then feel the unity of the connection as you let go into the connection. I have presented this as one way to inspire connection. Are there others? Of course. This is what Modern Kabbalah has been about all along, inspiring the connection. Another way of looking at this is to say that we are learning how to breathe in the connection from moment to moment as it occurs and just as it occurs. In the coming days we will develop more full this concept of connection embellishing it as the connection wills to come forth. Stay tuned.

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