Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Feel in this moment everything you want to be.
Take out the "you want to."
Feel in this moment everything. Be.

Act upon yourself now. Do not look for Being. It is already there. Inherent in every breath.

There are things you are thinking about, people, places, things. These are your projections.
Become what you are. BE that person, that place, that thing. In this way learn that each moment is precious. It is an opportunity to let go and be that which you are striving for. There isn't any need to strive. You go for something to bring about the feelings that this "getting" or "becoming" will create inside of you. Cut to the chase instead.

Become that feeling and watch everything else be built around that. It is a stillness that is this becoming. You are acting upon yourself.
It is Mind over matter. The essence or substance of a thing is what you feel about it. The thing itself is of no consequence.
Look with joy in constant Being. If you stray from this feeling. Return to it ever so gently. It will become surprisingly easy once you know that you can always change your mind.

Others may suggest your actions, but only you can act with confidence coming from your own experiences and perceptions.

It is the certainty of Being that we are going for. It is the certainty based upon the stillness or quietness of your soul when you arrive at your right place and time.

Beneath every veil and inside of every covering is that of which you cannot deny. It is who you truly are. You do not know yourself unless you witness Being in manifest creation. From here the Unity of One results. You send out and return all in the same breath. The moment is yours. You own it.

Use everything to get you here whatever it may be. Religion, faith, Jesus, or not Jesus, Torah, Kabbalah teachings, Tibetan chants, a warm bath, whatever. Then realize that this moment is repeatable simply by making up your mind to be there all the time letting go of reactions and realizing the only action is to always become, and then just to Be.

Watch a leaf in fall slowly descending to the earth below. See all of this in slow motion. Know the wind, the trees, the earth, the colors in the sky all witness this event and never lose sight of the whole, the unity that is contained therein.

Allow yourself the luxury to experience the Joy in your own Being. Through your actions you will experience the overflowing Joy that is this Being. You will not be able to help but share this Being. It is for this that it is created and becoming, that which is yourself manifest throughout all of your sphere of Being. Let Go. Become. Become Joy. Become Peace. Touch then everyone and everything with these feelings, these expressions of Certainty. Then in the next moment continue and continue on to Immortality.

Friday, January 23, 2004

The inner awareness is full. There is the overlay which turns out to be the actual taking place of the thing into form

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

  • I understand the quickening now. It relates one hundred percent to mind over matter. Mind is the free association of thought along a hierarchy of intelligence. This intelligence arranges mind into its connections including the connection of corporeality. Think of Mind as the entire composite or repository of Being. Think of emotion as a carrier wave of Mind which envelopes and transports according to the affinity that is inherent in the emotion.

  • The quickening is the expansion of consciousness as it infiltrates and absorbs lower levels in the highest levels. This absorption releases energy felt within as a rush or opening in the brain having the effect of the firing of hundreds of sympathetic axons as the recognition of meaning is perceived. This recognition of meaning is the light. Simultaneous to these internal occurences of meaning are the external manifestations of meaning according to depth of meaning perceived intially and then exponentially.

  • It is the extension or the leap into the unknown that establishes the way for the quickening to take place. In some ways this extension acts like a boomerang bringing back the ideas forming around the original intention. The guide in this is the sure knowledge that casting forth there is always a sending back. In fact like other dual actions they are are in effect a single motion of energy.

  • In this way are the connections pieced together from the beginning through to the concluding answering back. Always from the knowledge of one comes the other.

  • Expansion defeats inertia. By moving away from the tendency to stay the same or deteriorate a progressive form is brought into being.
    This form goes beyond fear and doubt which are the strings of inertia pulling the mind away from its exploration into the unknown.

  • It is everywhere out there that the all is brought to being. This out there can be confused with external form, but it is its mirrored opposite. This out there refers to the most inward of all in vision. The eyes look out as the mind simulataneously looks in. Then once within to the point of absorption mentioned above the periphery is folded over so that the dimensions are clear and movement can be tracked using the light of motion that appears in all such instances.

  • Monday, January 19, 2004

  • We are all searching to find the self. What happens when we succeed in finding ourselves? What is that like?

  • It is the experience and the attainment of absolute unity. It is an attainment because it becomes totally yours. You can access this experience in any given moment even right now and especially right now.

  • The experience is to look upon the self with its shining awareness.

    Over and above everything is to bring back to the self its own reflection.

  • Step away from the outside awareness and bring the internal focus to bear.

  • Everything is in place. All that is left is a gentle calling forth into being which resembles itself and is fluid in terms of its awakening.

  • Friday, January 16, 2004

    The One Will is in and through all and cannot be denied. It is the answer to every question and fulfillment of every hope. In operation is it taking place in every natural form. This thread of "fixing the volatile" has come through for me again. It is always relevant especially when in consideration with the processes of meditation when carried out continuously throughout the day. The deepening understanding shows itself in many ways.

    Tuesday, January 13, 2004

    All things are revealed through the expansion of mind. This expansion of mind is accompanied by an inflow of light. This light then promotes further expansion and so it goes.

    Friday, January 09, 2004

  • The synthesis of ideas following the intention for unity in all things brings forth remarkable and yes expected results.

  • Truth, Creator, Jesus Mind, The One, all can be compared to the Lead in a song where harmonies are sung. The Lead voice is the dominant character of the Song. If any of you has tried to sing harmony you know that in order to do so you are always singing your note in relationship to the lead note of the harmony or chord. In order to stay in tune your note must resonate with that lead note to produce the beautiful relationship its tone and the lead make together. If you identify too much with the Lead note you'll lose your focus and start singing the Lead instead of the Harmony and thereby lose that relationship which produces the sympathetic sound of two notes in Harmony. The Harmony note is a kind of lead that lives in its own realm but only so because of its relationship to the Lead. Its role or gift is to make the Harmony with the Lead note. This Harmony goes through every change that the Lead goes through only the relationships to those changes (as in Chord Changes) are in their own space producing the Harmony which can by the way change according to the voicing (relationships between notes--which are relatively consonant-pleasant to the ear or dissonant--unpleasant to the ear--More on consonances and dissonances later on).
  • So too it is with our relationship to the One, the Creator, Truth, etc. When we are listening well we are in harmony with the Creator, our voice a complement to the One Song constantly being sung, adding our own special focus which produces the harmony of life.

  • When we remember to keep this focus our lives coorespond to the beautiful harmonies we hear in music. Things go right. The way is smoothed. Everything is made to harmonize with the Creator thought. Distractions come along but we keep to our harmony voice, to who in essence we are. We do not have to become the Creator or Creator like or sing the Lead. All we need pay attention to is to be ourselves and more of ourselves in every moment to produce that harmony note which together with our attention reinforces the harmony of our lives. How to do this is the point. There is a way just for you to remain who you are and not be sent off key by the "outside external world." It is enough to just be you listening always for the good which surrounds you and harmonizing with it.
  •    Back our musical analogy. Music passes through stages of consonance and dissonance. In most cases the dissonance is purely for the drama of returning to consonance. As a composer the primary goal of any song is to begin with the One (Root chord) and then by a series of changes simple or elegant return to the One. This returning to the One produces a feeling of satisfaction or peace. The music having gone through changes akin to emotions within the song which then is resolved before usually setting out again on the same type of journey through dissonance and consonance. Sometimes there are movements which are within this journey containing elements of resolution and change. All of this makes the song interesting which if ideally connected with the words in the song complete the thought. The song always knows where its going. The direction never changes. There is always the resolution.
  • Yes it is true that some kinds of music do not resolve completely for the purposes of demonstrating chaos or chaotic thinking. This type of music represents the mind in a state of chaos, going here and there but never resting, never reaching the goal of peace.
  • Back to the flow of our lives. It is like knowing the end of a movie will resolve. So too we will always have resolution in our lives by remembering that the One is always there for us to harmonize to. We harmonize by letting go of the dissonance in our lives which is symbolized by our chaotic thinking. Listen for the harmony note which changes your mind. Be active in your listening. Be always active for every good thought you can hear. These "good thoughts" are in the form of affirmations, prayers, thinking well of others, thinking well of yourself, contemplating nature, whatever your particular gift is that gets you thinking these "good thoughts." The primary quality of these "good thoughts" are that they bring you peace, place you in harmony with the One Thought.

  • Another musical analogy. This one having to do with Rhythm. Lately I've been thinking about how the flow of life works perfectly when we trust it completely. That is when we know that we can reach up and receive good thoughts. Have you ever tried to keep time musically? Perhaps when dancing or tapping your foot to a song. It's pretty simple yet for some it is difficult because any distractions can interrupt concentration of cause a beat to be missed. This can happen when listening to a song which you have heard repeatedly but usually your familiarity will produce an unconscious natural rhythm with the tune being played. It is another story when you are trying to sing or play with others. The time is set by the drummer yet all equally share the focus of "keeping the time." If someone rushes then there is a temptation to change the time. A good drummer locks the groove in but it is still up to each player to keep time. Using the guitar as an example when playing rhythm or lead the keeping of time changes in perspective. As a rhythm player you have to keep in synch with the drummer and Bass Player ignoring the temptation to emulate the various rhythmic changes in the lead being played. Reaching a common groove is the goal of the rhythm section. The Lead player, in this case the lead guitar still must keep the time. In order for a lead to soar it has to make sense rhythmically. If the rhythm isn't taken into account by the lead player, then again while the notes must be in synch, so too must the rhythms all fall into place together in order to produce the pulse that is the music. Keeping this focus allows the 'band' to cook within the groove because it is the one of their consciousness of the moment that is the musical expression. Beginning, middle and end ideally all are playing together. The result is a musical expression that plays not only in harmony note by note but beat by beat. There is also consonance and disonance of a type found in the notes. Certain rhythmic phrases are more disconcerting to the basic groove. They play against the groove offering the illusion of space in the groove and the possibility that the groove will be somehow broken. Rhythmic tensions also will be resolved. The exercise through rhythm mirrors our own way of living. Here is how.
  • Listening is the groove and our thoughts are various tensions that affect the groove. Our facility in our lives is mirrored by our facility in navigating the rhythms of our mind. It is why the importance is stressed for the person to "Know thyself." It is not only your thoughts in the moment but the flow of your thinking that can be consciously attended to. Through practice-repeated effort, you can go from a "negative reactive mind," to a positive active mind which knows itself and can reach up at will to lift itself out of the pools of inertia created by unconscious living.

    Thursday, January 08, 2004

    Active listening generates spontaneous thinking. This thinking is the flow. All the rest including the ego forms the background.

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