Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Single Intention

Your perception of reality changes by the moment according to the thoughts that you are thinking. Some would argue that reality never changes and it is only our perception which make these seeming changes. However it is this perception which not only changes our minds about what we see but actually changes the concrete substance of the reality we are interacting with. It is difficult to explain how this takes place. One explanation is that an infinite number of outcomes are possible in any given moment. All of these outcomes may take place in any given moment of time. We live in a dimension of thought. Thought is what shapes reality. There is unity in thought. It is this unity which moves thought along into the visualized form. This unity is by definition everywhere present. When you so desire to see an outcome everything must be in synchronization with this outcome. Your thoughts, your expectations, your emotions, and every preparation for this outcome is meant to weave in and out of these various devices of being. That which keeps you on target is the will of your intention. The will which is the building block cannot be subsumed. There is a single intention that you have in mind and it is going to work out somehow, yes it is.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

360 Degrees of Good

There is a place within or a representation of a place where the all flowing good ceaselessly emanates

360 Degrees of Good

Amongst the books that were thought to be forever lost in the Place of Everlasting Perfection was one called: The 360 Degrees of Good. It is in this book that there is described the way through to the complete experience of Unity with the Creative Force. There inside of its organization of ideas were techniques that were established to bring the thought centered being into communion with the Creative Force. This communion resolves all vestiges of doubt, connects every transformative idea with it like in kind, and brings about the instantaneous appearance of good in every conceivable fashion. These exercises are the means by which images are created and perfected. The perfection of these images is accomplished throughout the lifetime of experience so that the thought centered being is able to produce a localized version of paradise at will at any point of time that was desired to be. This book was written into a special tree in the garden which produced writings for all of the secret books that were produced there. These writings were symbolic representations of those ideas whose timelessness must always be preserved. What better way to preserve these ideas than in the thoughts that were shown in the veins of the leaves which dropped off of these trees forming the semblance of ideas. These idea could then be remembered as easily as sor

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

  • The Extension of Consciousness
  •      The extension of consciousness is perhaps its most illuminating aspect. Consider that all around you is an atmosphere of thought into which you are thinking one hundred percent of the time everyday. This atmosphere is composed entirely of what you are listening to both consciously and unconsciously. What is unconscious is farther away from you by definition because it is hidden. What is conscious to you are your every day intentions. Those things you think about because you want to think about them. This is what is closest to you. The process of alchemy for those who are seeking wisdom is to make the far, near. It is to make the unconscious conscious, and the hidden revealed. The way to accomplish this alchemy is to train yourself to always be thinking about what you want to think about. Choosing your thoughts sets up the pattern inside of your awareness to awaken the sleeping parts of you, to reveal the hidden depths of your being, and to bring close to you that which you would like to see and experience in your life. This alchemical process then becomes the panorama of your thoughts becoming form. Consciousness is then being extended by all of this transformations that are taking place. Still there is more.
         Look out at the world. Consider yourself. Consider the world. How are you seeing this world? What do you expect of it? How does it appear to you in this moment? Think about this. Your perception of the world is what your surroundings are made up of. Is it a cruel world? Then this is what is reflected. Is it a loving world? There. This will be returned to you. The question comes up as to how can this be? It cannot be any other way. We must fill the world with our perception and intention for being. Then we will live inside of this intentional being.
         How can we effect such transformations in our world that it begins to conform with the quality of our thinking? It is easier than we could imagine. The answer is obvious. There it is staring us in the face. All we have to do is accept the world as being exactly what we want. We tell the world how it is to us and the world responds in kind. There are some who are afraid of this world but it is their fear that made the world this way for them. It is their fear which keeps the world at a distance and shuts them off from the beneficence all around them. Let go of fear and embrace the beneficence of a world that responds to your every intention. Give your world a bountiful harvest coming from the thoughts you are thinking. Make up your mind to always think good thoughts. Think only those thoughts that you would have return to you. Your thoughts are seeds, your intention is the fertilizer. The world of thought is the ground into which these seeds are sown. The water is your emotion overflowing with good, sustaining and building the energy of awakening through which every thought comes into form.
         The extension of consciousness is to know that you are an integral part of the whole. The ultimate extension of consciousness is to become the whole. Put yourself into the way you would like to be seen by the world. There are no independent authorities giving their views. It is your view, the totality of the way you are which makes the events and experiences all take place in your life.
         Make the world into the image into which you want to live. When you think of your future. When you think about how things are going to be. These are the images of your life that you are making. It however doesn't stop there. When you are thinking about any person place or thing, these too are the images into which your future flows.
         Remain one step ahead of yourself. Fill your future with promise by making your now count for all that it is worth. Make time to shape the images of your world. Take care to allow your world to be itself by becoming everything that you are. Put your thoughts of the life you would want to lead into the world and shape the visions accordingly. Do not wait for random turns. Make the expectant choice which is to say that this world is as I see it and I choose to see it good in every way. All of my interactions with my fellow beings I choose to see as wonderful experiences. There is a loving feedback loop which I am a part of. It follows me wherever I go. I watch the flowers open in love to my glance. They return their fragrance fully feeling the caress of my love for them.
         Everything is as I expect it to be. This expectation is in fact the extension of consciousness carried out to its ultimate level which is unity with the whole. Oneness. The I AM of being. God Consciousness. I cannot be a part of everything unless I accept myself through everything. I accept the world into my view and color the world with the clothing of my thoughts so that I may recognize myself and know myself wherever I am.

    Monday, October 18, 2004

    The Perfection of Each Moment

    It is in the perfection of each moment that we are to be most concerned with. The subtle alchemy of the mind adjusts to every flow in consciousness. The awareness of being is there to fill your thoughts with light. Out of this illumination we discover continually where our next steps will lead us. In this way we are never venturing forth into the darkness. We will always be carrying a light with us. This light is our understanding that we are formed by the awareness of being that resides within.

    Friday, October 15, 2004

    Macrocosm and Microcosm

    Good question. First everything is. We are both the observer and the observed. It is all a matter of distance and perspective. Where are we standing when we make our observation?

    In meditation we can stand inside of the unity of being and be both thought and form allowing the interplay of energies to flow through us. We may experience this for a moment or two or perhaps longer.

    Life is movement as our thoughts too flow always from one to another. In and out are often interchanged as one door opens and the next one appears in the distance.

    Are we the microcosm of the macrocosm? Yes. It is self evident that no observation can take place without the perceiver. Every answer continues to another question. It is after all how we grow.

    In synch. Our thoughts experience a totality of being which is our connection (microcosm) to the whole (macrocosm) Keep it simple. Unity. One. We need to unify our thoughts. The time for analysis and comparisons are long gone. Even the division of macrocosm and microcosm is arbitrary. It is arbitrary because we are seeking words in essence to define the undefineable. Leave it as a work in progress and go with the flow.

    Tuesday, October 12, 2004

    Each time you dream................................

         Expand yourself into the range of possibilities under which it happens. That which you are seeking is always within. In your seeking connect with the exact measure of your determination to achieve the demonstration of the form you have been focusing upon. This form is a construct of your thinking.
         I have this. I am this. The thing itself is here upon me in this very moment. There is no where that I can look and not see it. There are no other eyes that I could gaze into that will not show me this that I am. Instead of seeing what is already there. See what is here and now and look through the eyes of this awareness. Instead of searching for this or waiting to see this, resolve your vision to see this now. Understand that your vision is what brings all thoughts into form. It is not only how you see but what you see in your world as a result of your template of vision which determines the outcome.
         Make every reason to remind yourself of the focus of your attention. As it shifts gently bring it back and creatively align your thoughts to bring this focus through to fruition.
         It is here now because I remember every moment that it was ever brought into being including those moments that arrived of themselves because of the purpose of creator thought. It is more than one thing after another and it the sum total of completion on every level of manifestation. These completions then build upon themselves in a cascade of affirmation.
         Each time you dream you wake up into another world. This time direct your dreaming to where you want to go.

    Monday, October 11, 2004


    Mind must have a direction, a place to turn to. What is important about this direction is that it be inner directed. Both the source and the destination have to come from within. What follows from this are that both Initiation and Demonstration also take place within. What you are trying to do is to change your inner template of being. Change it so that you can remember where you've been and where you are going to.MonkTower

    Saturday, October 09, 2004

    Place yourself in the middle of your mind and be still there for a moment

    Okay it is time to reveal the instantaneous adventure. We are talking about now.

    Tuesday, October 05, 2004

    There is always good

         Did you know that there is always good around you all the time. By your choices in mind, you make a way for this good to enter completely into your life. Therefore bid this good entryway on every level into your life and watch the unfolding of good in every conceivable way. Look also for those hidden ways which bring forth the most good. They are the surprises and unexpected wonderful things that enter your world because you have turned your attention to this good. This good has a definite vibration and can be tuned to by opening up your thoughts to receiving that which you want. This is a first step. As your world begins to fill with everything you want you look around and note how good everything is. Make this observation from time to time in order to promote the momentum of good and insure its continual attraction.
         Look up often. Look out for your good. This is a learned behavior after the programming we are accustomed to. By directing our attention towards our good we can break away from the hypnotic suggestions our previous programming has left us with. You rely upon your own direction when seeking and finding your good. It is in the moment that it is found. Many times when you aren't looking it will suddenly appear making you smile with its wondrous power. It may be suddenly there but it is not sudden in coming to you at all. Your continual calling forth of your good makes it into the image and likeness of everything you want to experience, to see, to do.n This good knows no barriers either subtle or gross. The combined darkness of the universe cannot hide it because it will then be well known by its contract. Yes you seek your good and seek it in everything you do or say and especially think.
         It is in your thinking that you come to know your good as a son does a father or a grandfather a grandson. There is overflowing unconditional love. To love your good with all your heart and soul and all your might, insures you of lasting life, undiminished health, and abundant wealth. Your good is specific to your thoughts about what you are focusing on. This is why we choose to focus on what we want to see and not what we do not want to see. It is after all our good that is the object of our attention. This is as it should be. Everyone can bring forward this attention on their good. Open a new page today and fill it with your good thoughts about what you want to experience in your life. Every moment use as an opportunity to expand your good. There is only good. There is no other. Keep telling yourself you want more good. Feel yourself filling up with good. Now experience the overflowing of good and then the subsequent sharing of good. This isn't a one time meditation but is meant to be continuous throughout your life. Breathe your good in all around you. Encourage others to speak of their good. In each moment be creative in bringing forth and seeing your good.
         Do you see where this leads? It is the penultimate good. All of your good is made possible one good thought at a time. Watch how good comes together into a greater good and then the greatest good. More good. Let there be more good. Say this to yourself so that your subconscious mind gets the idea of what you are wanting to see. Another word for the subconscious mind is "the maker of all things." Therefore say to the maker of all things,      "Bring forth my good here in front of me that I may partake of it. That I may partake of it in my time and enjoy my good while asking for more of my good to appear before my eyes. Speak of your good to your children. Let them know that as you are thinking of your good and seeing your good, that it appears before them. Speak to them so that they will know that they can always think about their good. They can think about what they want and then be prepared to feast on their good."

         This is as simple as it gets. Good always. Determine what you want to experience and think about it, embellish it, put your feeling into this and expect to see this. This is how we worship the spirit within by listening for our good first as an idea and then as a finished form.

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