Friday, October 28, 2005

Imagining the Field

Imagine the field to be your mind and all of its thoughts both conscious and more importantly unconscious. This field may be open like a meadow which stretches into the distance until it bounds on a stream running through its center. It may be a thickly wooded forest dimly lit from above with hidden pathways leading to even darker places or a series of awesome canyons with wide open spaces yawning to the depths below. This field can be anything depending upon how we attend to it and also how we mend it when something appears to be wrong with it.

The basis of Modern Kabbalah is the alchemy of the mind known by itself and through itself. One of the most startling realizations one can ever have is to see that the field and the knower of the field are one in the same. Such an insight is life changing and empowering all rolled into one.

By our lack of proper attention the field becomes cluttered, littered with weeds, rocks and veils of illusion. The task we have from moment to moment is to clean up the field and restore it to its pristine natural condition. This pristine natural condition is synomous with your heart's desire. This heart's desire is where you see yourself in the ideal situation you would have for yourself. It is your vision for the field which may appear in the moment to be less than what you would want it to be.

In order to be a steward to the field you have to transcend the negative influences that appear to be there. In a sense you need to rise above it in order to see it in its entirety. Only then will you be able to have the vision necessary to see the field once more in its whole state.

There are false imposed connections that keep you from doing this. They are your own thoughts deeply ingrained in you by your negative experiences. In order to remove the chains that these false connections represent you must find the voice of truth within that can begin to heal you and shape your life in the manner in which your highest vision has indicated. Since most of these connections are unconscious it is important to know the manner of making affirmations which reach this subconscious level.

Make for yourself the temple within. It doesn't have to be like any temple you've seen or heard of. It only must be something that your vision is connected to. It is a spiritual place of expanding influences that in time affects the whole field. Traditional Kabbalistic texts allude to these spiritual places in writings by Abraham Abulafia, Issac Luria and others however, there is no direct connection to the field such as we are making here. Without the knowledge of the field which is a sanskrit term referring to Mind as a completely unified whole there can be no connections between the past and the future which allow us ironically to live totally in the now. Modern Kabbalah offers a way of thinking that integrates Eastern and Western philosophy and then adds that something else. The way of connection that may be called upon confidently in any situation.

When you feel your emotions becoming upset it is only because you are not sitting in your best position to recognize the totality of a situation. Remember to rise above to connect with the Knower of the Field. The Knower of the Field is Mind's way of Unity. You connect with the Knower of the Field by letting go of your mundane thoughts.

The best way to know what is mundane is to listen to your thoughts. There is one easy test to reveal what is going on inside of you. It will reveal the state of the field and your relationship to it.
Listen. Are your thoughts repeating themselves? Is there a song perhaps that you cannot get out of your mind? Are your emotions repeating themselves? Do you feel anxious for no apparent reason sometimes? If you are having problems all of these events may take place. Number one is to recognize the status of your thinking. Then you can break out of this mundane secondary pattern of awareness and raise yourself to the level of the Knower of the Field. Here is how.

Begin with affirmations that you can say to yourself. Have a conversation within that counters the repetition that you are hearing. Keep on with this conversation until the repetitions stop. Tell yourself that everything is okay and find reasons to believe this. Make them up at first but keep going along this train of thinking. What you are doing is interrupting the internal dialogue as Carlos Castaneda would call it or you are practicing something called Neuro Linguistic Programming, which Tony Roberts speaks about in his lectures of empowerment. Keep actively speaking to yourself in positive ways to burst through your patterns. Then a little while later when the sunshine begins to come up over your field you will rejoice and know that the Knower of the Field has now come into the Field and is residing there in peace.

This isn't a one time meditation you are to practice. This is the life of living your heart's desire. It is a life of connecting with and then becoming the Knower of the Field. By becoming Knower of the Field each day you will assure yourself of happiness. Persist in this gentle knowing. Just become the Knower of the Field in your own way to become that which you are seeking. In this way in timeless opportunities will you then possess the keys to Kingdom of Heaven. They were within you all along only waiting for your purposeful touch.

Neither the Zohar or the Bahir or Torah directly teaches about the Knower of the Field and the Field but because all Mind is connected we are able to infer from these texts and those of the Upanishads and Patanjali all that has been presented here today. While New Year's day in Judaism was a few weeks ago, today we can say that we have truly begun the New Year. The special forces which allow this kind of knowledge to be delivered are surprisingly here today. It is an unexpected boon you could say they we are taking advantage of.

The purpose of Modern Kabbalah is to share these insights the moment they come in. You never where something this incredible may lead to especially when you take this and run with it. Everyone is capable of this understanding which allows you to recognize the Field and the Knower of the Field. It is hard wired into our beings and represents truly the substrata of our existence.

In ancient times you'll find a phrase called 'the quickening of thought.' It is this quickening which revolves around every mystical or magical operation. This quickening may only be brought about when we are one with the Knower of the Field. Quickening also refers to the state of Mind that occurs when our repetitive thoughts are transcended and the higher mind is accessed. The literal rate of the vibration of your thinking is thereby increased. As this occurs there is no past or future. A phenomena is experienced much like the moments that are captured when playing or listening to music. It is in the moment that you experience the joy of the music. When playing music this happens just as you are inside of the notes that you are experiencing. If you were to stop to think about what came before or afterwards you would lose the thread and perhaps make a mistake taking you away from the moment of joy that happens as you are playing or even listening to the music. An inexperienced musician will make a mistake if he does not let go in his playing and allow the music to play him. In the same way we become the Knower of the Field by allowing ourselves to become the Field and then we truly know what is beyond words or worlds to describe, the inner happiness of complete perfection.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mastering the Mystery

The Mystery is Mind. Mind cannot be controlled but it can be mastered.

Control brings to Mind the ego which causes whirlpools of doubt. Learn to watch your thoughts to recognize these circles of doubt. You can interrupt these circles of doubt by keeping what Modern Kabbalah calls the High Watch. The High Watch is invoked everytime you reach up for a higher awareness. Read the Zohar, the Bahir, contemplate the Torah, think about your heart's desire. This removes the reign of doubt because your focus has been removed. In a sense you train yourself to no longer hear the lower voices of legion. This is all you have to do in order to remove yourself from the influence of lower thoughts.

Thoughts move in waves of cascading awareness. The more you become aware of what you are thinking the greater your degree of mastery. You become therefore more proficient in changing your mind by knowing how your Mind operates. When you know how it operates you can recognize when it is not operating in your highest interests. It then becomes paramount to you to focus your attention correctly everytime you remember this.

Memory is the Mind's greatest learning tool. Memory provides the template for every transcended emotion. You rise in thought by remembering how it feels to rise in thought. Then thought follows suit and provides you with an affirmation of itself.

The waves of thought may be surfed upon using a calm steady focus. As thought changes your focus also changes subtly. Go with the flow of higher thought by seeing the patterns of awareness you've been focusing upon in your meditations and in your inspirations. You promote these higher thoughts by adding to them through repetition, innovation and then ultimately raising them to the next level of thought.

Turn your attention and feel the presence of the Mystery guiding forward.

Each way you turn another facet comes into view. Maintain your focus throughout and become that which you are seeking. Act as though it is already there. Then in the next moment you'll be there and know what it is to become the Mystery.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Bahir 92

Next we find an expression of infinite connection. Let's see what the commentary for this is.

Bahir 92. He also said: What is the reason that we place blue wool in the Tzitzit ? And why are there 32 [threads]? What is this like? A king had a beautiful garden, and in it were 32 paths. He placed a watchman over them to show that all these paths belong to him alone. [The king] said to him, "Watch them, and walk upon them every day. As long as you walk these paths, you will have peace." What did the watchman do? He appointed other watchmen [as his assistants to watch] over them. He said, "If I remain alone on these paths, it is impossible for me, a single watchman, to maintain them all. Besides that, people may say that I am the king." The watchman therefore placed his assistants over all the paths. These are the 32 paths.

Commentary: The key to this verse is the deeper understanding of the pathways which mind follows to reach its central awareness. We're going to work this one from the outside in. That which takes place comes from our internal awareness; how we feel each day. When we react to outside forces we have no control of our feelings. When we allow our inner nature to expand as the watchman above expands his awareness through the agency of appointing other watchmen, we increase the unity of being which we feel. The King as always is our higher mind. See this as Keter on the Tree of Life and reference the 32 Paths that connect each Sephiroth together.
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Bahir 91

Remember we are still talking about the Zarka or accent which appears on a Hebrew word to give it emphasis. The symbol looks like a tilde. ~

Bahir 91. Why is [this accent] at the end of a word, and not at the beginning? This teaches us that this Crown rises higher and higher. It is included and crowned, as it is written (Psalm 118:22), "The stone that the builders rejected has become the head cornerstone." It ascends to the place from which it was graven, as it is written (Genesis 49:24) , "From there is the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel."

Commentary: Nothing is too insignificant. This discussion is about thoughts that we sometimes dismiss but that may act ever increasingly as a major source of our direction in life. What we put emphasis on in terms of emotion and our attention does become where we are spiritually in the moment. We may have an idea about having a better life and then we dismiss it as not being possible. This dismissal does not take away this thought. By our dismissal we have placed emphasis upon it. It can then by our faith and calling it forth rise and ascend to become our heart's desire. Like they say in baseball, 'It's never over until it's over.'

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Positive Direction

Choice. There is creativity in choice. You access the right way by allowing yourself the option to choose the right way. Prepare therefore the ground you walk on each day. Prepare your mind to be open to receive your highest thoughts. You are special and what you are seeking is special. You are seeking your good. It's time you find and enjoy your good. Let this moment be the moment of your good.

Expect your good to appear before you in this moment. Do not say where is my good. Groove the expression, 'here is my good.'

Your good speaks to you in a very specific way. The anticipation you feel from time to time is the anticipation of your good. Be careful not to misread the signs of your good otherwise you will miss it when it is there right in front of you.

Sometimes roads lead to dead ends. Your good is not like these roads. Your good is like a road that is simply called by another name as when Main Street leads you on to the Interstate at the end of town. Your good may change its name but it will never end.

Find yourself sitting squarely in the center of your good. Then from there every journey will be a part of your good; both the journey and your final destination will be manifesting your good.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Bahir 90

Look now the source of thought is revealed. Carefully digest this information.

Bahir 90. What is the reason that it is called Zarka? It is written (Ezekiel 3:12), "Blessed is the glory of God from His place." This indicates that no being knows His place. We recite [God's] name of the Crown, and it goes to the head of the Owner. It is thus written [regarding God] (Genesis 14:19), "Owner of heaven and earth." When it goes, it is like it is thrown (Zarka) . Following it is treasure (Segulah). It is at the head of all letters.

Commentary: Again the no thought is pointed out, "no being know His Place." The Crown is the highest thought from the Head of the Owner or Nameless One. When thought is released therein do we find the treasure, Joy. Therefore is Joy at the Head of all the letters.

A Brief Interlude

The absence of thought is called Joy. It is called Joy because of the greatness of thought and everything that comes after thought. The No Thing which features itself prominently in Eastern writings has this concept as its basis. That which is not means not taking thought or grooving thought but being in the presence of thought just before it arrives. There will you find true Joy of Being.

Bahir 89

Keep thought in mind going forward it is central to everything we learn about.

Bahir 89. Rabbi Amorai sat and expounded: What is the meaning of the Segol ? Its name is Segulah (treasure). It comes after the Zarka. What is the meaning of Zarka? It is like its name; something that is thrown (ni Zrak). It is like something that is thrown, and after it comes (Ecclesiastes 2:8), "the treasures of kings and lands."

Commentary: See these vowel signs as the emphasis that emotion gives to thought. See them yes like something that is thrown and then arrives. Remember now that joy is the answer to thought. More on this as we go along. Oh by the way, treasure here translates to joy. Keep this in mind too.

Bahir 88

This is explained in detail giving the symbols which heretofore have remained secret and are now revealed in brilliance.

Bahir Verse 88. What is the meaning of the expression, "It rose in thought"? Why do we not say that "it descended [in thought]"? Indeed, we have said, "One who gazes into the vision of the Chariot first descends and then ascends." We use the expression [of descent] there because we say, "One who gazes into the vision (Tzafayat) of the Chariot." The Aramaic translation of "vision" (Tzafiyat) is Sechuta [meaning a covering, and alluding to the fact that one is looking down from above]. It is also written (Isaiah 21:8), "And he called as a lion: `Upon the watchtower (Mitzpeh), O God.'" Here, however, we are speaking of thought, [and therefore only speak of ascent]. For thought does not include any vision, and has no ending whatsoever. And anything that has no end or limit does not have any descent. People therefore say, "Someone descended to the limit of his friend's knowledge." One can arrive at the limit of a person's knowledge, but not at the limit of his thought.

Commentary: The chariot is the cycle of thought. The vision is thought itself in terms of lower thought and higher thought. The watchtower is our ability to observe thought while it is in motion. Thoughts decay, this is the lower form of thoughts. New thoughts arise, this is the higher form of thought. It says thought doesn't include vision because vision tends to be stationary, however when vision is in movement so too therefore is thought. It says thought doesn't descend which is true. Only the echoes of thought descend. It is these echoes or klippot that confuse us and cause the reactions we have called the ego. When thought is followed to its natural extension we experience the unlimited. What a story we are telling here. Wait it gets better, stay tuned.

Bahir Verse 87

Do you see what comes next? It is the basis of all that has come before and the proof of Modern Kabbalah's exposition of thought being central to Kabbalistic discussion. It is odd that established Kabbalah does not shout this from the rooftops. Here we say it matter of fact style for what is cannot be other.

Bahir 87. It is written (Ecclesiastes 1:8), "The ear is not satiated from hearing." It is also written (Ecclesiastes 1:8), "The eye is not satiate from seeing." This teaches us that both draw from thought. What is thought? It is a king that is needed by all things that were created in the world, both above and below.

Commentary: Thought is eternal and always seeks a higher expression. Paramount and supreme is thought because thought issues itself from the higher voice. The trick is to listen for highest thought where at first there is no thought or a cessation of lower thought. Then the first thing to come to mind is joy. Lovely how this works.

Bahir 86

We continue where the two become one. Unity is the process of opening and closing.

Bahir Verse 86. Why should the Mem have two forms, open and closed? Because we said: Do not read Mem, but Mayim (Water). The woman is cold, and therefore, must be warmed by the male. Why should the Nun have two forms, bent and straight? Because it is written (Psalm 72:17), "Before the sun shall his name reign (ya-Nun). " [This is] from two Nuns, the bent Nun and the straight Nun , and it must be through male and female.

Commentary: Water is warmed by the sun and produces life, the creative life of thought, the manifest life of form. Open to thought in it highest realm, receive the blessing by partaking of the sun of no thought. The one cause the other to rise. Once in mind seen in kind.

Bahir Verse 85

Here we introduce the ideas of generation and thesis. Let's see how.

BAhir Verse 85 What is a Mem ? Do not read Mem, but Mayim (water). Just like water is wet, so is the belly always wet. Why does the open Mem include both male and female, while the closed Mem is male? This teaches us that the Mem is primarily male. The opening was then added to it for the sake of the female. Just like the male cannot give birth, so the closed Mem cannot give birth. And just like the female has an opening with which to give birth, so can the open Mem give birth. The Mem is therefore open and closed.

Commentary: See how from one thought we get two more thoughts and from their a synthesis and then an analysis. Before we go on to the next series of verses we introduce what comes before and what follows after. Modern Kabbalah teaches that it isn't so important to gather the meanings together in a neat bundle as it is to allow them to seed themselves and grow. Mem- Male and Female. Water is the analogy and its general meaning. See that from one drop is the split into two more drops and so on through infinite permutation. The male-female, in-out, thought-idea-concept all follow from a seed or drop of an idea. It is the giving birth that now takes our attention. From nothing something and then some more.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Garden of Possibility

     Here he was standing in the garden of possibility. It was a familiar place he was standing in. The grass grew tall although not so tall as to obscure the view of the running stream which stretched for miles meandering north and south. He felt a familiar tightness and found himself consciously giving himself suggestions to relax over and over again. It began working after about five minutes of conscious effort. Why he came here was a mystery to him. It was a peaceful tranquil place. Here he could become one with the moments as they passed by. It seemed as though this place lived in him and it wasn't until he returned here now thirty years since that he began to understand the meanings of this place. The peaceful calm that surrounded his thoughts here were a part of him now even when he was far removed from the physical presence of this garden of possibility. He understood now that his thoughts had been collected here and indeed had been harvested for a time when he would need them. It was odd for him to be reflecting upon these things in the middle of his busy world but odder still was the understanding that this time was the perfect time for such reflections. The past was something he dared not touch. He held it sacred even in the missteps he sometimes took. The artist in him could not bear to change a thing.
     He looked out over the water watching the ripples slowly ebb towards the surface. A gentle breeze blew across the water moving the rushes that were parked on both banks on either side. In distance a few birds were passing overhead. As so often happened during these times he had an insight.

     "He had to be there in connection in order to experience the connection. " His purpose was often revealed in such a simple way. Again the connection spoke to him.

      "There is the thing itself and the flavor of the thing. This is similar to lightning and thunder where one announces the other. Keep your eyes open and the lightning will strike otherwise when the thunder sounds you will be preoccupied. Always therefore listen. In order for you to experience connection place yourself where you want to be and then reach out in the ways you have come to know best."

It was by letting go of the effects that he was able to best experience them. The subtle nature of this event reminded him to remember one particular incident when he realized that the tides affected even this remote stream. This started a whole train of associations which continued into the present day and therefore became reinforced through this memory that in itself remained like the wetness on shore after the tide goes out.

"This is a reminder to you that the ebb and flow of your purposes and their focus are also a part of these tides that remain connected to you throughout your life experience. In this way all distance is shortened by memory. It is also the key to unlocking the dream sequence of discovery which issues into form. There is only one power and that is the power to imagine. Imagination brings near to you that which you have believed is distant. The proof of manifestation is in your realization that each envisioning opens up another door to reveal to you the reality of what is now. Open the doors and let all be revealed. See yourself opening these doors the same way you see yourself in dreams solving problems and triumphing over adverse situations. Open the doors and shake hands with every opportunity which comes through. Go ahead now and open the doors."

He did open the doors and at first there was darkness and then all of a sudden a blinding light. It wasn't until much later that he realized what had just happened to him. In fact the same kind of thing kept on each time he entered another awareness signalled by the door opening. It was explained to him in this way.

"Questions burst forth each time you open a door. They are lined up for miles around the figurative blocks of awareness that are hidden. When you uncover these mysteries the first thing they want to do is to ask their own questions. This explains the sudden darkness. Their revelations are indicated by the blinding light that next comes through. It is the light of understanding that now becomes the ground upon which you choose to walk."

He stands still now poised on the edge of exactly where he chooses to be. It is a time to be relaxed in the moment. The making or acceptance of that which is made has taken on another dimension. It is an uncomfortable feeling. While he brought in the light of understanding his direction was clear. Once he arrived at the intended destination however, he paused to see what would come next. Then the voice opened up for him.

"It is a different kind of making. In this case your essence is being energized and lightly seeded with the forms of invention. These inventions arise out of all earlier envisioning. Their signature touches you in a different place both physically and mentally. This is something that you need to be aware of. Listen above to where you are focused. Seek beyond. Opening doors is doors is one thing. Finding the windows within each passing structure is another. These windows not only let in the light but they let in the formalized substance, the result of your envisioning. Look for them everywhere and feel the answering spirit rise in response to finding them."

He stopped and remembered that all really was well and proceeding just as it should be. He took and deep breath and smiled. The wind answered him by rising and falling letting its cool breath touch him ever so lightly. Soon it would be night. He rose to walk away for now with a promise to return whenever the spirit moved him.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Secret Name

The secret name YHVH is certainty and is spelled in the following way.

Yud is the emphasis from above the inspiration that knows itself. Visualize one Yud and then many Yud's slowly coasting down from above. Each Yud represents another level of certainty. Utilize these Yuds in visualizing them as simply saying Yes. Therefore you have all these Yes's or Yud's streaming without measure from the above to the below.

In between you have the formation of your thoughts into the object of your heart's desire. This is symbolized by the first Heh in the Tetragramaton. This Heh is the abode of your focus. As you increase your focus and work towards your heart's desire this Heh steadily becomes the repository for your objectives. It is located spiritually in between the above and below poised for the next phase of the operation of the secret name.

Next comes the Vav which connects the spiritualized form with its actualized expression. Your thoughts utilize this channel of certainty to come into being as experience. The secret in all of this is our awareness of the process which is taking place.

The completion of this divine secret is the second Heh. It reflects perfectly through the agency of the Vav streaming down from the upper or first Heh. It reproduces that which appears first above and now is seen below.

The secret revealed here is that there is a location for your thoughts and a definite pattern for your awareness to follow. The YHVH pattern outlined is not the only pattern which may be used. Other patterns you may find work equally well. The YHVH pattern is described because of its connection with Torah and Kabbalah so that new insights may be drawn from this.

Have a great weekend all!

Mark Siet

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bahir Verse 84

The following discussion is about the Closed Mem and the Open Mem. There is an obscure series of references going on here. Let's see what we can come up with in terms of interpretation.

Verse 84. The open Mem . What is the open Mem ? It includes both male and female. What is the closed Mem ? It is made like a belly from above. But Rabbi Rahumai said that the belly is like the letter Teth . He said it is like a Teth on the inside, while I say that it is like a Mem on the outside.

Commentary: If you look at the Hebrew letters you see the final Mem is closed and the regular Mem is open in the left bottom corner. Because this Mem is open it is said to include both male and female or the energy of the idea-male and it's expression-female. The closed Mem is like a Teth on the outside. Teth is the symbol for serpent whereas inside it is like a Mem which is water. It is therefore shown this way to symbolize a serpent swimming on the outside of the water or on top of the water. The water is our consciousness, the vast repository of all thought. The serpent is the life force which directs consciousness. It sits on top of consciousness and is able to direct consciousness according to will. This connection between consciousness and the serpent force has always been united in will. Will is the act of choice, your choice. There is no movement in the direction of your heart's desire without Will. The only way you rise above consciousness itself is to become like the serpent that swims upon its waters.

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