Tuesday, November 18, 2003

What is significant is the continuation of the appearance of form. The form itself however is a rather complex antenna. The energy information that is received is arranges itself according to the recent activity of mind. This recent activity forms a carrier wave which facilitates the transmutation of thought into form. Sometimes there is an overflow at the point of energy contact which temporarily short circuits the infusion into thought which delays the outflow into form. Since energy is ongoing and the collection analysis process also continuing, these temporary passages only require awareness to avoid their negative discharges which dissipate the transmission wave. Thought is not so much sent as aggregated into like bundles of ambient (living) energy. You can increase the flow and effectiveness of this energy by your active seeking and finding, and through through meditation which gathers unto itself that which it already is becoming. More of the same is then therefore the attitude of internalization that is taking place. Use everything and anything to aggregate the awareness. In order to produce the changes thought into the changes into form, everything must make sense within itself. That is that when there is any appearance, see through to the connection with the viewed appearance.
In order to fairly accomplish these purposes you must let go of all preconceived generalities and accept that your location is not merely centered in your present awareness of I. In fact this awareness of I is the prime limiting factor in preventing the transmuations that take place naturally. This I, or the ego I, seeks to attract this energy unto itself and is not interested in dispersing the energy. Rather what is the primary concern of this I, is to dissipate this energy through negative dissociation.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Empty the cup to fill your awareness. There is so much more that you need to learn. You cannot absorb when you are holding on to what you already know. You must be open to receive new knowledge. There are ties that bind which must be undone. The ego is always clever in making its knots.

Friday, November 14, 2003

It is as though I was possessed all day long starting in the morning reacting to a missing brick which really meant nothing. It's hold and effect were to bombard my thoughts with negative emotions daring me to resist. Today I did not resist but went with it until finally now the first realization is come upon me. This realization is the first real letting go of the day. The realization is this as it now comes upon me. I called for a dropping away of negativity from me so that the truth would be revealed. What I forgot was that nothing comes to me except it is through me. These thoughts in the end are just passing through. Yes it is painful to experience these sensations but now you see that they are gone, they can be viewed in perspective. I think that in this case it is better to have experienced this.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Everything that comes to me comes from me.

It really is a closed loop. Our actions determine our reactions.

When we give forgiveness we choose not to react with any blocks to love's awareness.

We promote our own freedom by seeing past appearances to a continuing process of loving relationship.

In order rise above the sea of consciousness in which we live we must swim.

The action of swimming means to make an effort always to rise above the common pool
while at the same time accepting that the effort is like floating, which is a conscious attitude that we take on.

The more we become adept at floating (allowing the one will to flow through us-while maintaining our attitude of the presence),
the sonner we will experience that which Jesus does which is to walk on the water.

Walking on water is knowing that you are always taken care of, nothing can ever pull you down and it's okay to get your feet wet.

The growth of consciousness is can be seen in our continuing ability to transform appearance into reality but changing the focal length of our vision.

This change in focal length resolves the far into the near, brings in a greater degree of light, and attenuates the viewing apparatus so that even the most
minute of details are clearly discernible.

These details afterall are the sum total and substance of our lives.

Therefore learn to give unceasingly. Forgive or "for giving" therein descibes the purpose of existence.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

   I could not help but arrive at the place I am aiming for because within mind my attention has become unwavering. In this way I rise above even the highest of illusions and surpass even the most intricate of obstacles. It becomes simple. Higher mind is very much in the process of knowing itself. It is continual in movement in terms of higher dwellings in highers realms. Finally I remembered the one of the day. To speak from the center and to act from the center. To be as though I am all that is and everything else is a part of my manifest being. To use the voice with the consciousness of being that which I am.
   Listen now to what it is I turn over to you. In this turning over is everything that was made is made.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

  • You have to change the movie. Change the way you are looking at your world. Change the way you even feel your expectations. Raise up completely everything that is on high. Switch out the old way of thinking and prepare to engage the new template into being. It is to let yourself go that the entire purpose of this exercise is given to be taking place. Explore new avenues for concentration and building of the awareness. Keep your mind open to these virgin avenues. Feel their awakenings as the course of a vibrant river running now through your consciousness and opening up or causing to open up all the blockages to the light of your awareness. Therefore it is to be something new. It is this new then that is the called for change. As it comes into view realize that it contains within itself everything necessary to bring forth the complete realization of your outpicturing of form.

  • And there was evening and there was morning, a fourth day.

  • The cycle continues. It follows the same form throughout. The general to the specific. Where there is nothing, then there is an awakening.

    Monday, November 03, 2003

    A question has arisen as to what is the serpent power.

    Kundalini is the agent of self-transformation on the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual levels.

    It is both a physical and mental force which proceeds upward from the tip of the coccyx(tail bone) through the spine touching and massing in the seven main centres of awareness in the body called chakras, and then passing through the top of the head into what is called the thousand petalled lotus. A lifetime of study could be spent here, however for the purposes of the elevation of consciousness, kundalini rises in relation to the level of thoughts you are aware of and intentionally focusing on.

    It is called the serpent power because it rises like a serpent in response to a swami's flute playing. Reference lots of cartoons.
    The swami's flute playing in this case refers to our active thinking-being-listening awareness. In short Kabbalah, the act of receiving not for the self alone.
    That is we receive those thoughts of connection which unify our spirit with higher consciousness. Our intention is always unity and raising the level of our consciousness.

    These thoughts are of varying degrees of complexity. As you move from level to level you experience the unity of each center becoming active. Further along the process the centers unite in awareness of each other and produce the thousand petalled lotus as the physical is transformed into the spiritual causing a return washing all over your being. It is this return flow felt as feelings of warmth, well being, rushes of energy that causes further awakening of the consciousness of unity.

    Reactive behavior causes the flow to stop. Non reactive behavior, sharing, giving and letting go of internal blockages such as fear and negativity causes these blockages to be removed allowing a more free flow of energy.

    It is to that end that reading sacred texts brings us by providing the internal keys to thoughts which are above and the way to unity with this above. Reading the Zohar in particular unites the mind and its thoughts to these higher levels of thinking. In addition the prayers in the daily prayer book such as Ana BeKoach, Shma, 18 daily blessings, Psalm 145, 72 names, etc all contribute to raising the awareness of everyday mind to the level of Creator-Mind. In this way we know God by thinking as God, and sharing the thoughts that are God like.

    In raising our consciousness by allowing our thoughts to float and be open to every opportunity for unity-sharing, a corresponding action takes place which is the rising of kundalini. The more unity we encompass through linking up our thoughts with the higher thought, the more we will receive this experience of inner knowing called kundalini.

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