Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Choose the event horizon of your heart's desire

There is always a choice about what to think. Each moment you are pulled by actions, reactions and thoughts. Your choice is to move along with the status quo or to seek out new horizons. When you seek out new horizons a corresponding expansion in consciousness takes place. You will then find yourself saying 'I can do this' and 'I become this.' What you are tapping into in terms of the energy relationships taking place are the various processes that make things work. Then by degrees you begin to reflect and say, 'I can make this happen,' and 'I am making this happen' and 'I see this happening.'

Inside of your mind you have the key to unlock the doors of your awakening into the worlds of your new horizons. It must be so. There isn't any other interface that would make your connections just the way you would like to see them.

Your connections are those points of contact within your thoughts that place you there inside of your heart's desire. The feelings are expanding as you make contact and grow within your familiarity with this focus. You also feel a sense of excitement and even a restlessness within. This indicates not only a growing connection but also a change of station. This change of station means that you are going from the perception of one type of reality into the focus of another type of reality. In this case the new horizon announces your imminent arrival into the focus of your heart's desire. In effect all of your feelings then provide you with the event horizon of awakening into your desired place of being.

The most important factor to consider along these lines of awakening is the attenuation of focus. In order to compensate for this you may do the same thing that is applied to power or speaker cables where the current or decibel level drops after long distances. In the latter case, repeaters are setup to boost the power so that the current is kept at a constant strength. You may setup reminders or repeaters in your mind to keep your focus on track and full of its initial inspirational power. Therefore when you feel your inspiration flagging put yourself into the place of power where your initial overflowing inspiration came from. Say yes to this place and all that it represents. When you do this you reawaken the energy that has gone dormant due to the attenuation of your focus. Now with renewed strength it moves forward once again bringing with it a whole new cycle of excitement and fulfillment.

Learn then to trust the flows of your mind and to act accordingly.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

See beyond

See beyond where you are into who you are.
See past the time limits of focus and attend to the limitless being that you are.

Bahir Verse 74

Note: In the last posting on the Bahir it was titled Bahir 69-72 when it should have been Bahir 69-73 as verse 73 was also explained in this post. Therefore we will continue with Bahir verse 74.

Verse 74 adds some more meaningful insights into our interpretations. The trick to all of these verses is to read them as a whole and as related to the rest of the body of work. We shall see this format explained further as the Commentary describes below.

Bahir Verse 74. And it is written (Psalm 18:12), "He made darkness His hiding place round about, His Succah the darkness of waters , thick clouds of the skies (Shechakim) ." He said: Regarding this it is written (Isaiah 45:8), "The skies (Shechakim) pour down righteousness." This righteousness (Tzadik) is the Attribute of Judgement for the world. It is thus written (Deuteronomy 16:20), "Righteousness, righteousness shall you pursue." Immediately after this, it is written, "that you may live and occupy the land." If you judge yourself, then you will live. If not, then it will judge you, and it will be fulfilled, even against your will.

Commentary: First we will take the various parts. The darkness is the place of Mystery. Yes it is the darkness of waters. Waters are flowing so that we need only lift the clouds from above to reveal their purpose. Out of these thick clouds pour down righteousness. It is the righteousness of Judgement which by other words may be termed Karma. And then the last part, 'if you judge yourself then you will live. If not, it will judge you, and it will be fulfilled , even against your will.'
The question is what is it that judges you and how can it be that you will judge yourself? These are the parts herein described. Now the whole.

Our thoughts reside in darkness because we think them and then seemingly forget them. Yet are they still there pregnant as the waters are teeming with life. When our thoughts are good they bring forth the righteousness that is to be poured down. The attribute of judgement can only come about by what we think about ourselves. This is the answer to who is judging us. We are judged by our own reflection. This isn't magic, it is law. It is the way things work. If you are conscious of your thinking then you will strive to maintain thoughts that are uplifting and creative in design. You will think of your hearts desire and hold this close to you in mind. If you do not pay attention to your thinking and haphazardly allow yourself to dwell upon negativity then what you are building up inside of those dark cloud is a sea of Judgement which falls harshly upon you even though you would never have chosen this Judgement for yourself were you conscious of what you were doing while you were thinking. This is what it means by, 'even against your will' in Verse 74 above. This verse is telling you what to expect from conscious awareness and what to expect from unconscious action or reaction. Make your good so that you will see it stored in the heaven of your mind pouring down to you in times you know not to fill your life with joy and abundance. Seed the skies with gladness. Rejoice for your joy fills the heavens with the seeds of your own continuous awakening.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Making good things happen

I am focused in the awareness of the process of making good things happen in what I see, do and experience. This process comes about as a result of my desire building itself into my determination.

Determination is the steady progress that we make in extending out awarenss into those areas that are becoming real in the moment each day. The reality of these moments are that various expressions in form are acting as the witnesses to the unfolding of this process of making good things happen. It is therefore by the imagining of form that we become aware of form and then surrounded by the forms of our awareness.

We induce the qualities of awareness that we seek to find in the expression of that awareness. Thought is the result of a current in mind that takes us from the known to the unknown. In this unknown spark of recognition that takes place there is a transformation in the actual substance of our mind stuff. In this way we cause the unknown to become known in the forms of our awareness and then in the substance of our experience.

When we send positive affirmations filled with emotion along the polar pathways of mind we are setting up the corresponding answer. These are waves of energy returning to their maker filled now with transformed substance. In each view we see improvements to the forms of our imagination. This is offered to you by way of encouragement. Many times we are on the road to success when we for one reason or another give up because of negativity encountered along the way. Persistent effort therefore becomes a way of life. Keep sending the ripples of your good along through to the primordial lake which responds in kind by sending the waves of return in the forms white water you witness as the tides of your demonstration along the shores of your imagination.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bahir 69-72

Herein the inner core of Kabbalah is discussed.

Bahir verse 69. What is the meaning of, "I heard a report of You and I feared, [O God, bring to life Your works in the midst of the years]"? Why does the verse say "I feared" after "I heard a report of You," and not after "in the midst of the years"? But it was "from the report of You" that "I feared." What is the "report of You"? It is the place where they listen to reports. Why does the verse say "I heard" and not "I understood"? [The word "heard" has the connotation of understanding] as we find (Deuteronomy 38:49), "A nation whose language you do not hear."

Commentary: Listen. The deepness of your revelation will astound you. Hear the voice within proclaim its sovereignty. The meanings we get from this verse arise from what is suggested. Give your thoughts now to a novel concept. Call it the reflective attention. The moment you begin to become inspired this reflective attention comes into play. It continues to operate as long as your inspiration lights the fires of your awareness. All reports mentioned above are the result of this reflective attention. Without this reflective attention no thoughts can enter into form for it is this reflective attention that verifies all resident thought forms and approves them for entry into manifestation. Call it advanced listening.

We continue in the next verse 70

Bahir 70. Why did he say "I feared"? Because the ear looks like the letter Aleph . The Aleph is the first of all letters. Besides this, the Aleph causes all the letters to endure. The Aleph looks like the brain. When you mention the Aleph you open your mouth. The same is true of thought, when you extend your thoughts to the Infinite and Boundless. From Aleph emanate all letters. Do we not see that it is first? It is thus written (Micah 2:13), "God (YHVH) is at their head." We have a rule that every Name that is written Yod He Vav He is specific to the Blessed Holy One and is sanctified with holiness. What is the meaning of "with holiness"? This is the Holy Palace. Where is the Holy Palace? We would say that it is in thought and in the Aleph . This is the meaning of the verse, "I heard a report of You and I feared."

Commentary: You see how thought must now be mentioned whereas before there is no mention of thought. The key to understanding this Bahir has been made clear. It is thought that is its leading edge. All throughout in what I've been calling Modern Kabbalah it is to thought that I am turning my attention to. The brain and thought and emanation are all mentioned in this verse. Then the head of thought is God symbolized by the name. In other words we cannot begin to think without recognition of where our thought emanates from. If we do we lose the thread and our plan becomes unravelled. When we remember to listen with 'holiness' then we experience this reflective attention and prepare the ground for our thought to be realized. The 'Holy Palace' mentioned is where our thought reigns. It is incredibly significant that thought hasn't been presented to us before and now in this verse thought is spoken of twice! When you listen deeply you know the signs which penetrate the mystery giving rise to revelations and all things that are one.

Come forward now and see the revelations that are wrought out of the next verse 71

Bahir Verse 71. Habakkuk therefore said: I know that my prayer is accepted with delight. I also delighted when I came to that place where I understood "a report of You and I feared." Therefore, "Bring to life your works in the midst of the years" ­ through Your unity. What is this like? A king who was talented, hidden and concealed went into his house and commanded that no one seek him. One who does seek is therefore afraid, lest the king find out that he has violated the king's order. [Habakkuk] therefore said, "I feared, O God, bring to life Your works in the midst of the years." This is what Habakkuk said: Because You name is in You, and You is Your name, "bring to life Your works in the midst of the years." Thus will it be forever.

Commentary: The closing sentence hits home clearly the image of thought coming to life or thought being manifested. This process is an eternal process. It must be so. The prayer of delight is the prayer in which you realize that your words are to become the forms you will see. Yes you do seek the hidden which is the manifestation of your thoughts. This King has been made King by our reflective attention. The realization of the great work is that our thoughts do produce the forms of our life. When we remember to begin with God or with perfection then everything else that carries through from Thought Into Form reveals the name. The one and only name which is completion and fulfillment. The manifested substance seen hiding there in the midst of the God emanation of thought.

Come further now. We're on a roll. See what verse 72 illuminates.

Bahir Verse 72. Another explanation of "Bring to life Your works in the midst of years": What is this like? A king had a beautiful pearl, and it was the treasure of his kingdom. When he is happy, he embraces it, kisses it, places it on his head, and loves it. Habakkuk said: Even though Kings are with You, the beloved pearl is in Your world. Therefore, "Bring to life Your works in the midst of years." What is the meaning of "years"? It is written (Genesis 1:3), "And God said, `Let there be light.'" Light is nothing other than day, as it is written (Genesis 1:16) , "The great light to rule the day, and the small light to rule the night." Years are made from days. It is thus written, "Bring to life Your works in the midst of years" ­ in the midst of that pearl that gives rise to years.

Commentary: See the pearl here most of all. It is the pearl of great price. This pearl is created by the accretion of mind stuff. Listen to what it says: 'Bring to life Your works,' which means see your thoughts through to manifestation. This is the purpose of all meditation. Then there follows 'in the midst of year' which is taken to be tied to light and to the passing of days. These days which pass are the opportunities for witnessing the grand events of your life and for taking hope and filling it with gratitude as your season of plenty arrives right on time. Bring to life your perfection of purpose that is what you have and are currently designing within your mind fashioned by the thoughts you are thinking. In the midst of the pearl that has been formed by the accretion of positive thought forms which now because of their frequency (days of light) and purpose (your intention) now come to pass as surely as each day forms itself out of the night.

This particular section of verses 69-73 concludes with the brilliance of verse 73 adding insight to purpose and granting illumination to inspiration.

Bahir Verse 73. But it is written (Isaiah 43:5), "[Fear not, for I am with you,] I will bring your seed from the east." The sun rises in the east, and you say that the pearl is day. [He replied:] I am only speaking with regard to the verse (Genesis 1:5) "And it was evening and it was morning, day." Regarding this it is written (Genesis 2:4), "In the day that God made earth and heaven."

The seed from the east is the sun. It is the light of your mind, the beginning of another opportunity to work on the fruitful bounty that is your heart's desire. Look what it says. The 'pearl is day.' How magnificent. We build within ourselves the day or the light of understanding which knows thought through to form. Imagine the facility we obtain in this process once we become aware of all of its many shining facets of discovery. A clarification is given as well here. 'In the day that God made heaven and earth' refers to the day of delight in which our forms appear and our understanding of this entire process is made clear. Day refers as well to the light that the pearl of your thought now shines forth. Everywhere you turn it is I am that reflects back to you the forms of your mind's eye. It is the pearl which glistens as a result of your reflective attention. This reflective attention knows what is going on and proceeds always from a point of certainly.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Bahir 68

Now the way is prepared and it is shown in all its glory. See inside and then venture there to all palaces of the imagination.

We continue with the Bahir.

Bahir verse 68. : The disciples asked Rabbi Rahumai: What is the meaning of the verse (Habakkuk 3:1), "A prayer of Habakkuk the prophet, for errors." A prayer? It should be called a praise [since it speaks of God's greatness]. But whoever turns his heart from worldly affairs and delves in the Works of the Chariot * is accepted before God as if he prayed all day. It is therefore called "a prayer." What is the meaning of "for errors"? As it is written [regarding wisdom] (Proverbs 5:19), "With its love you shall always err." Regarding what is this speaking? The Works of the Chariot, as it is written (Habbakuk 3:2) "O God, I heard a report of You and I feared."

Commentary: Look within and discriminate the truth. 'Works of the Chariot' refers to the works of the mind in contemplation of God. The impelling force of inquiry is the opening to all phases of the mystery. All we need to is to keep asking the question. Answers are then forthwith added. We then take our wisdom from these answers in order to apply them daily. First we make the effort and if we seem to fail we continue without regard for judgement of the results. Our effort is therefore ongoing and cumulative. Pulse and pace provides the answer here. More on this aspect in another post.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Today I awaken to more than myself

You have something which you want more than anything. It is something which only you can get excited about and it is something that drives your life from day to day. It is such a driving purpose that it has never left your side in the midst of all kinds of other life situations. Seek this purpose or reaffirm now here in this day. I say this about myself yet I share this with you because I know that each of us is similarly motivated. Some realize their purpose and go for it. Others seek their purpose and then find it and go for it. It is movement and this in itself comprises the impetus for all spiritual growth.

First there is a dissatisfaction with the status quo. Then an awareness grows that the world isn't what it appears to be and that all of our markers for self expression are indeed of primary importance in our world. You learn to motivate yourself by what you are thinking and to deprogram yourself from the outside influences which do not have your best interests at their central focal point. Wherever you are in your search for self awareness, in your awakening, you can know without a doubt that your movement itself in the direction of who you really are is good. It is good because nature awakens within you as you awaken to nature. These mutual awakenings are always about growth without and without.

Expansions of the soul produce expansions in the mind stuff which brings forth all that your heart desires. Today I recognize this in the wonders all around me. Today I am more than myself because I am growing to be all that is. I am growing to be the totality in my awareness and in my awakening. I welcome all that comes into my view for my good. I welcome it with open arms and a clear mind. Yes today it is very good. I declare it so and so it is.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


It is always consciousness that determines the state of mind you are in. Then all of your actions take place within the context of this state of mind. These actions refer to all of your reactions and all of your inner thought processes. These inner thought processes are what open up in response to your changed way of thinking.

The question I am most often asked about this kind of thing is 'how do you build certainty in your mind?' Your feelings are the building blocks of certainty. Most notably your good feelings.

The Mind's Eye

What is it that you see in the Mind's Eye. Where has your focus been centered on? Is it centered or does it flit around like a firefly to the various lights it sees on a summer night.

The Mind's Eye is a special place built upon the images you hold most dear. Here is where you'll find what I've been calling your heart's desire. The things you want most are those things that need to be the center of your focus. Take inventory of your precious within. Make sure you haven't switched to autopilot and are grooving negativity either from your past or from some media impetus you've been hook by during the day.

Energize and emotionalize the images of your choice and see them in the Mind's Eye. Do not let them depart your awareness but rather keep them with you. Let your images of your heart's desire act as the backdrop of your awareness. This involves a subtle shift in emphasis. It makes the unseen draw itself into the seen.

How does this relate to Modern Kabbalah? Consider that thought without intention is chaos. When you meditate you provide the intention to focus on your heart's desire. A Kabbalist learns how to direct his intention and thereby his or her focus on to the things that are most important. Important is defined by your heart's desire. Do not forget this because you are in fact driving the focus of your heart's desire every time you build up the images within your Mind's Eye.

The study of Torah, Mishnah, Bahir, Zohar or any sacred writings is for one purpose alone. It is to teach you how to think. The obscure nature of sacred writings forces you to look beneath the surface for answers that show the light. By this process then you become well versed in digging for the light. Repeated success in uncovering inspiration leads to even greater success in consideration of your heart's desire. You learn that an idea only represents a starting point for your awareness to beckon within. That is why persistent attention to the images in your Mind's Eye brings about the manifestation of those considered images. This is the way things in essence work. Kabbalah teaches you how to think. Modern Kabbalah teaches you that you have a choice in terms of what you can think about. That choice must have your attention and forms the basis of your intention in terms of forever opening up the images of your Mind's Eye.

Today's see yourself inside of these images of the Mind's Eye and stand with wonder at the manifestation of your heart's desire.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Moving into the perfect moment

My thoughts that I have chosen are the highest. They rule completely. Their influence directly impacts my life. They are the impetus behind every form I would see appear. These higher thoughts, there isn't anything else like them. They persist and grow more magnificent each day. Every chance I get let me remember them and derive comfort from them. Let me live among them and experience my very state of being from them. No other thoughts can replace them. No other vibrations or meanings can supplant their supreme reign over all of my consciousness. Because of this I have complete confidence in my higher thoughts. I activate now within the awareness of their omnipotence their inexorable passing into form. What they promise I become. I reach up and thereby vibrate to their energy and through these vibratory influences the keys are provided for opening the gates. I am ruled by these higher realms of being feeling the forces of activation now taking place all around me. They are calm these forces and yet the raw power in them knows of force that may come in their way. Everything is thought of so that there is a total becoming of that which is into that which becomes and is. In this way do I make the connection between earth and sky, Form and thought, the below and the above channeling the energy flows in complex permutations entering change upon change until the desired meanings are brought forth.

Today. Right now. Here in this moment I call upon these higher thoughts, forces, energies, vibrations, nexus of ideations to bring forth that which I am thinking of. Surround my vision clear with purposeful representation, indeed the actual realized forms themselves, which I have connected with in every part of my being. I look because I have already seen what is above to appear below. I let go of all unsuccessful earlier attempts. They are no longer a part of my mix nor will any vibrations of limiting nature be allowed to come near these proceedings as they go along. Keep my mind away from any vibrations which do not uplift my efforts in every single way.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bahir 67

This next verse is thick with meanings and filled with places to get lost in. We will however keep to our purpose and derive the gold hidden herein through the methods of Modern Kabbalah.

Bahir Verse 67. What is the meaning of (Leviticus 26:28), “[I will chastise you, also I], seven for yoursins”? The Congregation of Israel said: “I will chastise you, also I” – and also those regarding
which it is written (Psalm 119:164), “Seven each day I praised You.”
They joined her and replied: Also us seven. Even though among us is the one who reverses
itself, the one who oversees good and merit, we too will reverse ourselves and chastise.
Why? Because of your sins.
But if you return to Me, then I will return to you. It is thus written (Malachi 3:7), “Return to
Me, and I will return to you.”
The scripture does not say, “I will bring you back to Me.” Instead it says, “I will return to
you” – with you. We will all seek mercy from the King.
What does the King say? [He says] (Jeremiah 3:22), “Return you backsliding children, I will
heal your backslidings.” [He also says] (Ezekiel 18:30), “Return and bring back.”
What is the meaning of the verse, “Return and bring back”? Come back and ask those Seven
to return with you. The scripture therefore says, “and bring back “ – those regarding which it
is written, “seven for your sin.”

Commentary: There are four parts to this verse. Three basic avenues with a fourth avenue which intersects and ties all three together. Watch how this is done.

The first part concerns chastise, seven and sins. We are being reminded of the seven sephiroth below the divine triad of keter, chokmah and binah. The world of form is indicated. The sins which take place do so because we need to operate in the world of causation and not expect the world of form to tranmit the higher ideas we are inspired by in the world of causation. Now how do we turn around our sins seven times revealed by these seven sephiroth. We reverse the direction and move up then seven until we find ourselves immersed in the divine triad. Then it is causation we are coming from and all sins are thereby forgiven.

The second part is about return and the seeking of mercy, and this is explained in terms of the essence of what is returns to its source. Of course every manifestation must express itself but that expression is not the totality of the thing itself but is merely a reflection.

The third part is about bringing back. It really means remembering the one. It means remembering the source and that causation is where we operate from on high.

The fourth part which ties in the other three bring back the seven. It is a direct returning up the tree of life to the central portion that is given to us throughout all of our wanderings. We have a place to go to where our errors, sins are healed and we can then start anew.

It is the flow of energy which is being described as well as its ability to change direction. Don't be put off by words like sin, or chastise, or even backslidings. Step outside the world of guilt association and into the realm of ideas where thoughts are the currency of choice. Everything here refers to the quality and direction of your thinking. You are building up or you are tearing down. However you remain linked to and one with all of creation.

Monday, August 08, 2005

A Sense of Direction

Just because things are a certain way doesn't mean that they have to stay that way.

Prepare the spirit winds of time to become your ally and change the world in which you are living into the image of your own best reflection. Every preparation that you make in terms of your spiritual studies is an aspect of learning how to focus your attention. Your attention determines where in time and space you are going to be. Most spiritual disciplines will tell you that your greatest point of power is in this now that comes to you in this moment. There is something you must know however, about this now. This now always contains every bit of your future so that your meaningful attention 'Now' carries with it your prayers and designs for the future.

A note about the spirit winds: These are the forces of attention that you wield sometimes unconsciously and hopefully increasingly with an attentuated awareness. The spirit winds blow from one end of your ambient world to the next. They contain your thoughts, hopes and dreams. The direction in which they blow is determined by your feelings and your certainty of your objective. They are invisible forces linking your mind to the matrix of your realized manifestations. Like the wind in the world they touch everything with their caress, sometimes lightly and sometimes with a wild rush of energy flowing into and over all of your perceptual awareness making ideas into realized forms. These spirit winds grow into full consciousness creating within their purpose complete worlds of being. What is especially important for us to know is that the spirit winds are in operation unceasingly.

Get to know well the place where you want to be. Then the spirit winds will be drawn here to image into existence this place with you at its center. At a certain point you will then be called to this center in ways that are unimaginable now but seem perfectly reasonable when they occur in the course of every day.

The Kabbalist knows the thought and its direction and then allows the spirit winds to do their part in the outworking of the plan. This part about allowing is critical to a successful entrance into realized form. If you keep directing one way and then direct in another contrary way, the spirit winds swirl spinning away their energy in currents that are contradictory. Your focus may change. This is natural. However the direction must always be consistent to keep the impetus flowing of your realized thoughts. It is in this case revelation that adds the necessary forward motion to roll the vortices of energy onward to their intended destination.

When the spirit winds reach their intended destination complementary cycles of forces are established. These complementary cycles of energy act upon the 'no-thing' to rearrange our perception and to provide a constant beacon as to their location from afar. With the constant pulsing of this beacon we are able to find our way into the world of our heart's desire because the constant pulsing matches exactly the beating of this heart's desire. The signature and it's sending forth are one.

If someone told you that you were going to take a trip to Spain, you would look on a map, chart a course, make travel arrangements, pack and then depart. Spain is there you say to yourself as you are travelling. You are most certain of this. Similarly you may act when you are going off to become your heart's desire. You envision it's location and see the boundaries of it's form. You engage in revelation to fuel your desire and chart your course. The result you have is a clear picture of what you want. There is your certainty. Like Spain now you have a definite place to travel to. You buy your ticket by listening to and activating the spirit winds. You travel by allowing yourself to be led by these subtle yet powerful forces. You arrive with your certainty overflowing in the place that you have always known to be, that of your heart's desire.

If there is one thing that I would mention to aspiring Kabbalists who seek to understand this ancient art it is that it isn't enough to study and be connected. A Kabbalist must have a direction, a place to prove his or her self. This proof amounts to the developing certainty of connection which goes hand in hand with all study of Torah. In order to read between the lines you have to have a sense of where you are going at all times. Likewise in your life you must establish a definite direction and have the sense of knowing that the place you are travelling to is already there. This kind of objective and the work you take to get there are sometimes known as the 'building of the temple' within.

I am offering these insights now by way of stopping along the way and checking our map to make sure that we are following the course of our heart's desire. I choose to follow my heart's desire and by way of these writings hope to inspire you to do the same. The purpose or direction of everything that I find out about Torah, or Bahir, or Thought Into Form is to increase the signposts along the way to our heart's desire. I have the intention of lighting up this path every chance I get.

Imagine now that in some inexplicable way we are all travelling together and that our purpose is in realizing our heart's desire. Through sharing the light we can make it easier for others who come along this same path. We do this because in effect this is how all of us have come here since the beginning. There has always been a sharing of the light because as we have come to know this is the entire purpose of creation, to share the light and continue shine it where there is darkness.

In spite of our fears and doubts all that darkness really is can be decribed as that which is waiting for the light to reveal itself. We can see that in ourselves as well. What we don't know is simply placed there so that we can know and through this knowing share what we know increasing the light and opening more and more of the darkness that we come upon.

  • Know that something is happening. The energy of expectation cannot be overstated. It is with a growing sense of excitement that you will realize your heart's desire. Continue in this kind of feeling throughout the variations which occur within your thinking feeling process.

    Accept these feelings-thoughts. Breathe them in deeply. Go past all obstacles both real and imagined.
    Practice saying 'yes I accept this in both my vision and my experience.'

    Relax now. Close your eyes briefly. Imagine your thoughts are being turned inside out. Feel the growing excitement and know that it is coming from your realized objective whatever that may be. When you are in this state of mind any spiritual readings you may undertake will all add to your certainty because they will affirm feelings of anticipation.

    These constructs of your imagination only remain so as long as you withhold your feelings from them. Once your feelings of expectation are brought into being then you are in effect calling upon the spirit winds to carry your voice into the regions of the great unknown lighting and providing a mold for the incoming formation of being as thought form.

    A final step is to increase your emotion, to raise it to the capacity of joy, to stand in the moment of expectation and feel the dance of your joy spinning around the thought form as it coalesces now into the images of your reflection. You see this is no small thing you have wrought. All of this too has been because you've allowed yourself to become a channel for the creation that is already everywhere all around you. You see or experience then what you are according to how much you see. In this case it is how much you feel what you have envisioned as your template for the spontaneous appearance of being.

    In review. You become what you have envisioned by feeling it deeply.

  • Friday, August 05, 2005

    Perception: The Enchanted View

    The way I am thinking is that it must go or proceed from what I believe to be true. It is always my perception that I have in front of me. I cannot help this because my eyes go wherever I go. My eyes have been conditioned throughout the years by experience. This causes expectation to go before it due to the preconceived notion that things are going to be for the most part how they have always been. There comes a time however, when you are able to lift these preconceived expectations from their hold on your sensory apparatus. You are then able to change the view that you see which accordingly changes the experiences you encounter. Then you may in your enhanced view look through the eyes of your continual awakening. The views that you are now able to see are enchanted views. These enchantments act magically to superimpose the images you have as your hearts desire. In order to release these images fully you have to let go of your eyes. You have to let go of the way you see in the present in order to experience the awakened vision. This doesn't mean that you close your eyes to the world you presently see. It means that you will now be able to interchange the lenses of your perception. You are then able to exchange one view for another. In spiritual terms what you see therefore becomes what you get.

    Place what you want to see before you. Give it enough distance so that you may have the proper perspective. The proper perspective refers primarily to the emotional distance you are trying to maintain. Then it becomes a matter of sending all of your thoughts in one direction. Even your casual thoughts may be of service to you for what you are doing is strengthening the inner connections which make all things be what they are. When you therefore act with awareness it follows that your actions too will become self aware. The way in which you will see the results then becomes a reflection of the current of active manifestation. In this way not only will you get to go and experience everything that you have set your heart's desire upon, you will also groove the way making it easier to repeat your enchantments on the next series of visions you set your mind upon.

    When you therefore follow up your enchantment and ask what are the results that are showing forth, you set up the openings for the in flowing of your manifestation.

    Follow through. Act as though it is already done. Be open to every bit of new information which comes your way. Inspirations and the like act as catalysts for the ongoing unfoldment of your heart's desire.

    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    Bahir Verse 66

    If you want to rise above into the highest places in heaven you'll need to know where the stairs are and when to hold on and when to let go. This next verse speaks to these very things in it's usual obscure fashion. Meanings like memories change as the years go by. They become golden and filled with more poignancy then the original event first inspired. So too does the Bahir, that ancient memory of higher thought bring forth new meanings ever more golden as the inspiration which fired them is still in motion and this day shines its light on you.

    Bahir Verse 66. And Rabbi Rahumai said: What is the meaning of the verse (Leviticus 26:28), “[I will chastise you,] also I”? God said, “I will chastise you.”
    The Congregation of Israel said, “Do not think that I will seek mercy for you, but I will
    chastise you. Not only will I render judgement, but I will also chastise you.”

    Commentary: Do not look for your spiritual development outside of yourself. The only judgement is ever takes place is the harmony of consciousness. Are your thoughts in line with your actions? Are you following your heart desire? Are you being true to yourself? A 'yes' answer promotes your internal harmony, no means you have work to do, maybe means that you are on your way and just need to keep at it. What stops you ultimately is your inability to let go of thoughts which are contradictory. These thoughts may have been learned or acquired in any number of ways. You may in fact still be acquiring these thoughts unconsciously. So what is the way through here? Where are the steps that reach higher into your own self awareness. Notice in the above verse there is a change of voice taking place. First the teacher recounts 'God's voice,' and then alludes to another voice, the 'also I' quoted above. It is a key to understanding those in between places in mind. It is where the energy flows in one direction or another. The I voice assumes ownership and rides the wave of thought but only as far as the focus within this I voice continues to rise. When obstacles are reached this I voice learns to transcend these obstacles like the Emerald Tablet of Hermes quotes, 'overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing.' This 'I voice' can know no obstacles. That is why it says 'I will chastise you,' above in verse 66. Chastise means that this voice cannot go any further and therefore will seek and obtain transcendence.

    What is missing above is the one true voice which navigates all of the realms of consciousness. It is the called the knower of the field in Eastern terms. This knower is behind all right action. There is a state of mind that puts you into a feeling of distance with extreme connectivity. You can recognize the totality of being from this vantage point. When the Bahir speaks of God, it is speaking of 'that which cannot be known' but only can only be alluded to . When the Bahir speaks about the congregation of Israel, it is speaking about mass mind and the effects of karma. These are important concepts to know as we move forward through these verses. The concept of the knower of the field puts us back in the center of things.

    We cannot conceive of being 'that which cannot be known.' We can however imagine the feeling of being connected with everything that is going on while still maintaining our own individuality. We can do this because this is essentially our basic nature. We forget when there is interference which is when we are 'chastised' to return our state of grace which is administered through judgement or the quality of knowing where is the right place to be.

    Monday, August 01, 2005

    Bahir Verse 65

    Here we continue with the thought of judgement and enter into the essence of the thing.

    Bahir Verse 65: 'And what wisdom did God give to Solomon? Solomon had God's name. We have thus said that whenever Solomon is mentioned in the Song of Songs, it is a holy name, except in one case. God said to him, "Since your name is like the name of My Glory, I will let you marry my daughter." But she is married! Let us say that He gave her to him as a gift. It is thus written (1 Kings 5:26), "And God gave wisdom to Solomon." Here, however, it is not explained. Where then is it explained? When the scripture states (1 Kings 3:28), "For they saw that the wisdom of God was in him to do judgement." We then see that the wisdom that God gave him was such that he could "do judgement." What is the meaning of "to do judgement?" As long as a person does judgement, God's wisdom is inside him. This is what helps him and draws him near. If not, it repels him, and not only that, but it also punishes him. It is thus written (Leviticus 26:28), "I will chastise you, also I."

    Commentary: In Aryeh Kaplan's Bahir he speaks about how we can find God's name inside of Solomon and gives meanings in terms of the references that are mentioned here. We however are taking another approach. This approach looks behind the meanings for the seed or core of the verse. As soon as you name something you cause your focus to be attentuated there. It is like a storage place for consciousness. It is also like the place where your understanding resides. Solomon has discovered that within his place of focus, there he finds what is in essence God or thoughts about God. The Wisdom which he is given happens as a result of being in this holiest of places within. It is the natural flowing forth of our attention which now is colored with this God essence. The glory mentioned here refers to Tiphereth. It is the result of the transformation of this understanding of the God essence into the overflowing of this essence into and inside of the mold of our life experiences. The doing of judgement is providing the circuit for this flowing into and inside of the experiences we embody. When you become a channel for wisdom it opens up figuratively the whole circuit of Sephiroth thus leading to the fullest of life expressions. When you block this awareness your life too becomes blocked. It is then to this overflowing that we are to gauge our attention to. When our attention is thereby focused our 'inner seeing' becomes more perfect. The whole picture is derived from the smallest part. This is how judgement is given and done because we are able to infer it from the slightest bit of wisdom which we cooperate with in overflowing inside the paths of our life. Everything you learn promotes this wisdom and moves it forward. Continuous growth comes from continuous learning. This learning is to accept the wisdom that overflows in your life. Accept it by seeking it and allowing it to open up those darkened places within your mind.

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